Confessions Wednesday


I am linking up again with Mrs. Bear from Think Happy Thoughts for Confessions Wednesday.  I had a lot of fun confessing my sins last week.  Except my confessions were pretty nice so I don’t think you can really call them sins.  More just thoughts.  OK so I had a lot of fun confessing my thoughts.  I will try to be a little more…sinnish this time.  Here it goes:

1.  I confess that I took a pair of Mr. Dr.’s dress pants back to the store last week and told them that they mysteriously ripped and demanded a new pair due to bad quality.  The reaaaal story is that he got them caught on a door handle and it pulled the seam apart slightly.  Well this store is so great that I actually sounded like the moron because they gave me a brand new pair without hesitation.  That is what I call great customer service…and a sad wife moment.  Although the second part of this confession is that Mr. Dr. was there when I had this moment…and let me do it.  Hmm.  Thanks for the support honey.

2.  I confess that last night I made dinner.  No that’s not the confession although it is a feat.  While I was making it a couple pieces of spinach fell on the kitchen floor as I was throwing them in the pan to saute.  I thought twice and said in my head…trash or pretend it didn’t happen?  I chose the latter.  So I confess we ate spinach that had fallen on the dirty kitchen floor.  But I cooked the crap out of it so it’s OK…right?  Sorry honey…you don’t know this confession.

3.  I confess that I have been really bad with friend phone dates.  I love catching up with my girl friends from home and I have just been plain bad at it…for too many months now.  I will try to make more of an effort.  Sometimes the wine, words with friends and TV steal my heart for the night and I just can’t help it.  Friends – I still love you.

4.  I confess that I am so in love with the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows on ABC.  It is such a guilty pleasure but I yearn for it every Monday night.  The second part of this confession needs to be that I  have gotten Mr. Dr. into it too.  I have convinced him it’s the most entertaining show.  I even bribed him to watch it with me in the beginning by telling him that crazy girls just run around in their bathing suits all day at a mansion in LA.

Wooo!  Glad I got those off my chest today.

A Little Reminisce

I found myself sitting in front of the TV recently with nothing to watch.  This is rare as my DVR list is usually busting at the screen seams.  I flipped on The Carrie Diaries which is a new series on the CW.  It takes us back to the teenage years of Carrie Bradshaw and how she gets her debut working in Manhattan.  Thus, she begins falling head over heels with the Big Apple and so starts her love affair with NYC.  The actress is super cute but the show itself…eh…I probably won’t be adding it to the DVR list.

Anyway, while watching I began reminiscing about my our move to good ol NYC.  Please note: although lengthy, the below is in fact all true.

It was a hot sunny day in August.  August 2007.  We had an amazing July that summer backpacking across Europe for a couple of weeks before our big move.  It felt surreal to pack up the car and drive a one-way ride up the NJ Turnpike.  We got to the part of the ride where you can see the Manhattan skyline and I remember feeling so excited about our new adventure together.  I used to visit NYC and think I could never live here.  Like didn’t really have the balls to make the move.  Well fate took its course for Mr. Dr. and his medical school selection happened to be in the glamorous city of NYC so he was a shoe-in.  Me?  I said no long distance while in med school so looks like we are moving in together.  Mr. Dr. was starting med school, we were moving to one of the greatest cities in America and I…had NO JOB.

View from our apartment

View from one of our first apartments together

Um newsflash.  Do move up to NYC with a job lined up if at all possible.  Seriously.  What was I thinking??  I don’t think I was.  I didn’t even have interviews lined up.  I was living vicariously through my boyfriend who we were essentially moving to NYC for and I was simply enjoying the excitement of my dream to always move to NYC.  But he had a plan.  A plan which included going to 4 years of school, become a Doctor, then go to residency and eventually become a practicing physician.  Me?  The closest thing I had to a plan was walking to Bed Bath & Beyond to begin decorating our mini studio because we had nothing except a stand with a TV and a bed which thankfully were left in the apartment as part of our lease agreement.

I dipped into my savings account for the first month of rent and our security deposit because NYC apartments are so expensive and the money you have to have upfront to get one is insane.  Mr. Dr.’s loans hadn’t kicked in yet so we were literally living out of my savings account.  I started to secretly panic…or I thought I was being secretive about it.  I was applying up the wazoo to jobs and even begged a local boutique to give me a part time job so I had some source of income.  My pleading must have been too desperate because I did not get hired.  So as you may have guessed, happy hour in the apartment started occurring earlier and earlier.  As my sorrows from the job search got deeper so did the timing of happy hour and the wine was getting uncorked at 4pm instead of 5pm.

