One Year Down In Our Love Nest

One year ago this week we moved into our current apartment.  And in order to get it, we took a big risk.  We broke our lease at the time with no tenant set up to take over, applied for a new apartment and if it didn’t work out would have been stuck with two rent payments for 3 months.  We were acting…crazy.  It’s very unlike Mr. Dr. to allow this type of behavior but I was convincing and I wholeheartedly believed it was destined to be our new home.  We did all we could to make the stars align to get this apartment: the price was right, the location was right and the place felt like a real home the minute I walked in.  Our little nest is bright, welcoming and the most spacious for us so far (I know that’s not saying a lot but it means a lot).

Our Home

The Living Room of Our Home

I still can’t believe it’s ours.  But with every risk comes a story so here is ours.  Secret.  I sneakily scouted this apartment with Mr. Dr. having no clue.  We had talked tipsily discussed trying to get out of our apartment at the time.  Um I think we had one brief conversation over drinks and that’s it.  But breaking a lease here is not a great idea because you get stuck with the rent until the lease is up unless you find someone to resign a new lease or sublet (which not all apartments even allow).  The management companies don’t search hard for a new tenant because they know you are on the hook for rent until your term is done so you have to work your butt off to try to find someone.  So we pretty much ruled it out and chalked it up to just a nice passing thought.  Well Mr. Dr. did.  Mrs. Dr. thrives on a challenge and so I started my engines and began my mission.

Things were a little rough.  I was having a difficult time.  Ironic because we were newlyweds which was awesome.  But then all of the sudden it was intern year of residency, I was switching jobs, I had serious lack of time with Mr. Dr. on regular days (and holidays) and then on top of that we were living in an apartment that could have been mistaken for a basement most of the day it was so dark.  I constantly felt claustrophobic.  I feel bad downing it because it really was a cute little apartment in a great central spot and we got a great deal on it.  Overall, I just knew it wasn’t the place for us.  At the time, we made it work but it was small and cramped and had two little windows that didn’t give much light.

Our bedroom window was tucked away on the side of one of the building’s alcoves.  The pro was that it was super duper quiet which in NYC is a luxury.  The con was that I used to wake up to pigeons fighting on my outside window sill.  I’m not kidding.  First off, I hate pigeons and these ones were pecking at each other constantly.  I initially thought they were trying to makeout which would have been fine.  I don’t mind some featherly love.  Everyone has needs.  I even thought maybe we could become friends.  You know…they could be someone for me to talk to in my times of need.  But then when I saw one push the other off of his corner on the sill I freaked out and realized these were no normal pigeons.  These were angry pigeons.  So rather than pleasant little bluebirds chirping away in the morning to help me arise, I was having stare downs with angry, bitter pigeons that thought us tenants were simply intruders on their turf.  I quickly learned these weren’t my windows, these windows belonged to the creepy-eyed featherfucks that resided outside.

Add angry pigeons to an already dungeonesque living space to the recipe of an overly emotional female newlywed adjusting to residency and let me tell you…things were not pretty.  I had to get out.  Staying was not an option.  So I made some moves…sneakily.  I searched around online.  It was winter so the marketplace was quiet but all it takes…is one.  I saw the listing.  I called the number.  I saw the apartment that night.  I loved it.  I came home after seeing it and wrote “Our Future Apartment” on the top of the brochure and sat it on the coffee table for Mr. Dr. to see when he arrived home.  Naturally, he said I was crazy.  I told him I was determined.  He went and saw the apartment the next day.  He loved it.  We had to have it.  We concluded too many things would have to fall into place in order for it to happen.  We needed the right move-in date, we had to find new tenants, if we didn’t we were going to get stuck with double rent for months, we had to get approved by a condo board, we had to negotiate a price and we had to work out a budget and a plan to make it all work before someone took our future apartment.  Apartments go like hotcakes in this city.  It just wasn’t feasible.  But.I.was.determined.  I knew it the minute I saw it.  So…

We worked out a budget and a plan.  We negotiated the price.  We found new tenants to take over the lease at exactly the right month to have no double rent.  We got approved by the board.  The move-in date was perfect.  The plan worked.  it wasn’t easy but we did it.  And it was such a great feeling of accomplishment.

