September Bliss

September is my favorite month to be in NYC.  The weather is perfect, the tourists are at a lull, Fashion Week is full speed ahead, new shows appear on my DVR list and meandering around the city couldn’t be more pleasant.  The trash piles on the sidewalk don’t smell from the grueling heat, my skin doesn’t stick to my articles of clothing from perspiration, my feet don’t get black on the bottom from walking around in flip flops and you don’t have to fight traffic going out of the city on Friday afternoon because people’s summer share houses are finito.  There is nothing better than grabbing your light jacket as you walk out the door and leave your building to find sunshine, a calming breeze and busy New Yorkers flooding the streets as opposed to Europeans asking you for directions.

The models from Fashion Week are strutting down the blocks in their street wear smoking a cigarette in one hand and holding their cell phone in the other.  They are easily identifiable.  At first glance you wonder how they stand up straight on the stilts that they call legs, and then all of the sudden for a minute you envy their thinner than paper body and wonder if they had a real meal that day.  Usually I spend the next hour staring at my lunch thinking in my head, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”  Then it passes and I go back to feeling like myself again and overindulge at my next meal.  I should caveat this by mentioning that this year when I see them my thoughts are a bit different being a pregnant woman.  I think to myself, I’m such a lucky bitch because I get to eat whatever I want and you have to sit there and starve to look good on the runway.  Suckerrrr.  Who needs a runway when you have a fetus growing inside you?  Side note to pregnancy for a moment: my second trimester has been much hungrier than the first.  I went from losing 5 lbs in the first 6 weeks solely from removing alcohol from my diet to gaining about 8 going into my 5th month.  Eeeeek.

One other funny point of discussion is people’s attire in September.  It’s like some people forget how to dress.  Last week in one 20 minute walk home from work I saw one woman dressed in a sundress and sandals, one woman wearing knee high boots, pants and a wool coat, and one woman in a leather jacket, tights and ballet slippers.  I saw 3 seasons of outfits molded together in one block.  It was pretty ridiculous.  I think when the seasons change people freak out.  Some people are so excited to wear their new boots they throw them on as soon as the temperature drops to 70.  Fine.  I get it.  You want to show off your new kicks.  But no matter how excited you are about your new winter coat, for the love of God, keep it in the closet until at least November please.  We don’t need winter to come any sooner.  And honey in the summer spaghetti strap dress, it’s time to pack her up and throw that box under the bed until next June.  I know, I too am in denial that summer is over, but it’s time to switch out the sandals for tootsie-covering flats.

I have been sporting some dresses that still manage to fit on my slow but steady growing baby bump, no tights, and boots or flats depending on the level of degrees outside.  I have a feeling that my outfit rotation is going to start getting pretty boring in the upcoming weeks as baby bump keeps growing.  I haven’t dove into my maternity attire yet but it’s going to happen soon.  My pants officially don’t button so for now I will rely on the belly band phenomenon to help out in that department.  It will definitely be a function over fashion fall and winter for this girl.

Funny Pregnancy

Cheers To 2 Years

Today is  Mr. Dr. and I’s 2 year anniversary.  It is pretty remarkable how fast the last two years have flown by.  I can still vividly remember coming home a week before our wedding to find him staring at the TV screen engrossed in a project.  He had downloaded a software program to help with the seating chart and hooked up the computer to our TV screen so we could look at the ballroom layout big picture.  (This was post-match, pre-wedding/4th year graduation so he had ample free time.)  It was pretty amazing.  The fact that he cared enough to help with last minute planning and went the extra bit to lay everything out for his bride to easily approve was very thoughtful.  Reason 381746564 why I married him.

