You Know You Make Me Wanna



Technically wedding season commences in April.  Funny actually, when we chose our wedding date I spoke to a couple that said they had gotten married in April and it was a great month to do so because their wedding kicked off wedding season for most of the guests.  It makes sense for us east coasters.  April-October and really now November is even just as big to say those two joyful words ‘I do’ with your soul mate.  And so I guess it was nice to get everyone excited for the upcoming months of wedding festivities for other friends and family members.  Throw in a tornado and voila, we really kicked off wedding season with a bang 2 years ago!

This wedding season for us has started off quiet which has been a nice change from the last 2 years.  Last year we had 7 weddings, yes 7.  We are just at that age.  Unfortunately Mr. Dr. was also an intern/2nd year throughout the wedding madness.  This = only made it to about half.  50% is a pretty accurate count for things he misses in a year.  So hopefully that increases year over year.  Even if it’s just to 56% this year.  I’ll take it.  Although for June that 50% rings true.  This weekend kicks off our first wedding of 2013 and I am looking forward to spending a fun weekend with family and friends.  I mean really, how fun are weddings??  And when you know the majority of people there, it’s even better.  Mr. Dr. is working so he will miss this one but that’s ok because wedding #2 of the season is next weekend and he will be there in the flesh.  I can’t guarantee he won’t be tired and I am not to blame if he falls asleep next to the dance floor, but I can guarantee that we will be celebrating the end of his 2nd year as much as the nuptials of the bride and groom.

Confession: Ever since the movie Wedding Crashers I have wanted to crash just ONE wedding to see what it would feel like.  Is that weird?  I think it might be.  I blame Vince and Owen because they make it look too fun.  My next confession is that I secretly hope that never comes true because it’s probably creepy and not cool.  I digress…

This weekend I will be in my hometown, good ol’ Bmore, with fabulous family and fantastic friends.  The good news at this point in the game instead of the “Where’s your husband?” question, I have been to enough events solo that it’s more like, “So he’s working?” and all I have to do is shake my head yes.  Saves me a few breaths.  But despite being unaccompanied by my favorite human accessory, it will be a great time and I’m really looking forward to it.

And then I am rushing home on Sunday because it’s our first year attending the residency graduation dinner for our program.  Mr. Dr. is getting relieved from his shift for 4 hours on Sunday so we can go as it’s pretty mandatory for the PGYs 2-4 to be there to support the graduating 5th years.  Which I think is great by the way.  I will report back on that one.

Cheers to wedding season and Happy Cocktail Friday.

Cold Hard Hospital Facts

June and July are interesting months in the medical world.  Residencies start, families move, school ends, and orientation scares everyone.  Relating to residency, residents are experiencing a ‘first time’ all over again whether they are an intern or a chief.  Every July 1st (at least that is the date in our case – but every program is different) brings a whole new slew of learnings, rotations, tasks, responsibilities and brand spanking new “one step” closer moments, which are obviously my favorite.

I will never forget the first day Mr. Dr. started residency.  I kissed him goodbye in the dark, wished him well and had no idea when he would come home or what he would say his day was like when he did.  When that tired soul did finally walk through the door, I remember thinking he looked like two things: a deer in headlights and confusion.  Sort of like the look you might expect on a 2 year old when they are standing in a room and at that split second realize their parent isn’t standing right next to them anymore.  Confusion leads to utter panic within seconds. That is sort of what I pictured as I watched him describe his day.  I think I asked something along the lines of, “Did you see a ghost on your way home?” But his response, “I ran around the hospital today like a chicken with my head cut off, I have no idea what I am doing and everyone is too busy to teach me what the hell is going on. This is going to be brutal.”  Poor guy.  Welcome to residency you naïve little long white-coated intern. Yes, you have an M.D. after your name now but good luck with the next 5 years.  Cheers though for coming out alive on the first day of understanding what that M.D. means in the ortho world with your body still in one piece.  I felt for him…oh did I ever.  Then I felt for myself.  What have we gotten ourselves into?  Two things have remained true for me since we started.

1. Despite what everyone tells you to expect, it’s probably worse.
2. No one understands residency until they go through it both from the M.D. perspective and the spouse perspective.

