Goodbye ’12, Hello ’13

2012 was a good year overall.  We opened the year with Mr. Dr. working New Years Eve and New Years Day but he was off by midnight.  So we were able to sneak in a late dinner and rung in 2012 together by ourselves in the city at a fun restaurant.  It was actually a nice first New Years as a married couple and the first one we had spent with just ourselves.  Of course I didn’t like him getting up at 6am to go into work the next day but hey he was there at midnight.

February came around and we had our first vacation with my brother, sister and their significant others.  We soared to Jamaica Mon and had an absolute blast together.  Luckily my siblings and I share similar vacationing habits – eat, start drinking at 10am, sunbathe, eat, get your second drink around noon, sunbathe, go for a walk around the resort to get some exercise, be ready for poolside happy hour at 3pm, shower, eat and enjoy the night with some more cocktails.  It was perfect.


Jamaica 2012

March was filled with excitement as we moved into a new apartment.  We were so thrilled to get this apartment and locked it in with a 2 year lease.  Sunny, open, welcoming and the biggest (although that’s not saying much) one we have had since moving to NYC.  It is perfect.


Champagne in our new apartment

April crept up on us and we celebrated our first anniversary.  Mr. Dr. had the weekend off and we traveled out to the Hamptons.  We had an afternoon of wine tasting along the North Fork and ended the night with dinner at a restaurant right on the beach.  It was also perfect.  April also brought my second trip to the ER in 6 months.  Who cuts themselves after 5 minutes of starting to cook Easter dinner for her husband so we can enjoy the holiday together after he gets off work?  Me.  A scraped off nail and 7 stitches later in my thumb with no dinner on the table until 10pm after Mr. Dr. came home to help me make it, we finally got through Easter Sunday.

anniv weekend

Raphael’s Vineyard terrace

In May we celebrated my 28th birthday and kicked off wedding season.  We had over 7 weddings that we got invited to in 2012.  Unfortunately we could not make them all but the ones we did get to were fantastic.

Getting cocktails before my bday dinner

Getting cocktails before my bday dinner

June marked Mr. Dr.’s last month of intern year (woohoo!) and we (mainly I) kicked off summer with many cocktail nights on our new balcony.  I also attended my first Looze Family Summer Olympics solo…while Mr. Dr. took call.

Me and my "Turkey" Trophy

My turkey trophy at Summer Olympics

July started off great with Mr. Dr. having off on July 4th.  We got tickets to the Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular and enjoyed a night of fun along the Hudson river watching the awesome fireworks from 4 barges for the first time in NYC.  Oh and I had this brilliant idea to combine medicine, martinis and my life to start a blog. ;)  Maybe it was those fireworks that *sparked* my idea.

macys fireworks

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks

August was a big adjustment month.  Mr. Dr. was working a ton of hours, was officially an PGY2 and I officially realized that 2nd year was going to be no easier than first year.  But the weather was still nice and we closed out the summer with some fun weekend getaways and some time at the beach.

OCMD 2012

OCMD 2012

September brought Fall and all that comes with it – new shows, new fashion and a change in temperature.  September in NYC is so lovely.  You get to throw on your new boots, a bomber jacket, scarf and hit the streets all while enjoying the crisp fresh city air.

At a friend's beautiful September wedding

At a friend’s beautiful September wedding

October closed out wedding season and took us on a trip to LA.  We had such a great visit with family and friends while in Cali and I loved every minute of it.  We came home to an unexpected and very uninvited super storm.  And once again all I can say about that is I much prefer Sandy in Grease.

Rodeo drive

Rodeo Drive in LA

November arrived and I was thankful for many things, but not thankful that Mr. Dr. had to work on Turkey Day.  At least I spent it with my family and was able to bring home leftovers for a midnight snack when he got home from the hospital that night.

And here we are in December.  Mr. Dr. celebrated a 31st birthday and we had a wonderful Christmas together.  The year behind us has brought joy, sadness, tears and happiness.  It has been up and it has been down.  We had new obstacles to overcome and new blessings to enjoy.  We are still standing, still cocktailing and still looking ahead.  And as I write this I have a positive outlook on what 2013 will bring so I guess we are doing something right :)

Rockefeller Tree 2012

Rockefeller Christmas Tree 2012

Happy New Year blog friends and family to you and yours…and cheers to an absolutely delicious 2013!

happy new year

Dirty Or Sweet To End 2012

As most of you might guess, I would choose dirty.  After all a DVM is one of my favorite martinis of choice.  A sweet martini has to be just the right flavor of sweet and not too too sweet in order for me to claim it as a favorite, or even have it in my monthly (ok probably weekly) martini rotation.  Obviously the love for martinis is both vodka and appearance induced.  There is something so classy about a long stemmed martini glass.  It’s such a nice piece of eye candy.  But in recent years I have grown quite fond of stemless drinking glasses.  This really began as a result of living in NYC.  Stemless decreases your spillage chances by a landslide.  In addition, I cannot tell you how many wine glasses I have broken from trying to maneuver around my small kitchen while pouring a glass or 3.  So stemless has become my new best friend and so have these oh-so-cute satin etched martini glasses.  Major perk: they are stackable which screams one word…convenience.