If you would have asked me 9 years ago (the year we met) where I saw myself in 10 years I probably would not have said living in NYC, married to a doctor.  I probably would have said hopefully living in NYC, married to a doctor. Bahaha.  Yeah right.  All the way up until that becomes one’s reality.  Then you realize all too quickly that reality is a bit harsher than anticipated.  No, I probably said I’d be married with 3 kids, and have a nice little home out in the burbs somewhere with my sweet little family.  But that is just too boring right?  And boring is not a word that people use to describe me or Mr. Dr.  So I guess it’s fitting that our relationship 9 years later has turned into a beautiful, blossoming tilt-a-whirl ride that you might enjoy at your nearest carnival.  Up, down and all around.  We are crazy, our schedule has no routine, some weeks we hardly see each other, we barely have a savings, we fight, we laugh, we cuddle and we love each other so much that he gives me 3/4 of the bed most nights so I can sprawl, and I meet him down at the hospital every chance I get even if it’s for 5 minutes when he is on an overnight call just so I can give him a smooch.  But at the end of every nutty day, every hardship, every little speed bump and every next turn, I wouldn’t trade this marriage for the world.  I guess that feeling is how you know you picked the right guy.

I woke up on the day of our wedding to dark skies, pouring rain and a tornado warning (thankfully my family and maids spared me of the tornado news until the next day by keeping all TVs and news outlets turned off).  But for every dark cloud in that sky and every drop of rain that soaked Baltimore, there was a smile that day.  There was so much love surrounding us on our wedding day and we felt so lucky to be with all of the people that share in our happiness each and every day.  Despite what the weatherman said, the sun was shining…in a beautiful church and a stunning mansion where we celebrated with our favorite people.

Check out our fun highlight video: Looze Wedding Video



And here are some more of my favorite moments from our special day…









Umbrella Photo





That’s All She Wrote

After last night’s Oscars, the curtains and carpets have officially come to a close.  I’m bummed that another award season has come and gone.  I feel like it was just yesterday I wrote about the Globes kicking it off.  The fashion, the stars, the red carpets, the performances, the surprises, the hosts, the drunken commentary and the acceptance speeches are all on hold again until January 2014.  I’m happy that just as of a recent Mr. Dr. and I were able to catch some of the star-studded flicks that got recognized at The Oscars last night.

In general, I felt like Seth MacFarlane was trying a little too hard, and I know he doesn’t write the host’s script but the entertainment and jokes have gotten a little out of control.  They have become way beyond inappropriate and frankly, a little over the top.  I’m all about having fun and I think it’s great to keep things light and have a good laugh.  But there is a disconnect for me when there are people winning the most prestigious award for their line of work while 2 minutes prior to the acceptance speech we are listening to the host sing a song called “We Saw Your Boobs” and he is giving shout-outs to every actress who has shown her boobs in a movie.  There were also a lot of drug references.  I mean I know its not a mystery that everyone in Hollywood does drugs and it’s probably true that most acceptance speeches would include drug dealers if it was culturally acceptable.  But can’t we just leave it out all together while the sweet, innocent 12 yr olds are watching across the country?  It’s bad enough that 9 yr old Little Q, best-actress nominee had to be exposed to it at such a young age while sitting in the front row.  Mommy what’s that white powder on that sock’s nose and what does the word cocaine mean?  Ugh.

So glad Argo won - great flick. photo via.

So glad Argo won – great flick. photo via.

But of course the best part is the red carpet and the fashion that comes along with it.  I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I DVRed every pre-show for every award show this season, listened to every interview, studied every outfit and literally swooned over Bradley Cooper this year.  Dare I say that he is moving up into my top 3 category next to Leo?  A tall order but that Bradley is one tall glass of water and just what the Doctor ordered for this chick who was sitting on the couch alone with a glass of wine wanting to jump through the TV screen and onto his bones.  Tailored to perfection last night with mom on arm, he was hot.