Evvvvvvvvveryone tells you all of the residency rumors before you start – how hard the next few years of life will be and blah blah blah.  And while everyone is right about how difficult residency is, there is one thing that a lot of people forget to mention.  For the second half of June and most of July, patients will probably be getting ‘B’ game service without even realizing it! I don’t know about you but I expect ‘A’ game whenever I visit a hospital.  Well folks, those young little newbies in scrubs running around the hospital halls looking like they don’t have a clue are probably not acting if you ever pay a visit in those summer months. Sure they catch on quick – I mean there has to be a reason why they got into residency ;) – but after seeing Mr. Dr.’s first month of residency unfold 2 years ago, I certainly recommend holding off a bit on a hospital visit until after the dust has settled in those call rooms.  Maybe consider scheduling that knee surgery for September instead of July.

Take my advice or don’t take it.  I am just laying down the cold (hm or maybe hot since we are talking summer) hard facts. Beware of the hospital in the mid-summer months or…enter at your own risk.

funny doctor surgery

I Carried A Watermelon

I have been really into watermelon lately.  I think it’s because of the weather and the season.  Summer is the season for melon so I guess it makes sense.  I have seen them everywhere – street vendors, bodegas, grocery stores, you name it they are staring at you in the face all over Manhattan right now.  It’s fresh, juicy and can be great as a snack or lone ingredient.  I have been making watermelon and feta salad on the weekends for us to munch on.  It’s easy and very tasty.  I just add some red onion and basil and voila.

But whenever I see watermelon all I can think about is the movie Dirty Dancing.  That infamous scene when Jennifer Grey meets Johnny and in a moment of panic says, “I carried a watermelon.”  Embarrassed, she then pretty much wants to crawl in a corner and forget that sentence ever came out of her mouth.  But apparently it worked for good ol’ Johnny because they sure hit it off by the end.  What a great movie.

watermelon dirty dancing

Another great fact about watermelon?  It is a perfect key additive for a summer cocktail.  Lots of restaurants have a cocktail on their drink list with watermelon as a main component in the summertime.  I reckon I will be indulging in more than just a couple of these this summer.  Starting with this weekend.



2 watermelontinis and 1 over ice enjoying each other’s company with a couple friends at a local spot in Manhattan.

-Generous Amount of Vodka
-3 Splashes of Watermelon Juice
-2 Splashes of Lime Juice
-Dash of Simple Syrup
-Notes: Blend all ingredients really well in the shaker and serve in a chilled martini glass. This drink screams refreshment.

Happy Cocktail Friday.

Sneakers Sneak By The Stilettos

Something you may or may not know about me.  I hate feet.  Maybe because I don’t think mine are the cutest, with my bunions and calluses.  By the time my mom was my age she already had bunion surgery.  Mine have definitely gotten worse over the years but I am in slight denial and pretend they are fine.  They don’t hurt yet so I until then…well they are fine…they just don’t look too pretty.  As I write I am knocking on a piece of wood for that one.  Ugh and those disgustos that have foot sex fetishes…ewww…  Look, everyone is allowed to have their own “thing” but seriously pick a different part of the body other than that which stampedes the cement ground I walked home from work on today.  The only good thing that comes to mind when I hear the word feet is pedicure.  I do love a pampering pedicure.  But who doesn’t?

I love stilettos, pumps and all other girly shoes that are bad for your feet.  I wear them all the time and prefer to live by the mantra “beauty is pain” when it comes to heels.  I am a woman and therefore, feel entitled to think that way.  But after a long day of standing upright 4 inches with an arched foot taller than my best day in flats, I come home and feel relieved to put on my slippers (which by the way only occurs after I eloquently place my heels back in their rightful space in the closet – this tidbit will make sense after you read the post in full).  Well this got me thinking.  How do surgeons stand in surgeries for 10 hours without tired feet?  Mr. Dr. never complains about his feet being sore.  I don’t get it.  How do they run around the hospital for 24 hours without hurtin’ tootsies?

So then I considered the shoe selection for surgeons.  It seems the most popular in our neck of the Manhattan woods are either crocks or clogs.  He says his clogs are perfect for running around the hospital and standing in long surgeries.  Then again, they are probably too damn tired to even notice what’s on their feet.  I’d like to believe if Christian Louboutin made clogs they would probably be uncomfortable and probably cost a small fortune.  I wonder, though, if the lady doctors and nurses would buy them anyway.  After all, they are women.  And we women love shoes.