After chatting with the lovely owner and brains behind these I got to learn the story of how these originated.  We all can agree I am sure at one point or another we have had some unbelievably brilliant ideas after we have indulged in a few cocktails.  We all come up with the best ideas tipsy.  I too am at fault.  Don’t worry you are not alone.  Only in her case, her and her friend were doing just that and voila!  An actually great idea evolved from such a conversation a few martinis later.  Her shop The Simple Laugh features trendy products that are unique and fun.  I fell in love with these Dirty or Sweet? glasses.  They are more than affordable at just $7 a glass with discounts for sets (currently $12 for a set).  Yes I prefer dirty…but the darling character of The Simple Laugh Shop might just make me think twice.  After all there really is something sweet about the simple things in life and in the words of The Simple Laugh Shop “because fun shouldn’t be complicated.”

Happy Last Cocktail Friday of 2012!

Christmas Aftermath

So Christmas is over and I have somewhat gotten the apartment in order from the tornado that came through after we got home from our whirlwind of travels in the last 5 days.  I set up our brand new Keurig, hung our new beautiful wedding canvas above our bed, unpacked the clothes and then tackled the other bags of gifts we acquired from two great family celebrations.  While I am so grateful for the many wonderful gifts we received a part of me cannot help but wish that some things stayed at the stores or in the homes of our families so that we did not have to bring it all back and clutter our little apartment.  Is that selfish??  I mean I just do not know where to put half of the stuff.  And then of course I feel bad that I have these thoughts because people took the time and effort to buy us these sweet gifts that obviously had thought behind them.  But I just fear that my desire to keep everything in good faith will bring our apartment to be the next episode on the show Hoarders!

I think this last year especially I have really tried to make an effort to de-clutter our life.  I love our apartment neat and tidy and really appreciate a clutter-free environment.  It helps me stay sane in the 600 square feet we live in everyday.  And quite frankly it makes me happy to come home everyday to a nice, open living space.  I have seen so many little apartments filled with stuff and more stuff and I just want to scream for those owners.  I used to be one of those people that kept everything…really I did.  I had a difficult time purging just about anything that had even the tiniest bit of meaning to me and our life.  But after 5 years in NYC I got struck by the tidiness fairy and was blessed with an apartment I finally loved and made a vow to keep it as orderly as possible.  I have learned that organization is key and that as long as I can easily access my wine and liquor bar I can stay pretty content in the apartment.  Mr. Dr.’s item philosophy with clothes is – when one thing comes in, one thing goes out.  I may try and adopt that for all items that reside in the apartment…except of course for my closet :)

Merry Martinis and Merry Christmas

May your Christmas be merry and your cocktails be strong.  I’m sure Santa even enjoys a stiff drink every now and then in the off season.  So treat yourself!  Enjoy time with family and friends.  Best wishes for a happy, healthy and fun holiday with your loved ones this week.  And for those that have to work or have loved ones working in the hospital this week…just remember how lucky those patients are to have you and/or your significant others taking care of them.  I feel fortunate that Mr. Dr. has the whole day off tomorrow and look forward to making the most of our time together.  Merry Christmas blog friends!

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

This week I am feeling very blessed.  I sometimes find myself internally struggling to fully appreciate everything in my life because well things get tough.  There often seem to be “something” tampering with my everyday feelings of content.  Usually that something has to do with residency and the lack of face time with Mr. Dr. but in the end…that’s no excuse.  It’s a beautiful time of year in NYC and the holiday spirit is in full swing.  We had great friends come up and visit last weekend and we frolicked around the city without a care in the world.  My mom and her dear friend came to visit last week and we had a lovely day together.  This weekend I get to go home with Mr. Dr. and celebrate Christmas with my family because he is off and we will get to see some more great friends at home.  Then on Christmas eve we will go celebrate with his family because he is off on Christmas day.  We both have a full week of vacation setup for the entire week of New Year’s so that is a big plus that we get to look forward to as well.  So like I said, I am feeling very blessed.  Blessed that he is off a couple weekends in a row, blessed that he cared enough to surprise me with our very first Christmas tree in NYC, blessed that we get to spend Christmas celebrations with both of our families and certainly blessed that we are happy, healthy and each day brings us a little closer to the end goal.  Not everyday is easy and some days are more peachy keen than others but with the fun times ahead, the time of year and the delicious cocktails in our near future, I do believe we have a pretty nice lineup to close out 2012.