The ladies showed some serious skin, sparkle and sex appeal this year.  My favorite best-dressed Oscar gals were by far Naomi Watts, Zoe Saldana and Sandra Bullock.  Sandra may come as a surprise but her smoking bod looked absolutely stunning in that sophisticated dress with just the right amount of sheer overlay.  Zoe looked breathtaking.  That embellishment above the waste and peek of gray underlay on the bottom was perfection and the dress fit her like a glove.  There was a lot of white on the carpet this year but she took the cake for me.  Although Charlize certainly gave her a run for the money.  Naomi Watts was a breath of fresh air with her shimmering hot dress.  I loved everything about it – the shape, the fit, the color, the sparkle and the unique neckline looked incredible on her.  Her soft updo made it for me as it completely balanced the total look.  She was my fave.

Overall I expected a bit more from the bride-to-be, Jennifer Aniston.  I expected simple hair as usual but the dress was a bit too princessesque for me.  I think she has one of the best figures in Hollywood so I fully support her flaunting it.  Kristen Stewart was another dud for me.  And she was a hot mess on stage presenting.  Am I alone in thinking she looked so uncomfortable?  I don’t know what was going on there but perhaps it was because her dress and hair was a last minute decision gone bad.

So the curtains have closed on the major red carpets.  Overall, I think the fashion was fun this year.  Lots of embellishments and a mix of black, white/pale colors and then pops of red to change it up.  I thought the award shows themselves were just OK.  The Grammies had some great performances but other than that I felt it was a pretty lackluster year in terms of entertainment.  We will just have to wait and see what next year brings us. In the meantime, you can count on me to watch every single Bradley Cooper movie made in the last 5 years.  He is so dreamy.  Even with slicked back hair.

Purple Medical Monday

Mrs. Dr. is celebrating two fun events today.  Born and bred in Baltimore I am proud to be a Ravens fan today.  NOLA had purple rain sweep the town yesterday and the Baltimore Ravens won Superbowl XLVII.  Flacco brought his A-game and Ray Lewis sailed into retirement with a bang.  Beyonce killed the half-time show and I loved every second of her performance.  Bringing back Destiny’s Child was the icing on the cake.  Not even a power outage in the middle of the second half could stop the purple passion that took over the field.  In the words of Beyonce…”We liked it so we PUT A RING ON IT!”  What a season Ravens…way to go.  I like to think my consumption of purple hooters yesterday helped the cause too. :)

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Globes Grammies And Oscars Oh My

Award season is officially underway.  It kicked off with the Globes made of gold just over a week ago and now we anxiously await the curtain to open for our friends Grammy and Oscar.  The only other one I might watch in between would be the Screen Actor’s Guild but don’t hold me to it.  People say the Globes sometimes foreshadow the results of the Academy Awards but I think it all just comes down to who slept with who in Hollywood when all the movies were released at the end of the year.

Regardless, there are three things that remain pretty constant for me every year.

1. I swoon over the fashion like I do when I window shop past Chanel.  Always a surprise and the selection keeps me on my toes.  Just when I think I’m going to see bright colors the red carpet is filled with reds, neutrals and blacks like it was at the Globes this year.  The plunging necklines, the cutout midsections and the effortlessly chic looks from the stars got me so amped up to see what the red carpet will bring for the rest of award season.  I am filled with suspense and satisfaction as I thought almost every look I saw at the Globes was close to perfection.

Globes fashion

2. I anxiously await for the camera to find Leo  Always my best male dressed.  Always my favorite since Titanic.  I mean a guy that still looks unbelievably handsome white as a ghost trembling in freezing water will always have my vote.  I love that he walks almost all the red carpets solo because he’s too good for a girlfriend and that almost all the movies he stars in knock it out of the park.  The fact that he became the image for Tag Heuer watches may or may not have been the reason I got one for Mr. Dr. on his 30th birthday.  This guy is a stud who is aging with perfection and a whole lot of handsome.


3. Seeing the hosts, recipients and presenters getting progressively more tipsier throughout the duration of each show never fails to give me a chuckle.  You can always tell who and when they have had too much champagne (hey sometimes they even tell us in the speech).  Maybe they weren’t expecting the win so they wanted to enjoy the party?  Maybe they were expecting the win and were nervous about the speech?  Or maybe in the case of the hosts, they can get away with saying whatever they want because people will laugh so why not keep the bubbles flowing?  Whatever it is, I find it all highly entertaining.

