It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere On The Road

When Mr. Dr. and I travel for weekend trips we often take turns driving.  It usually depends on who is most tired.  I like to make the deal of “well if I drive you have to stay awake and talk to me.”  And usually if I end up behind the wheel he is out cold 10 minutes later in the passenger seat.  But if he is driving I am usually the little energizer bunny next to him talking his little ear off.  I think we both don’t mind longish drives because it gives us a chance to catch up on conversation we miss with each other from the week.  This happens a lot with our non-routine lives.  So sometimes believe it or not I think we both look forward to some time spent in the car.

But one thing we (and probably every other person in the world) have in common is how much we hate traffic.  Ugh.  Just thinking about it makes me annoyed.  Why do people rubberneck?  Yes I am curious too but for the love of God just try and resist and please keep up the pace.  Why do people drive 50 mph in the left lane?  If you are 85 years old and haven’t revisited your eye exam to maintain your license please refrain from keeping your 1993 Buick in the fast lane.  Why is there always construction at every single hour of the day on every single highway?  I mean it really cannot be that difficult of a concept to begin construction well before or well after rush hour.  It is worth it to pay the Union construction workers overtime to avoid the delays it causes.  And furthermore, I doubt we really need to expand every single solitary road on the east coast.  Because it certainly seems like that is what happens every weekend.  And lastly to my friends operating the NJ Turnpike – while I do appreciate the “Use Alternate Route – Major Delays Ahead” warnings, if you are not going to update it to coincide with what is actually happening 5 miles ahead it is completely useless.  I would much appreciate it if you stayed a bit more prompt in your delivery of digital highway messaging to avoid an even bigger clusterf*** of traffic on the unnecessary alternate route.  On the flip side if you tell people to “Reduce Speed” they will listen so please do not ask drivers to do so when traffic is moving smoothly.

On a positive note, there was one idea that came out of sitting in traffic a few weeks ago.  As I sat there in the passenger seat counting down the minutes until I could start happy hour outside of the car it hit me.  Why not have happy hour inside the car?  Wouldn’t traffic be 1000% more bearable if we were able to sip on martinis?  Yes and Yes.  Now I’m not talking about bringing your own bottle of wine and enjoying it out of a red solo cup in the passenger seat (I may or may not have ever done this…).  No I am talking about a much more sophisticated idea.  Meet the traffictini.  Traffic + Martini = Traffictini.  You know how they have vendor food and beverage carts set up on the streets of NYC?  Well why in the heck haven’t they invented a Traffictini cart that sits on the sides of the road during traffic and rush hours?  Tell me this isn’t the most brilliant idea.  We could have Highway Happy Hour with Roadside Ruby Reds and Rum Punches.  They could even make Box Car Martinis and Sidecar Cocktails to follow theme.  The only negative that could come from this is the number of arguments that might stem from who has to drive but that’s what the rock paper scissors game is for before you hop in the car.  Think about it.  You (passenger only of course) roll down the window, pick up your cocktail and move on seamlessly.

Let’s take this a step further.  In standstill traffic they could even have a waiter taking orders.  Thanks to Zazzle we could have the above made into a bumper sticker magnet for our cars.  The passengers could stick it on the outside of the car while in traffic if they want a drink which could be the waiter’s cue to come over.  Trains have bar cars and planes have flight attendants so why can’t roads have traffictini carts and waiters?  I might just be writing a letter to the Department of Transportation about this one.  I once again think I might be on to something.

Not Just Another Day

Another birthday has passed…

Yesterday I celebrated the first day of the last year of my twenties.  It’s bittersweet.  I have had a lot of great things happen in my twenties.  I moved to a new city, gained a husband and have worked at 3 great but different companies.  But most of all, I have learned more about myself than I ever imagined.  I think back to my early twenties and realize I thought I knew it all.  And I did know it all…in the most immature way.  My mentality was full of expectations, fulfilling a timeline that I thought I was right for growing up and being selfish about who I was and where I wanted to be in my life.  It was about me and only me.  And I look back now and think how naive I was to feel that way.  My life is not just about me, and if I continued living with the same expectations I had back then I would be miserable and most of all, if I tried to follow a timeline I had put in place for myself I would be…confused and quite frankly, wishing that I had gone a different route.  I had no idea what these last 9 years would bring although one thing I can say for certain is that I now go from having little expectations to expecting the unexpected.  And that is what keeps me going.  I have learned that it is not about me but rather, the people who I have surrounded myself with that have made me.  That timeline that I had has changed so much from what I had planned or what I saw in my future, that it now, to me, was simply an excerpt in a journal entry that was a passing thought.  And I am all the better for having gotten where I am today with the people I have kept close, on the the road I have taken.