One afternoon a few weeks into our big move, Mr. Dr. got home from school early and saw me in a pretty rough state.  I was watching Oprah with tears in my eyes on my 3rd glass of red.  I will never forget this moment.  He looked at me and snapped…in the sweetest way possible.  It really was sweet.  He could feel my discouragement.  He knew I was trying…sort of.  So he sat down at the computer and proceeded to sign me up and build a profile for me on literally every babysitting/nanny website he could find on the web.  I had babysat my whole life even through college so I had the experience.  Why didn’t I think of this?  Why didn’t I think to do this?  Had I gotten so fixated on finding a corporate job that I forgot NYC was a place where nannies can make more money than entry level salaries?

You know how people say that things just “work out” when you least expect it?  That fate has a way of working itself into your life and helps you in ways that when you look back on it you say…did that really happen?  Well the next day my life took a turn and I found myself looking back a month later saying…did this all really happen?  And even now I look back and say the same thing.

I got an email from a dad who had seen my profile on one of the nanny websites.  Normally, some may think it’s creepy to have a dad contact you about caring for their children from finding you online.  But this man seemed normal, kind and professional.  I went to meet the kids and the mom that night.  We clicked.  Not only did we click…I babysat part time for this family every week for the first 3 years that I lived here.  They became the family I didn’t have in NYC that I was so happy to be a part of.  They have since moved to California but we are still so close.  Mr. Dr. and I stayed with them when we went to visit LA and we of course try to catch up with them when they come back to visit NYC.  I do believe fate brought this family and I together.  What if Mr. Dr. didn’t see me that one sad afternoon?  What if they had found another sitter before me?  What if, what if.

After a couple of weeks of part time babysitting I landed a great 9-5er completely on my own.  And it was the perfect fit.  I worked in a department with 4 other girls my age.  We clicked.  Just like my NYC family, we just clicked.  Things were falling into place and I was coming into my own.  Finally.  I had sighs of great relief that winter as I realized how lucky I was to have a boyfriend who cared too much to see me fail, a new network of friends that I loved, a full time job AND a part time job and an awesome family to go see once a week.

I guess we all have to come into our own at some point.  It’s inevitable if we want to continue to grow and live happily.  Although I hit a rough patch I am proud of all I have accomplished thus far in this city.  Who doesn’t have rough patches!?  It was a mini speed bump that turned into a twist of fate in so many ways that has led to where I am today.  And thank goodness for that boyfriend from 2007 turned husband in 2011.  If it weren’t for him snapping me back into reality that disheartening afternoon, who knows where we would be.  I sure am glad I snatched that guy up forever. :)

Wedding Alter Photo

Did we really just say I do? :)

Wined Up With Bottoms Up

Wine?  Yes please.  As I have gotten older I enjoy my wine almost nightly.  Whether its with dinner, sufficing as a way to take the edge off from my day or a night out with my girl friends to catch up.  I love a good light white in the summer and there is nothing more cozy than a full bodied red in the winter.  Thanks to the worldwide web we now have a plethora of craft ideas related to wine, corks and the like to keep us busy and entertained.  Mr. Dr. and I received a beautifully initialed hurricane vase for our wedding (thanks LC) and have since filled it with corks galore.  I even took it to the next level and wrote the date and event on certain ones from special occasions.  I can’t wait to turn the vase over in a few years, find them in the cork mix and relive those moments.  That is probably one of the easiest cork projects because all you have to do is finish the bottle of wine, grab a pen and then throw the cork in a vase.  But there are a lot of DIY tutorials out there.  And if I may, I say leave the real crafty projects to the experts.  Joy from BottomsUpCrafts is my go-to wine-o handywoman.  From ornaments to bulletin boards she creates some of the most fun housewares that can be a treat for yourself or a fabulous unique gift.  The serving tray shown here has been a great addition to our living room and an eye-catching accessory that sits comfortably on our end table because it is simply too cute to keep in the kitchen cabinet.

wine serving tray

She will also customize something special if you have one of those “I thought of this after a few glasses of wine…” ideas upon a simple request.  I recently purchased a couple of these trivets as a gift for my sister who has a wine theme in her kitchen and they were absolutely perfect.  BottomsUpCrafts is the crafty cork expert I wish I was and I will certainly be gifting some more of these products in 2013.  It’s the new kid on the block since it just opened up on Etsy a few months ago so be sure to check it out here.  You will notice that she even has products for the beer lover.  An affordable one-stop shop with a name as cute as it’s products.  For people out there like myself who appreciate an idea derived from enjoying a relaxing glass of wine or a refreshing bottle of beer, BottomsUpCrafts can make your vision come to life.