Tina & Amy

Will Ms. Gaga show up on the Grammy red carpet in another gigantic egg?  Will Argo pull away with the Best Picture Oscar as it did at the Globes?  We will soon find out.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store.  I will most certainly be watching.  Will you?

Straight Up Hot & Dirty

Three things I love.  A good martini straight up.  Hot weather or in this case some hotness (only occasionally) to my palette.  And a damn good dirty style drink.  I’m not so prim and proper as I’m sure you have caught onto even though I love a good fashion trend, my MAC makeup and giving my blonde locks a good blowout.  My style of writing isn’t exactly prim and proper and neither is my choice of adult beverages.  I like beer in a red solo cup as much as I like my vodka in a martini glass.  I like being honest and absolutely blunt with my blog as much as I like getting ready for work half naked in the morning because it’s just more comfortable without clothes on.  So this below drink that I recently indulged in is the perfect fit for my personality, style of cocktail preference and just overall appreciation for a good martini…and a good laugh.  Warning: the below contains inappropriate content.

Please meet the Hot & Dirty with a side of olive pepper sperm-ite.  Coincidence dirty is in the name?  I think not.

Hot & Dirty

Hot & Dirty at Liquid Assets in Ocean City, MD

Hot & Dirty at Liquid Assets in Ocean City, MD

-Generous Amount of Chopin Potato Vodka
-3 Splashes of Spicy Jalapeno Juice
-Garnish with a Pepper Stuffed Olive (if you find one that looks like that it’s a bonus)
-Besides the obvious joke I have completely laughed out loud over with the look of this martini’s garnish, it is all it cracks up to be.  A little hot and a little dirty.  The spicy jalapeno juice is a nice twist on the classic dirty, olive juice made, martini.  It is spicy, strong and I thoroughly enjoyed every sip.  But be careful…one is every bit satisfying but two may be a little too intense with the bursting-at-the-seams flavor.  Wear your protection while drinking this hot & dirty treat.

No I did not implant this pepper olive myself to make for a good laugh.  I received this drink as shown above and had a freaking field day with it.  Of course I have seen pepper stuffed olives but usually they are stuffed completely inside sans tail.  Or if they are with a tail they are not “swimming” in my cocktail.  You know it’s true!  This is as good a sperm impersonation as I have ever seen and I can honestly say of all the times I have drank a dirty martini I have never thought of the other meaning of “dirty” until I sipped on this one.  How could I not?  Maybe it’s a sick minds appreciate it kind of thing but I laughed with my family and of course my Mr. Dr. for a good while about this one.  Best part and bottom line:  it was such a great tasting cocktail.  Keep your minds out of the gutter (or in for more laughs) and of course…

Happy Cocktail Friday!

Mommas Deserve Martinis Too

I guess this only applies to those mommies out there who can stay awake long enough to treat themselves.  My sleepless nights are caused by a husband who comes and goes at the oddest of hours or the sound of construction outside of our window in the wee morning hours as opposed to little ones crawling around.  But everyone and especially sleep-deprived mommies deserve to treat themselves to a cocktail every once in a while.  You may feel too tired to even pick up the glass to sip but I came across just the right incentive to help peak the thirsty appetite.

Mommy Deserves a Martini

If your child is telling you that you need a martini and they can’t even speak yet then you know you owe yourself :)  I can picture it now…screaming baby grabs the bottle of milk and feels instant gratification, while mommy reaches for her bottle…of vodka…and also feels instant gratification.  Seriously though.  How cute are these adorable onesies that are available here?  This would make such a sweet gift for a new mom.  Hint hint for the future my friends…after Mr. and Mrs. Dr. pop out a baby I might need a whole box of these.  In fact, I might not put a child in any other clothing.

