Centipeding Along

It’s October Medical Monday for those of you visiting from the linkup.  Quick intro for the newbies – we are PGY3 in ortho and we live in NYC.  I don’t work in medicine, but I support my hard working hubby who does.  We were driving back recently from a nice weekend away visiting family, and thoughts ran through my head about how the first 2 years of residency felt like they went by sooo slow.  It almost felt like we were never going to make it to 3rd year.  It felt so far away.  The reality is we are almost half way done residency come December.  So I know we are making progress but sometimes the inching along feels like centimeters.

I didn’t feel that way about the first 2 years of medical school.  I felt like I blinked and they were over.  It could be because during med school we were fresh in a new city, new life and new beginnings.  Now we have 6 years in the city under our belts, Mr. Dr. regularly has crow’s feet around his eyes from sleep deprivation and I am knocked up.  I guess when you sum it up like that it seems like a lot has happened since we started the medicine journey.  And while a lot has happened, residency is every bit as tumultuous as I expected, and at times worse.  I have already seen an improvement for him 3 months into his 3rd year but it’s still residency and it’s still a doozy.  There are parts that have gotten better and parts that have gotten tougher.  As I write this I find myself in an anti-residency mindset.  I haven’t felt this anti in a while.  Maybe it’s the hormones or maybe it’s that I am entitled to feel this way every so often and that’s OK too.  Maybe it’s a bit of anxiety knowing we are welcoming our first child into this world in a few months.  Maybe it’s because his call schedule sucks at the moment.  Maybe it’s D. all of the above.  Probably.

But even though I’m having an anti moment, I never lose sight of the fact that we are actually gravitating towards the end.  It’ll come, just in a few years.  It feels like I’ll be extra wrinkly by then and we might have 3 kids living in a 1 bedroom apartment when it comes but it will get here.

I also found myself pondering what I want in my future dream home recently.  I realized I have no freaking clue.  I know nothing more than my tiny apartment and concrete outdoor space.  I currently base my idealistic dream home on what I see on HGTV and what I dislike and love about our families’ houses.  I’m going to start making a list and as ideas pop into my head I will just write it down so I don’t lose sight.  But then again, in 10 years when we might actually be building our first home, that stuff will be outdated.  So perhaps I shouldn’t waste my time.  Maybe I’ll stick to big ideas for now and no specifics.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

September Bliss

September is my favorite month to be in NYC.  The weather is perfect, the tourists are at a lull, Fashion Week is full speed ahead, new shows appear on my DVR list and meandering around the city couldn’t be more pleasant.  The trash piles on the sidewalk don’t smell from the grueling heat, my skin doesn’t stick to my articles of clothing from perspiration, my feet don’t get black on the bottom from walking around in flip flops and you don’t have to fight traffic going out of the city on Friday afternoon because people’s summer share houses are finito.  There is nothing better than grabbing your light jacket as you walk out the door and leave your building to find sunshine, a calming breeze and busy New Yorkers flooding the streets as opposed to Europeans asking you for directions.

The models from Fashion Week are strutting down the blocks in their street wear smoking a cigarette in one hand and holding their cell phone in the other.  They are easily identifiable.  At first glance you wonder how they stand up straight on the stilts that they call legs, and then all of the sudden for a minute you envy their thinner than paper body and wonder if they had a real meal that day.  Usually I spend the next hour staring at my lunch thinking in my head, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”  Then it passes and I go back to feeling like myself again and overindulge at my next meal.  I should caveat this by mentioning that this year when I see them my thoughts are a bit different being a pregnant woman.  I think to myself, I’m such a lucky bitch because I get to eat whatever I want and you have to sit there and starve to look good on the runway.  Suckerrrr.  Who needs a runway when you have a fetus growing inside you?  Side note to pregnancy for a moment: my second trimester has been much hungrier than the first.  I went from losing 5 lbs in the first 6 weeks solely from removing alcohol from my diet to gaining about 8 going into my 5th month.  Eeeeek.