I cannot believe how fast the last year has gone but we signed a 2 year lease and I could not be happier we did.  #1 Because I love our apartment.  #2 Because we don’t have to move AGAIN for at least another full year.  I don’t know which reason holds a higher place in my standings.  All I know is that I’m happy we found a nice little love nest (sans pigeons) to call home…for now.

That’s All She Wrote

After last night’s Oscars, the curtains and carpets have officially come to a close.  I’m bummed that another award season has come and gone.  I feel like it was just yesterday I wrote about the Globes kicking it off.  The fashion, the stars, the red carpets, the performances, the surprises, the hosts, the drunken commentary and the acceptance speeches are all on hold again until January 2014.  I’m happy that just as of a recent Mr. Dr. and I were able to catch some of the star-studded flicks that got recognized at The Oscars last night.

In general, I felt like Seth MacFarlane was trying a little too hard, and I know he doesn’t write the host’s script but the entertainment and jokes have gotten a little out of control.  They have become way beyond inappropriate and frankly, a little over the top.  I’m all about having fun and I think it’s great to keep things light and have a good laugh.  But there is a disconnect for me when there are people winning the most prestigious award for their line of work while 2 minutes prior to the acceptance speech we are listening to the host sing a song called “We Saw Your Boobs” and he is giving shout-outs to every actress who has shown her boobs in a movie.  There were also a lot of drug references.  I mean I know its not a mystery that everyone in Hollywood does drugs and it’s probably true that most acceptance speeches would include drug dealers if it was culturally acceptable.  But can’t we just leave it out all together while the sweet, innocent 12 yr olds are watching across the country?  It’s bad enough that 9 yr old Little Q, best-actress nominee had to be exposed to it at such a young age while sitting in the front row.  Mommy what’s that white powder on that sock’s nose and what does the word cocaine mean?  Ugh.

So glad Argo won - great flick. photo via.

So glad Argo won – great flick. photo via.

But of course the best part is the red carpet and the fashion that comes along with it.  I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I DVRed every pre-show for every award show this season, listened to every interview, studied every outfit and literally swooned over Bradley Cooper this year.  Dare I say that he is moving up into my top 3 category next to Leo?  A tall order but that Bradley is one tall glass of water and just what the Doctor ordered for this chick who was sitting on the couch alone with a glass of wine wanting to jump through the TV screen and onto his bones.  Tailored to perfection last night with mom on arm, he was hot.

The ladies showed some serious skin, sparkle and sex appeal this year.  My favorite best-dressed Oscar gals were by far Naomi Watts, Zoe Saldana and Sandra Bullock.  Sandra may come as a surprise but her smoking bod looked absolutely stunning in that sophisticated dress with just the right amount of sheer overlay.  Zoe looked breathtaking.  That embellishment above the waste and peek of gray underlay on the bottom was perfection and the dress fit her like a glove.  There was a lot of white on the carpet this year but she took the cake for me.  Although Charlize certainly gave her a run for the money.  Naomi Watts was a breath of fresh air with her shimmering hot dress.  I loved everything about it – the shape, the fit, the color, the sparkle and the unique neckline looked incredible on her.  Her soft updo made it for me as it completely balanced the total look.  She was my fave.

Overall I expected a bit more from the bride-to-be, Jennifer Aniston.  I expected simple hair as usual but the dress was a bit too princessesque for me.  I think she has one of the best figures in Hollywood so I fully support her flaunting it.  Kristen Stewart was another dud for me.  And she was a hot mess on stage presenting.  Am I alone in thinking she looked so uncomfortable?  I don’t know what was going on there but perhaps it was because her dress and hair was a last minute decision gone bad.

So the curtains have closed on the major red carpets.  Overall, I think the fashion was fun this year.  Lots of embellishments and a mix of black, white/pale colors and then pops of red to change it up.  I thought the award shows themselves were just OK.  The Grammies had some great performances but other than that I felt it was a pretty lackluster year in terms of entertainment.  We will just have to wait and see what next year brings us. In the meantime, you can count on me to watch every single Bradley Cooper movie made in the last 5 years.  He is so dreamy.  Even with slicked back hair.