Happy Cocktail Friday!

Confessions Wednesday

I am excited to be linking up with Mrs. Bear from Think Happy Thoughts today for the Confessions Wednesday link-up party.  I know I have probably umteen million confessions I could write about but I will try and stick to the main front runners in order to not bore anyone today.

1.  I confess I have felt spoiled in the last two weeks.  Mr. Dr.’s hours have been…bearable.   So bearable that I find myself eating dinner with him every night before 9pm.  Key words are with him and 9pm.  This is amazing and hasn’t happened for a week straight in so long (minus the week of vacation where we ate out nightly and it was so early that the seniors were still dining and it was just turning dark outside).

2.  I confess that the above confession actually gives me anxiety because I know that it is only a matter of time before I lose him for days straight.  Ah…just breathe.

3.  I confess that I am ecstatic that the Baltimore Ravens are heading to NOLA for the superbowl and that the Dr. Showdown went in my favor!  Go Ravens!  Hmmm…is it really a confession if I am not so secret about it?  Eh why not.

4.  I confess that I feel bad about the man who operates the coffee street vendor cart on my walk to work.  Since getting a Keurig for Christmas I have been bringing my coffee to work everyday instead of stopping by him to pick it up in the morning.  His coffee is not the best but when you see someone everyday you develop a relationship.  Yes he was a bit creepy and told me how beautiful I looked everyday and that he couldn’t believe his wife was pregnant again…but the coffee was cheap, we exchanged kind words to each other every morning and well…what girl doesn’t like getting told their beautiful even if it is from a coffee vendor?  Anyway I feel bad because I don’t have the heart to stop by and tell him I now bring my own coffee to work.  Maybe one day a week I will switch it up and stop in to see him just to rekindle the connection and suffer through a sub par cup of coffee.   He is a nice man.

Confessioning…so therapeutic, so easy and it feels so good.

Globes Grammies And Oscars Oh My

Award season is officially underway.  It kicked off with the Globes made of gold just over a week ago and now we anxiously await the curtain to open for our friends Grammy and Oscar.  The only other one I might watch in between would be the Screen Actor’s Guild but don’t hold me to it.  People say the Globes sometimes foreshadow the results of the Academy Awards but I think it all just comes down to who slept with who in Hollywood when all the movies were released at the end of the year.

Regardless, there are three things that remain pretty constant for me every year.

1. I swoon over the fashion like I do when I window shop past Chanel.  Always a surprise and the selection keeps me on my toes.  Just when I think I’m going to see bright colors the red carpet is filled with reds, neutrals and blacks like it was at the Globes this year.  The plunging necklines, the cutout midsections and the effortlessly chic looks from the stars got me so amped up to see what the red carpet will bring for the rest of award season.  I am filled with suspense and satisfaction as I thought almost every look I saw at the Globes was close to perfection.

Globes fashion

2. I anxiously await for the camera to find Leo  Always my best male dressed.  Always my favorite since Titanic.  I mean a guy that still looks unbelievably handsome white as a ghost trembling in freezing water will always have my vote.  I love that he walks almost all the red carpets solo because he’s too good for a girlfriend and that almost all the movies he stars in knock it out of the park.  The fact that he became the image for Tag Heuer watches may or may not have been the reason I got one for Mr. Dr. on his 30th birthday.  This guy is a stud who is aging with perfection and a whole lot of handsome.


3. Seeing the hosts, recipients and presenters getting progressively more tipsier throughout the duration of each show never fails to give me a chuckle.  You can always tell who and when they have had too much champagne (hey sometimes they even tell us in the speech).  Maybe they weren’t expecting the win so they wanted to enjoy the party?  Maybe they were expecting the win and were nervous about the speech?  Or maybe in the case of the hosts, they can get away with saying whatever they want because people will laugh so why not keep the bubbles flowing?  Whatever it is, I find it all highly entertaining.

Tina & Amy

Will Ms. Gaga show up on the Grammy red carpet in another gigantic egg?  Will Argo pull away with the Best Picture Oscar as it did at the Globes?  We will soon find out.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store.  I will most certainly be watching.  Will you?

