Confessions Wednesday

Linking up again for Confessions Wednesday with Catalyn (Mrs. Bear turned Northern Belle) from Confessions of a Northern Belle.  Here we go.

1.  I confess I am jealous that most people I know in Baltimore, Virginia and DC most likely have snow days the rest of the week due to the latest snow dumping that’s currently taking place on the East coast.  Thus, I will be even more jealous tomorrow when I am walking through the rain and snow in NYC to get to work.  I just hope I don’t slip and fall on my face.

2.  I confess I had a piece of cheese for breakfast today.  I also brought cheese and crackers for lunch and actually considered the thought of making a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner tonight.  That is probably not the best decision.

3.  I confess I smashed an ant with my finger the other night while I was sitting on my yoga mat.  I didn’t want to interrupt my session by getting a paper towel so I did it with my finger instead.  Gross.

4.  I confess that I take Splenda packets from Au Bon Pain for the coffee I make in my apartment every morning instead of buying my own.  Sometimes I feel really bad about it.  Other times I justify it by telling myself it’s sitting out to the public for a reason.

That’s it for today.  And as always with the first Monday of every month I linked up with Medical Mondays again this week.  Stop by and visit to meet some new great friends…and reads :)

General Orthopedic Rotation = Done

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Another rotation down.  For the last two months Mr. Dr. has been on a general orthopedic service at the private hospital affiliate.  It helped his commute a little bit which was nice.  And despite the 24 hour shifts, we spent some nice quality time together in the last two months.  This was the first time this year he had 24 hr shifts worked into the schedule.  Good and bad.  Good because the residency program realized that after working a 24 hr shift one doesn’t really function well and therefore has to have a post-call day the next day.  Thus, every resident that works a 24 hr shift has to have the next 24 hours off.  I am sure this was a tough decision for the residency program gods to make – 24 hours off is a privilege in their line of work and I can only imagine how hard it was for them to allow this rule.  The bad part about working 24 hours is that if you don’t get any sleep on the shift, the bod is out of whack and you really need that whole next day to try and get back on track.  But residents don’t really get on a normal track so I guess that’s all relative.  Here are some other conclusions from the last two months:

-Mr. Dr. said one of the best parts about this rotation was that he was able to get better and more comfortable fixing general orthopedic injuries.  Well thank God, because that is why we are in residency.  Phew.
-There are a lot of trauma related orthopedic injuries.
-Valentine’s Day is just a day and it’s OK if your significant other is working all day and night.  You can still have a glass of champagne and watch cheesy romance flicks alone and not feel sorry for yourself.
-It’s fun to get creative and find new ways to spend time together.  When Mr. Dr. is working a 24 hr shift on a weekend I head to the bar for happy hour and meet him late night next to the hospital if he can take a quick break.  We meet at the nearest diner, I grab a night cap and he grabs a bit to eat.  Then we give each other kisses goodnight.  In and out usually within a half hour, I head home and pass out, and he heads back into work.  We did this a few times last year and resurrected it this past month.  It’s fun to keep things exciting and get face time any way you can.

This week Mr. Dr. starts his spine rotation.  I know he is looking forward to it because it’s a sub-specialty he is very interested in and it’s the 2nd to last rotation of 2nd year.  I’ll report back in 2 months.  Wish us luck!