A Cocktail For Cupid

In keeping with last week’s theme for the XOXO holiday, I am showcasing a cupid colored cocktail that my mom and I enjoyed last weekend.  My parents came to visit and we had the best time.  It was the first time my dad was seeing our new (not really since it’s been almost a year) apartment and I was so excited for them to stay with us.  We ice skated, we ate, we drank, we ate and drank some more, and we walked all over town for two straight days.  Here are some of the highlights from their trip.

A proper beginning with Dad's famous Bloody Mary's in the apartment upon arrival

A proper beginning with Dad’s famous Bloody Mary’s in the apartment upon arrival

Union Square Market

Union Square Market

Ice Skating in Bryant Park...I will spare everyone from the video :)

Ice Skating in Bryant Park…I will spare everyone from the video :)

Mai Tais, Mojitos and Whiskey Barrels at the Tommy Bahama bar

Mai Tais, Mojitos and Whiskey Barrels at the Tommy Bahama bar

 I wish they were coming back this weekend.  Sigh.  

Anyway, I first invented this cupid cocktail creation while I was watching Live From the Red Carpet and the Grammys.  I don’t have a name for it but it was quite delightful and I would recommend to those who like a champagne cocktail.  If you read my Purple Friday post then you might know I have some Chambord lying around the place.  So I got creative.  I thought it would be neat to sit my drink next to my engraved cork-filled hurricane vase I was telling you about a few weeks ago so you could check it out.  Isn’t it cool?  And yes that silver thing in the middle is actually a crab wine stopper.  It came with the hurricane vase as a gift and not only is it super cute, I think it completes the look.  Anyway onto the drink.

Pink Champagne Cocktail

-Generous amount of Prosecco/Champagne
-2 Splashes of Vodka
-1 Splash of Chambord
-Garnish with a Rasberry
-Notes:  It’s not weak ladies and gents.  But it’s tasty.  So if you are the type who gets tipsy off of one glass of wine then substitute the Chambord with Cranberry Juice.  That is what my mom and I did this past weekend and it was fantastic.  While the boys napped, we sipped and had girl time.

Happy Cocktail Friday and Cheers to a great weekend!

Air Force None

Having a great weekend always makes Monday tough.  Especially when your company doesn’t honor President’s Day as a paid holiday.  The joys of retail.  I guess it won’t come as a surprise that we don’t honor MLK either.  Who cares if he had a dream?  Well I do but one little blonde voice can’t dictate what a major retail company chooses to honor and not honor.  And our Presidents?  Who cares that there are men out there whose job it is to run a country for 4 years?  Well I do but once again I am just one little gal who wants to salute Washington, Franklin and Lincoln for a job well done…sort of.  And a girl who would like to selfishly have off all of these extra days during the year because its nice to have a break once in a while.  It’s days like these I wonder why I didn’t go the teacher route.  Working 180 days out of the year sounds much more appealing to me at this point in my life.

While I realize being President of the USA is a well-respected and quite noble profession with years and years of dedicated hard work that led to them achieving this stature, why did someone think it was such a great idea to create a federal holiday for it?  Our Presidents get a private jet, teams of security, a full house staff including chefs and maids, over 6 weeks of vacation and a house that is 55,000 square feet.  Just to give you some perspective, that is 85 times the size of the apartment which Mr. Dr. and I reside.  Oh and I forgot to mention the $400,000 annual salary and an additional expense account for travel and leisure that is well over $100,000 a year.  Well I guess then I also have to add in the fact that restaurants will shut down their venue for the night if the President wants to eat out there.  Screw that reservation you made 4 weeks ago for that special occasion.  Oh and last year when the President was in town for a conference, I would say about 5 miles worth of roads and sidewalks were closed at the drop of a hat when he stepped into a building.  You can only imagine the chaos this created among busy New Yorkers who were just trying to follow their daily routine and get to places on time in the hustle of this city.  I remember waiting at a street corner for 45 minutes until we were given the OK to move because Mr. President was exiting a building 40 blocks uptown.  Yes, exiting a building miles away from that very street corner where I stood.  And for some reason, the city of NY felt that was a viable reason to make us all wait an hour to get to where we needed to be.

