Mrs. AAD At Your Service

Mr. Dr. happens to enjoy the fact that I am not in anyway associated with the medical field except for being AAD.  No it’s not a disease and it’s not to be confused with ADD.  AAD stands for ‘Almost A Doctor’.  Now I must give credit where it is due.  One of his Aunt’s friends coined this term but it couldn’t be more perfect.  For her, she has had so many surgeries and seen so many doctors that she feels like she knows almost as much as her doctors from being a patient so many times.  For me, although Mr. Dr. does all of the dirty work in the relationship I feel like being the supportive, loving wife that I am has to count for something.  So really, “we” graduated medical school, and “we” are a 2nd year resident and “we” are on our way to becoming an attending physician.  In fact, feel free to call me Mrs. AAD if you prefer.  I have learned quite a bit through being the right hand (wo)man throughout med school and a year of residency.  One would be surprised at just how much I know.  For example, I know there are four glasses of wine in a bottle, except if I pour, then there are only three.  I know the difference in taste between Greygoose, Kettle and Absolute.  I know that there is a place in NYC that has PBR on tap (I secretly like Pabst Blue Ribbon).  And I know the best place in the city to go for margaritas if you are considering having a night you won’t remember.  Not bad right?

Really though, I do feel like I know way more about the medical field than #1 I care to know and #2 I ever thought I would know.  I find what Mr. Dr. does pretty interesting, wayyyyy more than I ever thought I would, and enjoy hearing about the cool aspects of orthopedics and their surgeries.  Obviously there have been times I find myself searching for wet paint because I’d rather watch it dry than listen to the boring, medical jargon conversation that I sometimes get stuck in with Mr. Dr.’s fellow medical friends.  At least Mr. Dr. knows how much I can handle and how much I can’t when it comes to that kind of stuff.  I also am pretty good at digression so if I find myself caught in a conversation like that I cleverly shift to another topic like suggesting we go up to the bar and take a shot.  Works every time.

But I really do have so much respect for all the training that him and the other residents are going through.  And in addition to learning a thing or two about medicine, I have played the support role as best I can and will continue to do so for a few more years…until I can pick out my Ranger Rover.  Kiddddddding.  Well kind of ;)  I have been a fake patient for his studies, and a real patient (sadly) to him in the hospital.  I am there to tell him where he misplaced his stethoscope when he is absentminded and standing with open arms to give him a hug when he has a bad day.  I have listened to him recite practice test questions for hours before all of his board exams…and I even get some of them right!  I am there to boost his ego when he is feeling down and am there to open a beer for him when his nerves need calmed.  For now, I hope these little things at least show him a little bit of the whole lot that I care.  Mrs. AAD at your service, the doc is in.

Shaken Not Stirred

I think I have made it pretty clear that I love me a good martini.  Cocktails too of course which I obviously would take on the rocks, in a bottle or even in a plastic cup.  As long as vodka is a contributing or sole ingredient, I am set with a good cocktail.  But there is something special about those martini glasses isn’t there?  The look, the feel, the way it makes the drink taste…I can’t even fully describe the feeling it gives me, but it’s a damn good one.  I kind of feel cool drinking out of it too.  Is that lame?  Maybe.  Maybe not because I am sure I am not alone.  Anyway, I wanted to share my three favorite “classic” martinis.  As you may expect I have a lot of favorites, most of which are vodka induced.  But these three are my knights in shining armor if I ever have that “I just don’t know what I’m in the mood for” feeling.

My Go-To: Dirty Vodka Martini (aka: DVM)

Dirty Martini

-Generous amount of Vodka
-Dash of Vermouth (when I say dash I mean dash)
-2-3 Splashes of Olive Juice
-2-3 Stuffed Green Olives
-In the words of one of my good friends, the best part about this drink is that it’s a drink and a snack! I couldn’t agree more. Tip: for extra dirty (less strong) just add more olive juice.
(Photo credit: TheCulinaryGeek)

A Fan Favorite: Lemon Drop Martini (aka: LDM)


-Generous amount of Vodka
-2 Splashes of Triple Sec
-Splash of Sugar (I prefer Splenda)
-2 Splashes of Fresh Lemon Juice
-Add a sugar-lined rim if you wish, and a lemon twist for garnish- the key to this martini is to make it a perfect blend of sweet & sour. Tip: this is also great as a shot with a lick of sugar pre-shot and lemon slice post-shot.
(Photo credit: bluematt)


 A Traditional Staple: Cosmopolitan (aka: Cosmo)


-Generous amount of Vodka
-2 Splashes of Triple Sec/Cointreau (I prefer Triple Sec)
-2 Splashes of Cranberry Juice
-Splash of Fresh Lime Juice
-There is a reason that this cocktail still remains popular and it’s not just because of Sex & The City, it’s delicious. Tip: for a tarty twist, use pomegranate juice instead of cranberry or citrus flavored vodka instead of regular. You can thank me later.
(Photo credit: TheCulinaryGeek)


What’s your favorite classic martini?


Hobbies – Things of the Past or So 2012?