So if you do want to snatch up a couple of these for your mom friends, family or even yourself head over to Etsy.  It comes in multiple colors and sizes, and just for being loyal fans of Mrs. Dr. enter freeshippingmoki at checkout for free shipping on your order courtesy of Bully Design Company.  They specialize in fun baby clothes and customize some of the wittiest, cutest designs for the little ones.  Be sure to stop by their shop and check them out.  Happy shopping mommas and…

Happy Cocktail Friday!

It’s Medical Monday

I am thrilled to be kicking off 2013′s Medical Mondays blog hop by co-hosting this month!  For the newbies, a blog hop is a link up where bloggers can link their blogs and find other blogs which peak their interest to follow.  Medical Mondays was started by two terrific bloggers in the doctor’s wives community, Emma from Your Doctor’s Wife and Jane from From A Doctor’s Wife.  It has been such a treat meeting virtual friends in the blog community and more specifically for me e-meeting wonderful women who share so many of my same feelings and thoughts as a result of our medicine-filled lives.  Sometimes it’s like another support group, sometimes it makes me feel justified and sometimes it just makes me smile as I read about the roller coaster rides that my fellow and future doctor’s wives and girlfriends have as their life.  And it’s because I can totally relate.  So I hope that after today you will find another daily read or two to add to your blog list.  Bloggers we would love to have you link up with us this week.  So enjoy, have fun and happy medical monday!

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Goodbye ’12, Hello ’13

2012 was a good year overall.  We opened the year with Mr. Dr. working New Years Eve and New Years Day but he was off by midnight.  So we were able to sneak in a late dinner and rung in 2012 together by ourselves in the city at a fun restaurant.  It was actually a nice first New Years as a married couple and the first one we had spent with just ourselves.  Of course I didn’t like him getting up at 6am to go into work the next day but hey he was there at midnight.

February came around and we had our first vacation with my brother, sister and their significant others.  We soared to Jamaica Mon and had an absolute blast together.  Luckily my siblings and I share similar vacationing habits – eat, start drinking at 10am, sunbathe, eat, get your second drink around noon, sunbathe, go for a walk around the resort to get some exercise, be ready for poolside happy hour at 3pm, shower, eat and enjoy the night with some more cocktails.  It was perfect.


Jamaica 2012

March was filled with excitement as we moved into a new apartment.  We were so thrilled to get this apartment and locked it in with a 2 year lease.  Sunny, open, welcoming and the biggest (although that’s not saying much) one we have had since moving to NYC.  It is perfect.


Champagne in our new apartment

April crept up on us and we celebrated our first anniversary.  Mr. Dr. had the weekend off and we traveled out to the Hamptons.  We had an afternoon of wine tasting along the North Fork and ended the night with dinner at a restaurant right on the beach.  It was also perfect.  April also brought my second trip to the ER in 6 months.  Who cuts themselves after 5 minutes of starting to cook Easter dinner for her husband so we can enjoy the holiday together after he gets off work?  Me.  A scraped off nail and 7 stitches later in my thumb with no dinner on the table until 10pm after Mr. Dr. came home to help me make it, we finally got through Easter Sunday.

anniv weekend

Raphael’s Vineyard terrace

In May we celebrated my 28th birthday and kicked off wedding season.  We had over 7 weddings that we got invited to in 2012.  Unfortunately we could not make them all but the ones we did get to were fantastic.

Getting cocktails before my bday dinner

Getting cocktails before my bday dinner

June marked Mr. Dr.’s last month of intern year (woohoo!) and we (mainly I) kicked off summer with many cocktail nights on our new balcony.  I also attended my first Looze Family Summer Olympics solo…while Mr. Dr. took call.