One other funny point of discussion is people’s attire in September.  It’s like some people forget how to dress.  Last week in one 20 minute walk home from work I saw one woman dressed in a sundress and sandals, one woman wearing knee high boots, pants and a wool coat, and one woman in a leather jacket, tights and ballet slippers.  I saw 3 seasons of outfits molded together in one block.  It was pretty ridiculous.  I think when the seasons change people freak out.  Some people are so excited to wear their new boots they throw them on as soon as the temperature drops to 70.  Fine.  I get it.  You want to show off your new kicks.  But no matter how excited you are about your new winter coat, for the love of God, keep it in the closet until at least November please.  We don’t need winter to come any sooner.  And honey in the summer spaghetti strap dress, it’s time to pack her up and throw that box under the bed until next June.  I know, I too am in denial that summer is over, but it’s time to switch out the sandals for tootsie-covering flats.

I have been sporting some dresses that still manage to fit on my slow but steady growing baby bump, no tights, and boots or flats depending on the level of degrees outside.  I have a feeling that my outfit rotation is going to start getting pretty boring in the upcoming weeks as baby bump keeps growing.  I haven’t dove into my maternity attire yet but it’s going to happen soon.  My pants officially don’t button so for now I will rely on the belly band phenomenon to help out in that department.  It will definitely be a function over fashion fall and winter for this girl.

Funny Pregnancy

Wine A Little, Hug A Lot

As soon as we confirmed I was pregnant and by that I really mean: as soon as I finished taking nothing short of 7 or 8 different brands of pregnancy tests (while Mr. Dr. was on call so he didn’t think I was crazy) all resulting in some kind of positive result, feint or not, I knew I wanted to find a creative way to tell our families.  We also knew we wanted to wait until we had our 1st doctor’s appointment so that we could make sure we weren’t hallucinating and to make sure everything was looking OK in the beginning.  We were actually really lucky and heard Baby L’s heartbeat at the first visit!  It was strong and fast which was a great sign.  After that 1st appointment it was a bit surreal.  All you want to do is tell everyone and I mean everyone, like even the grocery store cashier, but you can’t.  Well you can if you want.  And some people do.  But we wanted it to be special and memorable for our families.  We also were very careful about being public with the news until much later.  Every couple is different and feels comfortable at different stages.  That was just what we wanted and how we did it.

So about 8 weeks into this whole thing away we drove to meet my family at our parents’ beach house.  I remember the whole ride down talking to Mr. Dr. about how nervous I was to tell them.  It’s my parents’ first grandchild and my siblings’ first niece/nephew.  I was excited but also just nervous because it was such big news to share.  We arrived late Friday night but luckily everyone was still awake.  I wasted no time and told them that we had brought them each a little something.  Each couple opened up their gift and then there were tears, screams, laughs and lots and lots of hugs.  We spent the next 36 hours with my family sharing in the excitement before departing early Sunday morning only to drive 6 hours back up north to see Mr. Dr.’s family.  Driving through 4 states along the northeast and spending a total of 12 hours in the car between Friday night -Sunday is something I would only recommend if there is a realllllly good reason for it.  A baby announcement counts in our book.  But I will not be partaking in any activity like that ever again anytime soon.  We arrived mid-afternoon and shared the exciting news the same way with a gift for each couple.  The hugs and excitement, again, filled the room.

Wine Label Pregnancy

Each couple received a bottle of wine with a personalized label.  I created the labels online and printed them myself.  We bought our favorite Montepulciano bottle from Trader Joes (the wine store clerks had been missing me), peeled off the original labels and glued these on.  Now come February (or March?!) everyone is supposed to bring their bottle of wine to NYC so we can celebrate together after the birth of Baby L when they come to visit.

My idea for telling Mr. Dr. wasn’t quite as creative but I had limited time and resources.  I pretended he had gotten a package so when I walked in the door from work there was this white box in my hand that had his name on it and was addressed to him.  I told him the doorman gave it to me downstairs and that someone had dropped it off for him.  Real story: that morning I put together the box and took it down to the doorman with strict instructions not to give it to Mr. Dr. when he got home from his 24 hr call that morning.  I didn’t want to leave it for him in the apartment because I wanted to be there when he opened it and I wanted it to be a surprise.  My plan was to walk into the apartment that evening as if it was fresh off the press when I arrived home so he wouldn’t suspect anything.  I think it worked pretty well.  Here is what was inside.

Box for ChrisI wrapped up each part so he opened up the items in a certain order.  1st was the Baby Ruth bar, 2nd was the card and 3rd were the tests I took that morning.  He obviously figured it out as soon as he opened the candy bar but it was fun to watch him go from a look of confusion when I handed him the box to pure excitement once he began to see what was inside.