So after recapping this in my mind I am left baffled as to why someone felt the need to create a special holiday for our beloved Presidents.  I mean, no one can argue that this is their job, a stressful job I am sure, but matter of factly, it is their profession to run our country.  They chose to run for office, they chose to convince the people to vote for them and they chose this as their job pending the people give them the opportunity.  So explain to me why that someone who makes half a million dollars a year, gets flown everywhere on a private jet, and someone who gets every meal made by a chef of his choice is allowed to take more money from my paycheck without my consent and yet receives a special holiday in honor of…well himself?  It seems that my husband who has chosen to dedicate his life to medicine to help people, who eats peanut butter and jelly because it’s cheap and easy, and works on average 80-100 hours making barely a 7th of Mr. President’s annual salary should probably be more worthy of a freaking holiday named after him.  And all of the other residents out there in his boat deserve the same too.

With all due respect Mr. President, while you are on laying in a lounge chair watching ESPN from your Martha’s Vineyard vacation estate, my husband is spending his 14th straight hour of work treating the patient with no insurance at the public hospital and stuffing his face with a cheap meal that he doesn’t get to eat until after midnight because he is running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to help the patients that us middle class support with our tax dollars.  The icing on the cake is a diminished paycheck that he gets to wake up to after his “nap” for the night in an on-call room.  So while I do respect you Mr. President and all you other presidents out there who have served as the Chief of our country, forgive me if I don’t believe you deserve a day out of the year while people like my Mr. Dr. can barely get an hour of recognition in residency.

Maybe I am being a bit harsh.  In ten years I may feel a lot differently.  I know our situation and life will be very different then and hopefully changed for the better.  But who knows.  For now, I’m living in the present and this I what I see.  Something doesn’t seem right about running residents into the ground with nothing to show for it and then watching our President tell the American people that everyone should be able to get free healthcare while someone like me pays for it through my measily paycheck even though a co-pay at a Doctor’s office for me means one less bottle of wine I can buy at the liquor store.  Don’t they know I need wine for my sanity!?

So for those that get to honor today as a holiday, kudos and enjoy the day off.  If I did have off today I would probably hop on my invisible private jet and take a trip out to my favorite invisible private estate and spend the day vegging out in my invisible massive mansion.

pres day

Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top

The xoxo holiday is quickly approaching my loves and with it should come cocktails in shades of pink and red.  My valentine will be working a 24hr shift in the hospital so our romantic night of cooking dinner together and snuggling on the couch will actually be more like me eating alone and probably sending Mr. Dr. a picture of a cocktail I made saying wish you were here.  But I get him all weekend so no complaints.

Cupid after one too many cocktails

Cupid after one too many cocktails

I have talked to a lot of bah humbugs about Valentine’s Day this year.  People thinking that it is overrated, and just a ploy for florists and chocolate companies to make some extra bucks.  Well they may be right but who cares if cupid decided we should pick one special day out of the year to tell the ones we love that we really mean it.  You don’t need to get or give gifts.  Shame on society for making us think that for so many years.  Just a simple I Love You will probably suffice for most of us.  Because let’s be honest.  We all probably could say it a little more to those we feel that way about.  So let the new blossoming relationship folk be the cheeseballs and spend the extra money on chocolate, roses and an expensive dinner.  Me?  I will be happy with a card (could be wishful thinking), an I Love You and a hug the morning he leaves for his 24hr shift.

This week its all about pink and red so I wanted to share with you all a little secret ingredient that makes all cocktails a bit sweeter in look and and on the tongue.  May I present to you the one, the only:  the Maraschino Cherry.  Maraschino cherries are a hidden gem cocktail ingredient.  More importantly, their juice, can be the last bit of flavor needed to complete many drinks when you are just looking for a dash of something else.  You know…when you sip on a drink and you lick your lips and say “It’s missing something.”  I swear this additive has never failed me.  And it just so happens that they will make pretty  much any drink look that much more appealing in color creating a delicious shade of red and of course a pretty garnish.  Below is a fun cocktail recipe to try.

-Generous Amount of Vodka
-5 Splashes of Soda Water
-Splash of Lime Juice
-2 Tablespoons of Maraschino Cherry Juice from the jar
-Garnish with a Cherry
-Notes: Technically this recipe is a Mrs. Dr. original but it’s basically a variation to a Cherry Bomb cocktail.  If you are a real cherry lover, you can use cherry flavored vodka instead of regular.  If you want to turn this into a Cherry Bomb shot, you can substitute the soda water and lime juice with a Red Bull.