Growing up, birthdays were a big deal in my family.  Not because we threw extravagant parties or because we got expensive gifts.  But because the people that surrounded me growing up made you feel special on your birthday.  As I get older, all I hear is people saying they don’t want to celebrate and its “just another birthday” and blah blah blah but really…why not celebrate it?  Especially if you are as lucky as I am to have people that love you so much to make you feel so special.  There is someone out there for everyone on their birthday to make them feel special…whether its a parent, sibling, relative, friend, child, spouse, significant other, boss, doctor..or even a pet.  So why not embrace it?  Give in to the feeling that its not “just another day” and celebrate yourself.  Because…why not?  It’s the one day (or in my case month ;)) of the year that you are allowed.

Mr. Dr. was working an overnight call in the hospital.  I was ringing in my birthday with a great friend at a local bar.  As soon as it hit midnight I wondered who would be the first to text or call to recognize the day of this gemini’s birth.  For a minute, I thought it would be a facebook notification from a “friend.”  Which as I write that sounds ridiculous because with social media these days it could be a random friend from middle school who I haven’t seen in years and probably will never see again except for a photo on facebook but if they happen to be on the FB at 12:01 they might see that it’s my birthday and acknowledge it.  Hmmm.  Is that what it has come to?  Fortunately…as my thoughts wandered, I felt a vibration on my phone.  Oh thank goodness I thought.  It’s a text and not a facebook notification…someone really does love me.  And there he was…my knight in shining scrubs struck again…with a happy birthday text.  While I had hoped he would be the first to wish me a happy birthday, I also knew that he was either busy at work or squeezing in a few minutes of shut-eye on his long shift so I didn’t expect it…but I was so very thankful he did and that he was the first.  He knew it would be make me feel special.  It may sound silly but it gave me a slight twitch of justification that despite how long the years of med school and these last 2 years of residency have felt, he is the man I think he is.  I am lucky.  So as cheesy as it sounds, I embraced the last year of my twenties knowing that I have great family, friends and of course a great blogging community that welcomes my crazy, funny, happy and sometimes even inappropriate thoughts, antics and feelings.  I will cheers to that :)

Happy Cocktail Friday and I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend.


The May Festivities Continue

What a whirlwind my life has been for the last week and a half.  Apologies for the mini hiatus from blogging but I have had a busy first half of May.  I can’t believe its my birthday week already.  I am looking forward to another fun week.  Last week my life was taken over by work functions for 4 straight days and nights.  Then this past weekend my family came to visit.  We had an absolute blast.  It was the first time since Mr. Dr. turned 30 that my sister, boyfriend and parents were all here together.  We really had the best time.  Friday was a beautiful day here and my parents and I spent all day outside enjoying what this great city has to offer.  From boats to Broadway we had such a nice time together.  Then on Saturday when my sister and her boyfriend arrived, Mr. Dr. was done his shift and we were all able to enjoy a great steak dinner together celebrating my birthday, my sister receiving her Masters, and a belated Mother’s Day.  I always feel so lucky when my family comes to visit.  Not only does it mean so much, but we enjoy each other’s company whatever state we are in and no matter what we are doing.  The end to the weekend was tough because Mr. Dr. was back at work and I had to say goodbye to my family and come home to a lonely apartment.  Sometimes its nice to have the quiet, alone time to unwind from a weekend of festivities but other times, I want nothing more than to rewind back to the day before and relive it all over again.  Did anyone watch the Preakness?  It wasn’t the most exciting race but it’s kind of fun when a non-favorite wins.  It spiced things up a bit.

Anyway, with the big 2-9 coming up this Thursday I am looking forward to spending some more qt with Mr. Dr. this week.  We have dinner plans at a new restaurant we have been wanting to try and I have new bottle of Greygoose that I can’t wait to pop open.  28 has been a good year but nothing too climactic occurred.  Same city, same apartment, same husband, same crazy schedule and the same crazy times.  Although I do think in the last year Mr. Dr. and I have enjoyed a new transition.  For the most part, our Friday nights have gone from “where are we partying” to “what movie are we watching after dinner.”  Not going to lie…I kind of love it.  Perhaps that means I am official graduating to adulthood.  That and I wake up with the worst hangovers when I drink too much.  I used to bounce right back.  Not anymore.  In any case, yay for birthday week and I will be embracing 29 with open arms.

Here are some highlights from this past weekend.  Can’t wait for them to come back soon.

Walking the highline

Walking the highline

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market

Introducing my parents to the Frying Pan - bar on a boat.

Introducing my parents to the Frying Pan – bar on a boat.

A great show! Motown: The Musical

A great show! Motown: The Musical

Hanging in the apartment

Hanging in the apartment

Introducing them to my favorite local spot.

Introducing them to my favorite local spot.

Steak dinner

Delicious Celebratory Dinner

At the Tommy Bahama bar

Cocktails at the Tommy Bahama bar

Mamma Mia Here I Go Again

Me and mom

In honor of Mother’s Day this post is dedicated to all of the moms out there who we love, who deserve some recognition and who have helped shape us into what we have become.  My mom fits all of the above criteria.  I think like her a whole heck of a lot, I just don’t really look like her.  Our hair color may be the complete opposite but our boobs, heart, soul and ring size are pretty spot on.  Oh…and I definitely got my dad’s height because I am not a petite section shopper.