If you know us, and you guys should probably know me well enough by now, announcing our baby news the way we did was pretty fitting for us.  And I must say, everyone loved it.  I almost forgot.  We also stopped on our drive back up north and got Mr. Dr.’s grandmother a fresh bouquet of pink & blue.  We figured a bottle of wine wasn’t as appropriate for Grammie so we quickly had the florist in the local grocery store whip up a bouquet of pink roses, blue hydrangeas and of course, baby’s breath.

Grammies FlowersWe had so much fun announcing the news to our family and friends, and continue to feel overwhelmed by the love and support from everyone who has sent us well wishes, cards and congratulations.  We are really, really lucky and so is this baby.

Happy Cocktail Friday in honor of Baby L!

A Beautiful Gift Inside & Out

Thank you all for your sweet well wishes and congratulations from my last post.  It means a lot.  As most would expect, our families were the first to find out about our new addition.  The love and support we received from both sides filled out hearts with so much happiness over the excitement of our upcoming arrival.  My family (let’s be honest, the girls in the family) gave Mr. Dr. and I (but mostly me) the most thoughtful gift just a few short weeks after they found out about the news.  With both of our families being hours away, I knew it would be tough not having them around the corner during this exciting time in our life.  Luckily, we are used to fending for ourselves and have great friends in NYC to keep us occupied so that helps.

Nonetheless, it seems my family felt the same way once they heard the news about Baby L.  They shared the mutual feeling of wishing we could all be geographically closer and came up with the cutest idea to be a part of my pregnancy journey every step of the way.  Meet my baby basket.

Baby Basket

If this isn’t the most thoughtful gift for a mom-to-be I have ever seen I just don’t know what it is.  The basket is filled with gifts and the interior and exterior are lined with envelopes that I am instructed to open throughout my pregnancy.  Each envelope has a corresponding gift.  And they didn’t miss a beat.  Open when…the baby kicks, the baby can hear you, the gender is revealed, you’re feeling tired, you’re feeling lonely, you get a craving, you’re feeling nauseous, your pants feel tight, and when you need a hug to name just a few of the many moments they wanted to capture and make special for me throughout my pregnancy adventure.  In the beginning I just liked to look at it sitting in the corner of our bedroom next to my bedside.  I was so thankful and every time I looked at it I was reminded of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family.  Then after a couple of weeks I started diving in and it has been great fun getting little surprises along the way so far.  They had quite the task keeping things gender neutral because when they made it, no one knew whether it would be pink or blue.  I could go on and on but I will spare you.  Take my advice: if a loved one that you are close with is pregnant and you decide you want to give/make them a thoughtful gift, definitely steal this idea.  It is a surefire way to make a future momma feel extra special.  Big kisses to my sweet family.


Hand Surgery Rotation = Done

check mark

We are done with the first rotation of 3rd year.  I must say, I am liking 3rd year so far.  Dare I bite my tongue on that one?  It was a smooth 2 months.  Mr. Dr. was on a hand surgery rotation which had some great perks like no overnight weekday call and a week of vacation.

The only really bad thing I can say about it is that summer is now coming to a close.  While I love when rotations go by quickly, I loathe the fact that cold weather is right around our little corner.  Most people get excited about “boot weather” and throwing on their favorite sweater but to me that just means, in a few short months my puffy winter coat has to come out.  Yuck.  Until then I am enjoying the last couple weeks of warm weather.  End of summer into early fall is one of our favorite times to be in the NYC because the weather is perfect and the outdoors are pretty.

A couple of observations from this past rotation:
-Mr. Dr. can now probably do a carpal tunnel syndrome surgery in his sleep.
-Hand surgeons almost never have in-patients, most surgeries are out-patient = minimal days of morning rounds = a little extra daily sleep.
-Hand surgeries are generally pretty quick.
-I got told I looked really tan over the last two months which means I have had ample time in the sun = vitamin D is a good thing.
-Having a week off at the end of the summer is a really nice way to bring the summer to a close and kick off the upcoming season.

We have moved onto a trauma rotation.  Lots of 24 hour call and lots of longer days ahead.  But I am going to take the positive energy from the last 2 months and keep the happy mentality moving forward for as long as I can on the heels from this past rotation.  Wish me luck.