Will you be my Valentine?  Pretty please with a cherry on top?  Whether it’s a quiet night in or a night out with your Valentine, or even if you are in my boat, I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine’s Day this year!

A Round Of Applause For Liebster

I am happy and humbled to share with you all that the lovely Elizabeth over at Living Running Cooking has nominated me for a Liebster Award this week.  For those that don’t know, this award is given to up and coming bloggers in blogland.  It is such a great way to learn more about each other and hopefully gain some new followers.

Liebster Award

Here’s How It Works:
The Nominee must list 11 statements about themself
The Nominee must answer the 11 questions the Nominator asked them
The Nominee must nominate 11 others
Go to their page and tell them
No Tag backs please :)

Ok…here goes nothing!

1st 11 things you may or may not already know about Mrs. Dr. Looze:
1. I have an older brother who is 30 (almost 31), a younger sister who is 26 and a sister-in-law who is 31 – and I adore them all. I’m also a sister-in-law to 3 wonderful New England bred brothers on Mr. Dr.’s side.
2. I love summer as much as I hate winter.
3. I am looking forward to being a mom someday.
4. I’m Italian, German and Serbian.
5. I love cheese. It is quite possible one of my biggest weaknesses.
6. Mr. Dr. and I have a standing Chipotle date every Sunday.
7. My ultimate dream job would be to have my own talk show.
8. I love tomato sauce but hate cold tomatoes.
9. Later in life, the one thing I want to make Mr. Dr. get as a gift for me splurge on is a white Range Rover.
10. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
11. I played soccer competitively for about 20 years of my life.

2nd the Answers to Elizabeth’s Questions:
1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I love to write and wanted an enjoyable hobby for the many hours I spend solo while my hubby is off working hard in the hospital. What I didn’t know was how many other bloggers there were out there that I could relate to.  It has been such an amazing outlet for me.
2. Describe yourself in 5 words.
Outgoing, Supportive, Curious, Fun, Loving
3. What are your hobbies?
This blog, trying new restaurants and of course…experimenting with new cocktails.
4. What is your life goal?
To be surrounded by great family and friends every day, and for my hubby and I to one day have a loving, prosperous family of our own…residency hours not welcome!
5. Dogs vs cats?
Hands down Dogs.
6. If you could have one superhero power what would it be?
I would choose to turn into a fly on a wall anytime I want in any place I want.
7. What is your most embarrassing moment?
I am sure I have quite a few but one that sticks out is one that my mom will appreciate.  Senior year of high school, she picked me up in the morning from one of my college recruiting visits.  And in the car on the way home she was asking me about how it went and I was mid-sentence when I started to projectile vomit because I was so hungover.  She had to pull over so I could get out and get myself together on the side of the road.  That was not fun and neither was my headache for the rest of the day.  Luckily she didn’t say much but I was in enough pain.  If only that was the only time I threw up from drinking…
8. If you had to go back and relive one year, what would it be and why?
My wedding day was the best day of my life so far so I would probably go back to that day and relive the next year all over.  Even though the first year of residency started within it, we had a lot of firsts together that I would absolutely love to do over – including an unbelievable honeymoon in Tahiti.
9. If you could give up one bad habit, what would it be?
I used to be a Division 1 athlete and now I barely workout.  I really want to get back in shape but often times the glass of wine at the end of the day wins!
10. What is your dream vacation?
I truly feel like I have already had my dream vacation on our honeymoon in Bora Bora but if I had to choose another it would be on a different remote island where the sun shines all day, the beach is white, the water is clear and the cocktails are flowing.
11. What is one of your guilty pleasures?
Reality TV – Obsessed!

My questions for my nominees:
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. If you could be any animal in the world what would you pick and why?
3. What would you choose for your last meal on earth?
4. What’s your middle name?
5. If you could plan out every day of your life for the next 5 years would you?
6. What is your favorite city in America?
7. What is your biggest downfall?
8. What is your best attribute?
9. If a movie was made about you who would play you?
10. What is your favorite article of clothing that you own?
11. If you had to pick, what is one thing you would change about your appearance?

And last but not least here are my nominees:

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 Happy Friday Friends!