You wanna hear the icing on the cake?  This weekend Mr. Dr. has a birthday.   So tonight…pending the day goes well and he gets out at a reasonable hour…I made dinner reservations at a restaurant we both have been really excited to try.  I never make reservations for us because we just never know what his schedule will bring but I  just hoped for the best this time.  My fingers are crossed that we make it but I have already decided that if we don’t, I will not freak out.  I will instead go down there, beg the restaurant not to charge my CC the massive last minute cancelling fee and then hopefully still whip up a celebratory plan ‘B’ dinner with Mr. Dr. when he gets off.  But I am realllllly hoping plan ‘A’ works out.  Wish us luck and Happy Birthday my love…I hope we are tipsy and very full later.  So for at least the next few weeks this is my motto:


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Mr. Dr. surprised me last night and got us a new apartment decoration…

a real tree!  A big one too – 6 ft tall.  Now my mini glass Rockefeller center look-a-like that I thought was sufficing as our tree this year is simply a small decoration on our shelf.  Don’t worry it still fits in beautifully with my vodka bottle decor.  Mr. Dr. had mentioned a few weeks ago he wanted a real tree this year but he is so busy I figured it would just be talked about with zero follow through (that happens with a lot of what we discuss lately).  But he proved me wrong about this one.  I told him that I didn’t want to worry about it because our mini glass tree was fine and that we could reconsider next year.  We have never had an apartment big enough to get a real tree that would fit comfortably without looking awkward so it was never a priority.  Also I guess this goes without saying but we do live in NYC where trees and decor are way overpriced so I thought we could put the money saved towards gifts for family.  But in the spirit of Christmas and adding a bright spot to what has been a long few weeks of work for both of us he threw logic aside and voila!

Since this glamorous tree above was a surprise appearance late in the game we had to be resourceful.  We took down the lights that I had strung around the living room back in November and wrapped them around the tree…only many many bulbs at this point are out so its not quite as bling bling as I would have hoped for yet.  Then I searched in our under the bed bins and in the bags tucked away in the closet for leftover gift bows from wrapping and receiving gifts.  And as you can see…made some ornaments out of them and even created a topper of festive holiday ribbon.  Not bad for a makeshift work in progress right?  Secretly…and well not so secretly I am thrilled Mr. Dr. did follow through on this one because after 6 years without a tree in cramped apartments, this really brings it home for me.  I have missed you Oh Christmas Tree and I am glad you came in as a surprise guest this holiday season :)

Just Trying To Catch Some Zzzzs

The snooze button has become quite a staple lately in our (ahem Mr. Dr.) morning.  He used to jump out of bed and wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed pretty easily.  But then residency, sleep deprivation and never before seen stages of exhaustion took over in the last year and a half.  So the snooze button has played a much bigger role in the daily routine.  Confession – I hate it.  A few months ago I kindly asked him to change his alarm ringtone to one that I could bear if I was going to have to hear it multiple times throughout the 4am hour everyday.  Well he did.  So now my nightly sleep pattern is interrupted by the pleasant drumming of “church bells.”  Yes really.  But between you and me, it sounds like a damn doorbell ringing over and over again.  So much so that I perch up at the second it goes off in fear that someone is ringing our tiny little doorbell in the middle of the night trying to break in to our apartment at such an unruly hour.  Then after a few seconds I am reminded that its my dear husband’s wake-up call.  Hey – if waking up to church bells helps start his morning off on the right foot then I am all for it.  Anything to help make his day a little more pleasant.  And I do mean that.  But I always thought the beauty of church bells is that they ring once for about a minute on Sunday morning and then don’t ring again until the the next Sunday morning…

Unfortunately not in our case.

I am not a totally sound sleeper.  And I think I still am not really used to Mr. Dr.’s crazy schedule and weird hours because it is always changing.  One constant though is that whether those bells go off at 4am, 5am or 6am he still wakes up early.  That means so do I.  I usually fall back asleep fairly quickly after he departs and feel a slight twinge of excitement knowing I have a couple more hours of shut-eye to get but occasionally I am left restless.  I wonder if I will ever become comfortable enough with it that I won’t be affected.  Somehow I don’t think so.  I guess for now, I will just try my very best to not let my evil twin get too angered when SnoozerMcSnoozerton presses that church bell button every 5 minutes for what feels like eternity.  After all, no matter how restless it makes me I have to remember how coveted those extra few minutes of sleep can be for my Mr. Dr.