America’s Favorite Pastime

Fun little fact for those who don’t know.  Prior to this whole medical career Mr. Dr. played some baseball once or twice back in the day.  It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since that time in our lives but boy was it different.  Sports has been a huge part of both of our lives, hence how we met back in undergrad.  Fortunately for him, he was able to fulfill his dream of playing professionally.  I think every little leaguer has this dream but few can make it a reality.  After that exciting career stint he moved onto medicine.  Well, really it started during.  He was studying for MCATs while in season because he is no dummy and knew it was a long road ahead if he wanted to pursue doctorhood once his baseball career was finito.

Looking back on it, at the time I know I didn’t I appreciate the fact that he was so diligent about starting the process when he did.  I can’t imagine having started medical school any later than when we did knowing the path we are on now.  We were so young, silly and dumb when it all began we really had no idea what was ahead.  Correction.  HE knew.  I am sure when he was applying to medical schools he mentioned orthopedics as a field of interest.  But I just knew him as a baseball jock who liked biology and got way better grades than me.  I didn’t really listen to the 10 year surgery track plan.  I heard 3 letters: NYC.  Mumbling came after that and away we went on our adventure.

Well our new adventure did not require me sitting in the bleachers for 3 and ½ hours while simultaneously working on my tan during baseball games.  He only got up to bat every other inning so I was able to spend just as much time people watching, eating hot dogs and drinking beer as I did watching the game.  I got to watch him work 3 and ½ hours every day when he had a game.  That was a fun aspect of his job while he was employed by baseball.  It’s not like I can venture into the call room and cheer him on as he answers pages or go into the OR and clap every time he picks up the scalpel.  My cheerleading now is pretty much capped for in-home support only.

I always wondered what it would be like to be the wife of a pro baseball player.  The traveling weeks at a time would suck but couldn’t my husband just fly me to every game so I could sit in the wives section for the away games?  I think that seems reasonable.  In the off season he would always be around.  In the Spring we could live in warm, sunny Florida for Spring training.  If he got traded we could experience a new city together.  Who cares if I got a littttttle bored at the games.  It was fun to watch him jog around in his cute uniform.  Plus, ballpark food is the best.  Hospital food stinks, and scrubs and white coats are not the sexiest uniforms.

Mr. Dr. is lucky that he picked two professions he wanted to do in his life, has completed one and is working his way to achieve his second.  Baseball required hours, days and years of practice but every day baseball players can improve on the field.  Surgery requires hours, day and years of practice and like the sport, surgeons can improve every day in the operating room.  I suppose the biggest differences are he doesn’t get to play in dirt and run around a diamond when he does something great.  Rather, he plays inside of people’s bodies and gets to run around the hospital like a chicken with his head cut off.  He doesn’t stand outside and play catch with a little hard ball.  Instead he stands inside a fluorescent room and plays with little hard bones.  He doesn’t focus on lifting the dumbbell to get big muscles in the weight room.  Now, he focuses on lifting the knife to fix the wears and tears of others’ big muscles.

It’s funny how life has evolved for him thus far.  Recently, we went to the Home Run Derby because it was held in NYC this year which was awesome.  We had a great time and Mr. Dr. loved being back in familiar territory to witness such a cool event.

Homerun DerbyWe even got to see Pit Bull perform.  It was a fun night out.  Maybe one of these days we will get Mr. Dr. back on the diamond and see if he still has some of his own home run mojo from back in the day.

Pit Bull

One Day It Will Be Us

It’s been an exciting summer for us.  We have had a couple of weddings, a couple of fun events, some great outings and best of all, this first 3rd year rotation has allowed us to have ample quality time together.  This year was our first year attending the residency graduation dinner.  It was at a beautiful venue on a boat that sits anchored on the east river.  Mr. Dr. was working but they send someone in (usually a fellow) to relieve those that are on call for the evening for a few hours because they want the entire program (years 2-5) to be there.  It was a tad bit stressful since he had to rush to and from the hospital, to and from home, and to and from the event.  They really don’t make it easy for these slave laborers.  Amidst the rushing we only managed to lose one cufflink.  Perhaps it was the bow tie youtube how-to-tie video that he was watching en route to the venue that distracted him.  Luckily, thanks to him being on call, our dine and dash sentiment didn’t leave much time for anyone to notice that one tux shirt cuff was being held together by a paper clip that we graciously received from the hostess upon arrival.