Straight Up Hot & Dirty

Three things I love.  A good martini straight up.  Hot weather or in this case some hotness (only occasionally) to my palette.  And a damn good dirty style drink.  I’m not so prim and proper as I’m sure you have caught onto even though I love a good fashion trend, my MAC makeup and giving my blonde locks a good blowout.  My style of writing isn’t exactly prim and proper and neither is my choice of adult beverages.  I like beer in a red solo cup as much as I like my vodka in a martini glass.  I like being honest and absolutely blunt with my blog as much as I like getting ready for work half naked in the morning because it’s just more comfortable without clothes on.  So this below drink that I recently indulged in is the perfect fit for my personality, style of cocktail preference and just overall appreciation for a good martini…and a good laugh.  Warning: the below contains inappropriate content.

Please meet the Hot & Dirty with a side of olive pepper sperm-ite.  Coincidence dirty is in the name?  I think not.

Hot & Dirty

Hot & Dirty at Liquid Assets in Ocean City, MD

Hot & Dirty at Liquid Assets in Ocean City, MD

-Generous Amount of Chopin Potato Vodka
-3 Splashes of Spicy Jalapeno Juice
-Garnish with a Pepper Stuffed Olive (if you find one that looks like that it’s a bonus)
-Besides the obvious joke I have completely laughed out loud over with the look of this martini’s garnish, it is all it cracks up to be.  A little hot and a little dirty.  The spicy jalapeno juice is a nice twist on the classic dirty, olive juice made, martini.  It is spicy, strong and I thoroughly enjoyed every sip.  But be careful…one is every bit satisfying but two may be a little too intense with the bursting-at-the-seams flavor.  Wear your protection while drinking this hot & dirty treat.

No I did not implant this pepper olive myself to make for a good laugh.  I received this drink as shown above and had a freaking field day with it.  Of course I have seen pepper stuffed olives but usually they are stuffed completely inside sans tail.  Or if they are with a tail they are not “swimming” in my cocktail.  You know it’s true!  This is as good a sperm impersonation as I have ever seen and I can honestly say of all the times I have drank a dirty martini I have never thought of the other meaning of “dirty” until I sipped on this one.  How could I not?  Maybe it’s a sick minds appreciate it kind of thing but I laughed with my family and of course my Mr. Dr. for a good while about this one.  Best part and bottom line:  it was such a great tasting cocktail.  Keep your minds out of the gutter (or in for more laughs) and of course…

Happy Cocktail Friday!

A Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Showdown

Ravens Vs Patriots

This weekend my dear husband and I will be having a showdown.  Being from Baltimore I am a Ravens fan and being from Massachusetts he is a Patriots fan.  The football game stars all have to align in a perfect sequence of wins and losses  in order for our two beloved teams to face each other in the playoffs and it has happened for the 2nd year in a row.  Last year my Ravens were mere seconds away from tying the game and sending it into overtime until our field goal kicker missed the game-tying clincher.  But this year…I predict no such ending.  No this year our Ravens want revenge and are prepared to give it’s fans an ending we won’t forget.  An ending that follows with purple balloons being released into the air and confetti traveling all the way down South to New Orleans for Superbowl 2013.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe.  But we have…

Ray Lewis

The One The Only Linebacker Ray Lewis

Oh but wait…the Patriots have…

Tom Brady

The One The Only Quarterback Tom Brady

Two undeniably superb leaders…but only one can take his team to victory.  So as much as I want an easy win for my Ravens I must admit that as per usual with this match up, Mr. Dr. and I will most likely be sitting on the edge of our couch glued to the TV, latched tightly to our beers and waiting anxiously for those final minutes of the game to be over and a deserving winner declared.  No doubt about it, this game is going to be a nail biter.  So to Mr. Dr. and all my other fellow Patriot fans out there…in the honor of sportsmanship…good luck.  But just remember one thing.  While your quarterback was filming UGG commercials and signing deals to be a merchandise spokesperson, our linebacker, the greatest of his era, was training…training hard to take his team to the Superbowl.

May the best team win!

Wasting Away Again In Vacationville

Why is it always so hard to get back into the swing of things after a great vacation?  One one hand, you feel relaxed and ready to conquer the world because you are on that high of rejuvenation.  On the other, you think to yourself…too short, don’t have enough of this and I could get used to a relaxed life 24/7.  The first makes it easy to come back to work and daily life.  You think your brain is cleared and for a wee bit of time you may even falsely convince yourself that you can maintain this positive energy forever.  The latter, and in my case, more true thinking makes it harder for me to get back in the saddle.  I get a serious case of the Sundays right before I know I have to get up the next morning, head back into work and probably not see Mr. Dr.’s face for a few days.