Patients Is A Virtue

Residency tries my patience.  In so many ways.  Fortunately, I think over the last few years my patience levels have risen.  I used to have a fairly short circuit and between you and me probably demanded more than I should have.  But over the years I learned that having that mentality was going to get more nowhere.  My patience levels rose and I started finding some peace with things that I wouldn’t normally have been able to be at ease with.  This was primarily due to sanity maintenance.  I was often left with no choice but to just take some deep breaths instead of completely and utterly losing my mind.

I mean how did the word patience even originate?  Do you think it’s coincidence that it is pronounced exactly like patients?  Um I don’t.  I look at it like this: patients can make doctors go crazy and get frustrated one day and then the next make them feel complete reward and happiness.  Well doctors in residency can make their wives go crazy and get frustrated one day and then the next make them feel complete reward and happiness.  I think its obvious that a doctor’s wife coined the term patience.  Now if only we had enough of it.

The crazy part about being married to a resident is that just when you think you are in a good place and have developed just the right level of patience needed to get you through the tough times, it hits you like a pile of bricks that you actually…don’t.  And I find myself wondering if I will ever, ever develop what it takes to get through these years without having my liver totally fail on me from excessive alcohol consumption.  Or my mind fail on me for being in a constant fragile state.  Or my heart fail on me for getting broken every time I see Mr. Dr. barely able to stand up from his long days of work.  Or my emotions fail on me because some days all I want is to get in the car and drive over to my parents’ house for a hug but then I remember I am 3 hours away.  Mr. Dr. has to have patience everyday to deal with his whirlwind of days and his crazy patients and well everything having to do with this hospital.  So why can’t I?  Why can’t I just have a pouch of patience sitting in my left rib cage, and whenever I needed a dose I could just have Mr. Dr. go in, pull some out, then close me back up and we could be on our merry way.  That would be too easy.

I guess for now I will keep searching for that extra bit I need to help keep me somewhat sane.  After all patience is a virtue.  But this is an open invitation…if you have any extra you want to throw my way I’d be more than happy to accept your generosity.


Weekend Bliss

Wine, liquor or beer.  What will be your drink of choice this weekend?  I may take a sip of all three before the clock strikes 11pm on Sunday night.  You know I don’t discriminate against many adult beverages.  Besides I live in New York City.  Taxis are always available to enjoy the pleasure of my tipsy company.  And I’m a late 20s girl with a husband that works more hours than an overseas sweatshop employee working a double.  Even if his social life is not up to par it doesn’t mean mine has to suffer.  So now that I got that off my chest…here could be my potential plan.

Perhaps tonight I will choose to indulge in a vodka cocktail (flavor and style tbd) to kick off the weekend.  Maybe cranberry and vodka so that I get my appropriate dose of fruit in for the day.  Then tomorrow I can have a soothing afternoon glass of wine.  Maybe a nice hearty glass of red so that I get my “its good for the heart” fix in.  On Sunday during football I could enjoy a cold, crisp Coors Light from the local bar downstairs on the corner.  Maybe that would give me just the silver bullet kick that I need to tackle my weekend to-do list.  There is a prime opportunity for all it seems.  I am a lucky girl.  I just hope this doesn’t steer me away from the it-will-creep-up-on-you-so-do-it-before-its-too-late holiday shopping that is still lingering.  But there is allllways time for a cocktail.  And when there isn’t we make time :)

Happy Cocktail Friday!


We Interrupt This Program For…Reindeer & Santa

In December, the land of TV takes a nice little break in regularly scheduled programming and shifts into holiday favorites.  As a kid I loved this.  Now that I am older sans kids I actually find myself slightly annoyed that my shows are on hiatus for a few weeks.  I am sure that will change when we one day have little tikes running around.  For now though I will cozy up on the couch in sweats and pretend I’m 7 yrs old again.  Only I will probably be sitting with a glass of red instead of next to my siblings.  And I am sure Mr. Dr. will be home late so I’ll just save him a seat next to me whenever he gets in.

One of my favorites when I was little was definitely Rudolph.  He is just the cutest little deer in this flick.  And that blinking nose.  Genius animation for its time and for the leader of Santa’s sleigh.

Another favorite of mine was Miracle on 34th Street.   The classic remake from 1994 was the best.  That little cutie Mara gave a star performance and she really stole the show with her adorable love for Mr. Kringle.

Another one we liked to watch growing up was Prancer.  This one is not quite as popular as the others but still a great feel good holiday movie.  I definitely thought that Prancer was a real living animal after watching this one.

Hmm.  My mom loves reindeer.  Coincidence that we watched a lot of reindeer movies growing up?  Maybe.  Good work mom.  I guess that also explains the bells we heard every Christmas Eve ever so slightly as we were falling asleep.  You know…the “bells on the collars of the reindeer” as they were flying over our house to make sure we were all fast asleep before they stopped on top of the house to drop off our gifts of course.

What’s your favorite holiday movie?