Attendings, residents and their closest family attend this black tie affair.  I didn’t know what to expect but one immediate feeling I had was that I was glad they included the significant others on the invite.  Although it’s an event honoring the 5th years that are graduating, it really is a milestone event for all of the residents.  It’s always in June which means graduation for the 5th years, but another year done for the others.  Besides the extra fluff that they throw in to make it cheesy and ceremonial, the room is filled with hope for all of the junior residents.  Knowing it will be each of them in a year, 2 years or 3 years from that moment warms everyone with a good feeling for those few hours.  And not to mention, gives the significant others a moment to sit back and remember that one day it will hopefully all be worth it.  The sense of accomplishment that you could hear as each 5th year resident stood up to say their thanks and show their pride was endearing, motivating and rightfully so, emotional.  I am looking forward to inching one step closer to that being us with each upcoming year.  After a nice sit down dinner, they have the presentation of diplomas, slideshows (its ortho so they keep it light and entertaining), speeches and awards.  It’s just long enough to fit everything in and short enough that your eyelids don’t get too heavy while sitting there.

Here we are in our lobby as we were rushing back upstairs so he could change back into his doctor clothes and be swept away to overnight call.  I had realized I didn’t snap any photos and it’s certainly not often we get dressed up like his and her penguins.

Residency Dinner

Hot Sweaty Mess

Is it really the end of July?  I am just now realizing I never even filled you in on my first residency graduation dinner experience from June?  Bad blogger, Mrs. Dr., bad blogger.  Although I suppose the positive side of that means that I have been busy busy busy and that my friends is true.  That post will come soon.  In the meantime, summer, as usual, is cruising on by.  Just yesterday it feels I was aching for 85 and sunny to show its face as I trotted to work in the brisk April weather.  And then bam.  55 turned to 65 and 65 turned to a whopping 95.

Seriously, NYC has gone through a pretty drastic heat wave these past few weeks.  Although the last 24 hours have been quite nice.  You won’t hear me complaining because my motto is bring on the heat, but I must say, getting to work and having to wipe down my skin from perspiration is not sexy.  For godsakes, can they at least get a fan in the elevators at work so our cramped ride up 16 floors is a little more bearable?  My commute is just long enough that I get into the building and am feeling like a hot, sweaty mess.  When I where certain outfits I have to check that the clothing hasn’t completely stuck to areas of my skin or that my sweat lines aren’t busting through the material.  Then I cool off for a hot second and regain my composure.  Elevator comes and I step in only to get some serious shoulder to shoulder action with other hot sweaty skinned messes.  The sweat glands open up yet again and I occasionally feel my hair strands sticking to my neck as we open and close on what feels like every floor before I get to mine.  As the bodies get pawned off floor by floor there is slight relief as we inch up.  I reach my floor, depart from the hot box and step out into the cool air.  At that moment I am thankful for the blistering chill that sweeps my body as I walk to my desk.

Upon desk arrival, I wipe myself down, sit and regroup for the morning.  And then promptly at around 10am I find myself pulling my sweater out to throw on.  The body has adjusted to the cool environment and my bring on the heat mentality kicks back into gear.  Come afternoon, it is only a matter of time before I turn on the heater that resides underneath my desk.  I will never understand why every single office has two temperatures – scolding hot to the point working is not option and everyone should just go home to be productive OR Alaskan cold to the point where we consider bringing blankets to work because it is a necessary accessory to keep warm.

So my solution is that we all move to an island and have outside offices.  No one would need a fan or a heater.  If you get hot, you take a dip in the pool.  If you get cold, you take a dip in the hot tub.  Every office would have a retractable roof in case of inclement weather.  Then if it rains, we can have cover.  The employee morale would be instantly boosted and the positive attitudes would be overwhelming.  Yeah mon.  Working remotely never sounded so good.

Baby You’re A Firework

Happy Birthday America.  July 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Well I like all holidays really.  Because you get a day off work, everyone is happy, you (hopefully) get to spend it with family & friends and it’s a great excuse to drink and eat a lot.  But July 4th is extra special because it’s in the heat of summer and I loooove summer.  It also brings back great memories.  Every year growing up we had a big 4th of July party at my parent’s house.  They live across the street from a big park that has an annual fireworks show.  We gathered the troops, grilled out, filled the coolers, played horseshoes, badminton, went swimming and partied till the pitch black.  Over the years once us kids took on the profession of college students, the party transpired and we added beer pong (kids vs. dads) tournaments to the activity list.  Fun times were had by all.  I made vodka punches that could have killed a group of small animals but everyone left buzzed, happy and with a full bladder.