That’s the tough part about time off.  We look forward to time off so much that we almost hit overboard waiting for it, and then the complete opposite feeling of dreading what’s to come after it’s over hits us like a pile of bricks.  Sure once you get back into the swing of things, life gets back to “normal.”  But I have to believe I am not alone when I say that experiencing 3 extreme emotions surrounding your time off can be tough – extreme anticipation leading up to vacation, complete and utter serenity and happiness while on it and then extreme “noooo it can’t be over already” ho-humness when it’s over.  I even tried to have a “get in the zen zone” moment driving back into the city upon our return from our time off.  It worked for all of about 2 minutes while I was attempting to zen, then a cab driver slammed on his brakes, so did we and the moment was killed with a slight twinge of whiplash.  Thank you NYC for always welcoming us back with a bang.  I guess it could be worse.

Relaxed Ice Cream So here I am, after a week of being back into “normal” life and well it’s not that bad.  And while it’s not always easy diving back in to the routine in some ways it is the only thing we can do to keep ourselves plugging along.  After all just like residency has taught me, nowadays it is the little things I usually appreciate most…like discovering a new martini recipe.  Will share with you soon ;)

Mommas Deserve Martinis Too

I guess this only applies to those mommies out there who can stay awake long enough to treat themselves.  My sleepless nights are caused by a husband who comes and goes at the oddest of hours or the sound of construction outside of our window in the wee morning hours as opposed to little ones crawling around.  But everyone and especially sleep-deprived mommies deserve to treat themselves to a cocktail every once in a while.  You may feel too tired to even pick up the glass to sip but I came across just the right incentive to help peak the thirsty appetite.

Mommy Deserves a Martini

If your child is telling you that you need a martini and they can’t even speak yet then you know you owe yourself :)  I can picture it now…screaming baby grabs the bottle of milk and feels instant gratification, while mommy reaches for her bottle…of vodka…and also feels instant gratification.  Seriously though.  How cute are these adorable onesies that are available here?  This would make such a sweet gift for a new mom.  Hint hint for the future my friends…after Mr. and Mrs. Dr. pop out a baby I might need a whole box of these.  In fact, I might not put a child in any other clothing.

So if you do want to snatch up a couple of these for your mom friends, family or even yourself head over to Etsy.  It comes in multiple colors and sizes, and just for being loyal fans of Mrs. Dr. enter freeshippingmoki at checkout for free shipping on your order courtesy of Bully Design Company.  They specialize in fun baby clothes and customize some of the wittiest, cutest designs for the little ones.  Be sure to stop by their shop and check them out.  Happy shopping mommas and…

Happy Cocktail Friday!

Adult Ortho Rotation At HJD = Done

For the last two months Mr. Dr. has been on an adult orthopedic rotation that specializes mostly in joint replacements at NYU’s main ortho hospital.  And now that it’s over guess what?  We are halfway done 2nd year!  Another rotation under the belts and one step closer.  Over the past two months there has been ups and there have been downs…gosh I think I find myself saying those exact words at the end of every rotation.  There have been unexpected 23 hour days followed by an hour nap and another 16 hours of work.  There have been consecutive weeks of work that were just way too many hours to count.  There has been sadness over him having to work on Thanksgiving.  There has been joy over him being off on Christmas.  There has been anticipated excitement to get to the end of the rotation so that we could both enjoy a week of vacation and time off from our busy lives and undoubtedly spend some great quality time with each other.  Here are some conclusions and other observations from the last two months:

-Although Mr. Dr. has had some tired eyes, his hair has been looking remarkably fresh and full. He has been going to a new place to get cut and I’ll be damned if the name of the venue doesn’t say it all – Magnifique.
-Winter in NYC means lots of cold walks around town for Mrs. Dr.
-Just because your husband is a doctor does not mean he will prescribe you medicine.  Three weeks of coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose and even the development of pink eye didn’t do the trick.  All I get is tough love when I become the patient, and a “You’re fine you just need to rest. It will go away soon.”  Blah.
-Mr. Dr. got to be a part of some pretty neat surgeries but barely any sleep may or may not have led to him dosing off for a second in the middle of the OR…shhhh.
-Hurricanes have the ability to greatly affect the inner workings of a hospital, including those who work there.

Oh and having a week off together was just what the doctor ordered to kick off 2013.  I feel like you never know how much you really need it until its over.  But that’s it for now.  I am sure this next rotation will bring more glorious challenges and excitement.  Onto the next.

Ortho Hip Cartoon