Despite what my younger years of rebellion and adolescence brought, we have come a long way as I am sure a lot of moms and daughters do, and I am so thankful for what she has done for me in my 28 (almost 29!) years of existence.  I have come to truly believe that saying “Mom knows best” which is something I never thought would happen.  I also never believed she would be the phone call at too late an hour on numerous occasions when I am home alone while Mr. Dr. is in the hospital.  Venting is a term that she probably didn’t fully understand until her daughter married a doctor.  Or if she did, it took on a whole meaning when she gained a Dr. Son-In-Law.  Through it all, she is always there for me and I just hope one day I can be there for my own children like she has been there for me.

Another fabulous, and perhaps unsurprising similarity we share is our taste in drinks.  We love a good martini.  So in honor of you mom, I have chosen one of your favorites for this week’s Cocktail Friday.  Here we have a very traditional yet delicious tarty treat.

The Lemon Drop Martini: aka LDM

-Generous Amount of Vodka (Mom prefers Absolut)                                                             -2 Splashes of Triple Sec                                                                                                       -2 Splashes of Lemon Juice                                                                                                    -Splash of Simple Syrup                                                                                                          -Notes: Obviously if you enjoy an extra bit of sweetness add the sugar rim but I know that some moms (including mine) prefer it without.  I must say I agree.  In place of simple syrup you can add a dash of fine sugar.  Make sure to blend all ingredients really well in a shaker and chill before serving.

I am also lucky enough to have gained a great Mother-In-Law 2 years ago.  If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be married to my Mr. Dr. and who knows where I would be…I can almost guarantee though that this blog would not exist.

So to my Mom-In-Law: Happy Mother’s Day.  And to my amazing Mother who sat through hours of labor for me and then probably had daily heart palpitations while I was growing up over all these years, thank you, I love you and Happy Mother’s Day.

And of course…Happy Cocktail Friday.

Spine Rotation = Done

Happy May Medical Monday!  For those of you stopping by from the link-up thanks for visiting.  Quick recap – my Dr.H is an ortho R2, I work in the media industry and we are in our 6th year of living in NYC.  This blog is simply my perspective of our adventures together.  Looking forward to meeting some new readers and writers this month :)

Mr. Dr. just finished his orthopedic spine rotation.  Being a field he is very interested in, despite the 10 hour surgeries of standing around and watching, he really liked this rotation.  Spine surgeries are a bit more invasive so the attendings do most of the work and there is much more observing going on from the residents as opposed to operating.  I was excited to see Mr. Dr. enjoy this rotation and who knows…maybe one he will be performing some of the surgeries he saw on his own.

When I think about spine surgery I picture the patient being an older person with back pain or a really elderly person who has slowly had their spine deteriorate over the years.  But some of the most fascinating cases Mr. Dr. was a part of were actually those involving children and abnormalities that they may have been born with or developed at a young age.  It was interesting to watch him learn and fun to hear about the corrections that spine surgeons are able to make on people of all ages.

A couple observations from the last two months:
-For spine cases, a second surgery is common. Not because the first was a failure but because it’s all about pain and body management.
-Back patients love their doctor

And so here we go with our LAST rotation as an R2.  It’s going to be a rough one as he will be rotating at a big trauma center with lots of call on his schedule.  But I am looking on the bright side and am thrilled that my next milestone post will be in July when I recap his final rotation of 2nd year.

check mark


We are officially on day 3 of the month of May. And that means…A-MAY is upon us. Yes, my glorious birthday month. I am fortunate that my family and friends have embraced this tradition over the last few years because that means I get a month long celebration. Usually after about 2 days Mr. Dr. has had enough. Last year, he tried to really give me a birthday week and we agreed to celebrate in some way every night the week of my birthday. I think we got to night #3 and we were so worn out by the time my actual birthday came around we didn’t do anything. Maybe that was his plan all along!

So in honor of A-MAY I am going to share a staple A-MAY cocktail for this week’s Cocktail Friday. The drink can be found at Seacret’s in Ocean City, MD where we like to traditionally indulge in a day drink-fest with family and friends to celebrate my birthday and kick off summer. With Mr. Dr. now in residency it’s tricky for us to make the trip and for us all to celebrate together.  But we still try and pick one weekend in the beginning of summer, near my bday and head down to OCMD with the family. Here is the ultimate frozen drink that if you drink too many of…will live up to its name the next day during your hangover.

Pain In De Ass


-Half Pina Colada
-Half Rum Runner
-A whole lot of sugar & fruity flavors combined to taste like the tropics

I can’t wait to indulge in my first one of these in a few weeks.  Until then I will hold you over with some of my favorite moments captured from previous A-MAY celebrations.  Enjoy…

Amay 1

Amay 8

Amay 3

Amay 7

Amay 4

Amay 5

Amay 6

Amay 2

Happy Cocktail Friday and happy weekend.