Me and my "Turkey" Trophy

My turkey trophy at Summer Olympics

July started off great with Mr. Dr. having off on July 4th.  We got tickets to the Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular and enjoyed a night of fun along the Hudson river watching the awesome fireworks from 4 barges for the first time in NYC.  Oh and I had this brilliant idea to combine medicine, martinis and my life to start a blog. ;)  Maybe it was those fireworks that *sparked* my idea.

macys fireworks

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks

August was a big adjustment month.  Mr. Dr. was working a ton of hours, was officially an PGY2 and I officially realized that 2nd year was going to be no easier than first year.  But the weather was still nice and we closed out the summer with some fun weekend getaways and some time at the beach.

OCMD 2012

OCMD 2012

September brought Fall and all that comes with it – new shows, new fashion and a change in temperature.  September in NYC is so lovely.  You get to throw on your new boots, a bomber jacket, scarf and hit the streets all while enjoying the crisp fresh city air.

At a friend's beautiful September wedding

At a friend’s beautiful September wedding

October closed out wedding season and took us on a trip to LA.  We had such a great visit with family and friends while in Cali and I loved every minute of it.  We came home to an unexpected and very uninvited super storm.  And once again all I can say about that is I much prefer Sandy in Grease.

Rodeo drive

Rodeo Drive in LA

November arrived and I was thankful for many things, but not thankful that Mr. Dr. had to work on Turkey Day.  At least I spent it with my family and was able to bring home leftovers for a midnight snack when he got home from the hospital that night.

And here we are in December.  Mr. Dr. celebrated a 31st birthday and we had a wonderful Christmas together.  The year behind us has brought joy, sadness, tears and happiness.  It has been up and it has been down.  We had new obstacles to overcome and new blessings to enjoy.  We are still standing, still cocktailing and still looking ahead.  And as I write this I have a positive outlook on what 2013 will bring so I guess we are doing something right :)

Rockefeller Tree 2012

Rockefeller Christmas Tree 2012

Happy New Year blog friends and family to you and yours…and cheers to an absolutely delicious 2013!

happy new year

My Fellow Americans…

Politics is not something I like to get too involved in.  Even when I lived in DC I didn’t appreciate it like most.  If I can’t appreciate it in the mecca of politicians then I don’t think I ever will.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am all for it if that’s your “thing” but it’s certainly not a topic I personally find much interest in.  I do like to watch the debates because it’s good to be informed.  But I have a confession about that too.  I secretly just love to watch the end when the wives/families come up and greet their husbands with sweet staged hugs and painted on smiles.  But it’s my favorite part and I wait for it through the whole debate because it’s so exciting to see their outfit of choice.  Take the other night for example.  Michelle Obama and Ann Romney were in the exact same color pink.  That means one of two things.  Either that color is in in in or it was a big oops for each of their stylists.  I like to believe the latter because come on…as much as these ladies get critiqued on how they present themselves and what they wear there is no way they would have chosen the same color if they knew.  Mobama I expected a bit more out of you my dear.  You have had a great sense of fashion as first lady but do your research.

I like to live pretty lightheartedly and sometimes political discussions can be way too heavy.  Yes I realize that it is important and that I should cast a vote.  But that does not mean I have to run around campaigning for my political party of choice.  If you are a campaigner then good for you, live it up.  But I’ll never be one of those gals driving around with a bumper sticker on the back of the car so the world can see who I favor.  The only way that would ever happen is if Mr. Dr. decides to forego residency and run for office.  Ha.  That is a pretty funny thought but probably wouldn’t happen unless pigs start flying overhead so fear not my fellow Americans.

While I understand that the people we have running our government affect Mr. Dr. and I’s lives everyday, I have learned that there are things that will happen that are well beyond our control.  Healthcare is a big topic in politics and who our presidents are over the years might greatly affect Mr. Dr.’s career as a surgeon.  But I really believe that as long as Mr. Dr. stays the course, continues to be a great doctor and a good person, he will have a great career and we will have a happy life regardless of who is sitting in the White House.  So let’s keep it light on this Friday and get to the point.  This my dear blog friends deep down is my take on politics:

Happy Friday!