Tensing 1-2, Tensing 1-2-3

Tension is defined in the dictionary as:

1. the act of stretching or straining
2. the state of being stretched or strained
3. mental or emotional strain

Here is the confusing part to me about this word.  Nothing about tension makes me feel like I am stretching.  Stretching as far as I’m concerned makes you feel better.  It warms and helps elongate your muscles in a feel good way.  But when I feel tense I feel tight and cold inside.  So how is it that tension is really the act of stretching?  I feel like every other day I am complaining to Mr. Dr. about feeling tense.  I sit at my desk at work and my body feels tense because of the way I sit or type.  I walk home from work with my heavy handbag and my body feels tense.  I get nervous about something or my mind wanders into unfavorable territory and I tense up.  I feel like I live in a state of tension most of my awake life and I don’t even realize it half the time.  So normally after I tell him how tense I have been feeling, I proceed to make him feel my knotty upper back and shoulders for rectification.  I wish every second those hands are on my shoulders that they stay there a few extra minutes and massage out every last twirled loop of a ligament inside of me but usually they feel out the knots just long enough for him to say, “Yes I agree, you feel very tense.”  And then I am left standing there with my complaint and a crunchy back.

Sorry Webster but in my opinion, you have defined this one incorrectly.  I mean just as I was typing this post my mind associated the word tension with stress and I started to write that word down instead of stretch as the definition.  It doesn’t help that those two words look and sound alike.  Look I get it.  The act of stretching a part of your body to the point of strain thus leading to discomfort in some way, shape or form.  But if that is the case then stretching shouldn’t be associated with therapy of any kind.  Think about it.  You get a massage to ease tension.  But a massage essentially stretches out your muscles right?  So riddle me that.  A massage is supposed to cure tension by stretching not create it by stretching?  I hope now that I am not the only one confused.  Maybe there is a masseuse out there who can ease the new tension knot I have just created in my back from trying to figure out the derivation of this little t word.

Somehow I don’t think that my ranting rationale will be able convince most of the general public that there is in fact a glitch in the system with this definition.  But that’s why God gave some of our husbands, friends, family and boyfriends the desire to head to medical school.  It’s fascinating things like tension and stretching that peaked some of their interests.  Well earn your money docs and find me a 24/7 treatment for tension that allows me to not tense up when I’m treating myself.  Not even retail therapy can cure this one because the more bags you leave with…the more tense your arms.  And the more worn out your credit card…the more tense your mind.  It’s time for another treatment plan.

Purple Medical Monday

Mrs. Dr. is celebrating two fun events today.  Born and bred in Baltimore I am proud to be a Ravens fan today.  NOLA had purple rain sweep the town yesterday and the Baltimore Ravens won Superbowl XLVII.  Flacco brought his A-game and Ray Lewis sailed into retirement with a bang.  Beyonce killed the half-time show and I loved every second of her performance.  Bringing back Destiny’s Child was the icing on the cake.  Not even a power outage in the middle of the second half could stop the purple passion that took over the field.  In the words of Beyonce…”We liked it so we PUT A RING ON IT!”  What a season Ravens…way to go.  I like to think my consumption of purple hooters yesterday helped the cause too. :)

It’s also the first Monday of the month which means…Medical Monday!  Stop on by and link up with us.

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Happy Purple Cocktail Friday

It’s Cocktail Friday with a purple twist in honor of the Ravens this weekend.  Above is a purple hooter bird.  Similar enough looking to a raven and quite frankly…in the act of cawing like one in the above illustration.  But the best part about the purple hooter is that it is also a cocktail.  I have chosen this delicious vodka cocktail to feature today in hopes that while I write this I am sending winning vibes to help provoke a Superbowl win by the team wearing purple.  Oh and I will be making a purple hooter martini on Sunday in their honor…duh.

The Purple Hooter Martini
Note: can be mixed as a martini, cocktail or shot

-Generous Amount of Vodka
-3 Splashes of Chambord
-4 Splashes of Sprite (Sweet & Sour mix or 7UP can be substituted)
-Notes: For all you Ravens fans out there I suggest indulging in this cocktail.  Maybe if we all do our part in sipping on a purple hooter in some form this weekend it will bring our team to a W.  For all you non-Ravens fans or those of you who do not follow football whatsoever I suggest you drink this anyway because it’s going to taste good.  Mmmm.  Can’t wait for Sunday.  This martini will go beautifully with my purple ensemble.

Happy Purple Cocktail Friday and Go Ravens!