4th of July party circa 2005ish??  Gosh we are young and spritely.

4th of July party circa 2005ish?? Gosh we look young and spritely.

With where we are now in our lives, the July 4th holiday holds a new, unique meaning since its always the week Mr. Dr. embarks on the next year of his doctorhood training.  Another reason to celebrate an already favorite holiday?  Sign me up!

Have a great holiday


The other day I stopped to think about what motivates me.  Typically when I think about motivation, work comes to mind.  Perhaps it is because we are constantly looking for the motivation to help us get up and go to work everyday.  Or maybe because while at work it’s important to have motivation to succeed.  And when you succeed, you get rich.  Hopefully in dollar bills, relationships and in life.  Although sadly not always the case.  This is ultimately what makes the world go round and makes us all tick.  If there was zero motivation within people would we all be vegetables?  With no brain, emotion or life?  Being motivated is obviously important in our professional life but that doesn’t mean we should neglect what motivates us in our personal life.  God I sound like one of those speakers that stands on a stage in an auditorium full of people talking about how important it is to value yourself.  But I swear I’m not.  I just felt that when I really sat to think about it, I discovered there are a lot of drivers that motivate me each and everyday.

My own personal ambition motivates me to be better at my job.  I am lucky that I have an ambition because not everyone out there does as I am sure we all know someone in our lives that lacks this desire.  I believe all doctors have ambition and that aids in the majority of their accomplishments and is a key driver for why they choose that career path.  My family and friends are another big motivating factor for me.  People in general peak my curiosity as I have always been very interested in learning about the “whys” of people doing things.  But specifically – my family motivates me to be a more loving daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt and niece.  My friends motivate me to be more loyal, a better listener and great company.  Living in NYC with all of its surroundings motivates me to be more open and accepting of cultures, places and an unhealthy amount of delicious food and drink.  Speaking of drink, opposite ends of the spectrum motivate me to drink.  On one end there are days that it’s stress and on the other end there are days that it’s a celebratory occasion.  I can alwayssssssss find a celebratory occasion for a drink. :) Oh it’s Monday AND the first week of June AND Medical Monday – this calls for a cocktail.  But the most important motivation in my life is undoubtedly my busy husband.  He motivates me to be a better everything.  Yes, he also drives me nuts sometimes but he motivates me to feel the ups, downs and all arounds of our life together.  Lucky for me, that motivation gives way more laughs and smiles than frowns and tears.

The interesting part is when one of the motivaters is off.  My ambition lessens when I have a bad day at work.  I won’t be the greatest company if there is an issue with my friends or family.  If the weather in NYC is crappy, I won’t be as accepting about the guy who accidentally hit me in the face with his umbrella and didn’t apologize on the busy pedestrian-filled street.  And if my Mr. Dr. has a bad day then there is the potential that my happiness can feel empty or incomplete because our relationship is my most valued motivator.  So when these things happen I have found that the best thing I can do is focus on what’s ahead because there always seems to be something lingering in the forefront of my thoughts that can keep my motivation afloat.  Something upcoming that we should be able to look forward to – a vacation (even if just a day), a milestone in residency, visitors, a pleasant surprise, a new purchase, a new savings, a new job, a new home, a new family addition, a new friend, a new experience, new weather, and in the end…even a damn new day.  I guess in a way this relates to that saying:

Life is too short

But it’s true isn’t it?  Because the longer we stay unhappy, the more of a rut we get ourselves into and the longer it takes to get out.  So shit, I choose happy and will try to just keep swimming.  Sure, some days our motivators are at a higher level than others.  But at the end of the day our best bet is that if one of our motivators is down, the other is up.  That balance could just be one of the keys to keeping us happy.

And all of the above motivates me for this blog.  Without my motivation, I would sit around in my bed all day, be pretty lonely and eventually officially become a hermit.  What motivates you?  Is there anything specific when you stop and think about it?

And of course…

Happy June Medical Monday!  I can’t believe its June.  Although the humidity outside is an unpleasant reminder.  For those of you stopping by from the link-up thanks for visiting.  Quick recap – my Dr.H is an ortho R2, I work in media and we are in our 6th year of living in NYC.  Looking forward to meeting some new readers and writers this month.