After settling into my day to day city life a few years ago I quickly realized how much ‘me’ time I would be having.  I suppose my hopes for instant closet upgrades, a Penthouse apartment and weekly fine dining were a litttttttle unrealistic.  A more realistic picture became understanding what the word “loan” meant, having my own cocktail experimentation and anxiously awaiting my Mr. Dr’s home arrival from his 15 hour (on a good day) workday.  This brought me to the contemplation of hobbies.  No better time than now right?  Well before settling upon this blog, one can say I definitely tried…

My first attempt was sewing. I registered for a class and made a wallet during that 3 hour beginner’s course.  I gained a whole new respect for designers, clothing makers, seamstresses and tailors.  For about a week I had this grand idea that with my love for fashion I would become a fashion designer…that lasted about as long as it took me to call my mom and ask for her advice on what type of sewing machine I should get.  I guess moms really do know best because that idea was not pursued.  Turns out, sewing is not exactly my forte and I felt it was a tad bit selfish to turn our little 500 square foot apartment into a design studio when Mr. Dr. did not even have room for a desk.  And to be honest, I found it a little too boring for me.

Could be mistaken for me right?!

I moved on to cooking.  This definitely started out anything but boring.  I grew up with the best home cooking.  I know everyone says that but I REALLY did.  My mom was and still is my favorite cook (just a notch in front of all Chipotle employees).  So cooking just seemed like it would be a natural niche.  WRONG.  To spare you of the gory details, let’s just say that in the last year I have visited Mr. Dr. at work twice from cutting myself on that oh so innocent looking Cutco knife set and evil looking vegetable slicer that reside in our kitchen. I know practice makes perfect but at some point we have to draw the line for fear of losing fingers…or limbs. Nonetheless, Seamless Web has become my best friend – for those of you that are saying huh? – it’s a web-based food ordering system that links you with local restaurants in your area, aka: the best invention since stem-less wine glasses.  NYC is pretty ahead of the curve and pretty much any and all restaurants here are set up through it which makes for a very happy Mrs. Dr. :) BUT don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that I dislike cooking.  It’s just that I think there are more productive things I could be doing with my time since I’m not the whiz in the kitchen that I so wish I was.  But just because I haven’t had the best of luck with cooking doesn’t mean I still don’t do it…occasionally.  I recently made a pasta salad dish that Mr. Dr. and I enjoyed for a couple of days.  I promise it tasted better than the picture makes it look.  I made it up myself.  See?  I have it in me…

Bowtie Pasta
Mozzarella cubes
Stuffed green olives
Citrus lime vinaigrette

So as far as hobbies go, with sewing and cooking crossed off the list, I can’t help but wonder if it’s me or if hobbies are just a thing of the past.  I think it’s me because there are plenty of people out there that are great cooks and great sewers that have made a hobby out of it.  For now, this writing thing seems to be the safest one I have tried so far.  I think it’s a keeper.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Summer Lovin’ had me a Thirsty

There is nothing better than a refreshing cocktail during the hot summer months.  Whether it’s at a rooftop bar on a Saturday night, an outdoor café for dinner or simply sitting out on our balcony for happy hour, I love sipping on a crisp, cold cocktail even if my body temperature is nothing but heat.  NYC gets pretty darn hot in July and August so staying cool is necessary and there is no better way than with an ice cold cocktail in hand.  Here are my top three favorite summertime cocktails of 2012:

A Golfer’s Choice: John Daly (aka: JD)

The mason jars totally complete this tasty treat

-Generous amount of Vodka (brand of your choice)
-2-3 Splashes of Iced Tea
-2-3 Splashes of Lemonade
-Garnish with a lemon slice and/or mint leaf
-They key to this drink is an equal amount of lemonade to iced tea ratio. Think citrus meets sweet for flavor. Tip: use Firefly sweet tea vodka in place of regular vodka- mix with lemonade and add a spritz of water.
-PS: the virgin version is called an Arnold Palmer

A Non-Vodka Summer Must: Mojito (aka: Mojeeeto)

Pure deliciousness

-Generous amount of Rum (brand of your choice)
-Muddled Mint Leaves (yes, learn how to muddle)
-Splash of Fresh Lime Juice
-Dash of Sugar (I prefer Splenda or simple syrup does the trick quite nicely)
-2-3 Splashes of soda
-Garnish with a lime slice/mint leaf
-This drink is so tricky to make. It needs to be the perfect mix of all ingredients to taste like perfection. Tip: if you attempt this on your own, invest in a muddler. It’s worth it.
-Be careful of the pre-bottled mojito mixes in the grocery store. I suggest Roses or Master of Mixes. They are the best.

A New Emergent Showstopper: Moscow Mule (aka: MM)

Looks cool, tastes fantastic and stays cold for hours

-Generous amount of Vodka (brand of your choice)
-2-3 Splashes of Ginger Beer (I prefer Saranac brand)
-Splash of Fresh Lime Juice
-Garnish with a lime slice
-The key to this cocktail is the copper mug. It keeps it cold forever. I am so happy to have discovered this newfound love in the past year. It’s such a gem. Those Russians really know their vodka. Tip: add a dash of simply syrup for extra sweetness.
-PS: if you are a calorie counter, diet ginger beer is also available

Whats your favorite summertime adult refreshment?