True and terrible story:
I got home from work one day and a pair of his old sneakers (that I hadn’t seen in months) were sitting out IN OUR TINY APARTMENT next to the couch.  I looked down and saw a few speckles of red on them.  And it wasn’t the same red as the sole or the Nike swoosh.  No it was a smeared, deeper red on the top.  He wouldn’t I thought to myself.  Oh but he did.  Smeared b-l-o-o-d.  Not a spilled glass of Cabernet, not a sharpie explosion and not a fight with my bottle of nail polish.  Nope, just blood dabbled drenched, infectious sneakers sitting effortlessly next to my crisp, clean light-colored sofa where I spend my calming downtime and

Me: Babe, where did these old sneakers come from?
Him: The car.
Me: Um, is that blood on them?
Him: Oh yeah, when I didn’t have my clogs I had to use these because they were the only old pair of shoes I had lying around that I wanted to use in the OR.
Me: Oh…OK.

Did they eventually get moved?  Yes.  But what the hell made him think that his placement of shoes was A)appropriate and B)normal?  Am I crazy?  Thinking back to it I must say if it was sans the blood on top I would not have gotten so disgusted.  But the bottom line is there was blood, from an OR nonetheless, and it was sitting in my pretty living room.  I have learned to bite my tongue so many times I can’t even count.  So I made sure to express my disgust in a heartfelt, loving way that might get through to him because newflash -> blood drenched/dabbed/speckled/dropped/I-don’t-care-how-much-is-on-it-but-it-is-there sneakers need to stay out of my living space. This reminds me of an Emma saga of “You Know You’re a Surgeon’s Wife When…

I came to the conclusion that while what he did was pretty sick and unsanitary, there are bigger fish to fry so I’m over it.  He knows I was not thrilled and that’s what matters.  I think I had a soft spot because we don’t have a garage or mud room to displace something like that.  We don’t even have a yard where we can sit them (though the balcony would have been a better option).  But hey, he was probably seeing double when he put them there after his long shift.  I’m going with that because he knows Mrs. Dr. would not approve if he was thinking in his level-headed state.  Note: for my future visitors, I have disinfected the area and while I am not certain where the old sneaks currently reside, they are not next to the couch.

Are clogs, crocks and old sneakers the surgery way as far as feet selection for anyone else in the surgical field?  Would love to know…and hear if any of you have shared in a similar true and terrible story like mine.

Crystal Light Got It Right

When it comes to martinis, I recently have been sticking to the oldies but goodies, specifically the dvm.  The dirty has been a staple in my pre-dinner cocktail food outings.  But while simultaneously craving a new flavor to try I was presented months ago with these little guys.

Crystal Light

Crystal Light has taken a turn from powder to liquid and I must say, it’s working.  I have only tried the Pomtini and Strawberry Lemonade flavors but both are pretty good.  The Strawberry Lemonade takes the cake though.  It is such a simple drink to make and you can spice it up any way you want.

-Generous Amount of Vodka
-A Few Shots of Water (that’s right…H2O)
-2 Squirts of Crystal Light Flavor of your Choice
-Notes: Serve this over ice. A couple of times I have added St. Germain which gave the drink a hint of elderflower and complimented it very nicely.

These little containers are compact, convenient and bursting at the seams with flavor.  A few spritzes is all you need when using these polly in your pocket size delights.  It’s no mystery that these mixes should be used to quench the cocktail lover’s thirst with flavors like Peach Bellini and Pomtini.  But feel free to use these to enhance a non-alcoholic beverage as well such as just plain water.  After all, you and I both know that is probably what they are really supposed to be used for. ;)

Did I mention the best part?  They are a whopping zero calories.  Happy Cocktail Friday.


The other day I stopped to think about what motivates me.  Typically when I think about motivation, work comes to mind.  Perhaps it is because we are constantly looking for the motivation to help us get up and go to work everyday.  Or maybe because while at work it’s important to have motivation to succeed.  And when you succeed, you get rich.  Hopefully in dollar bills, relationships and in life.  Although sadly not always the case.  This is ultimately what makes the world go round and makes us all tick.  If there was zero motivation within people would we all be vegetables?  With no brain, emotion or life?  Being motivated is obviously important in our professional life but that doesn’t mean we should neglect what motivates us in our personal life.  God I sound like one of those speakers that stands on a stage in an auditorium full of people talking about how important it is to value yourself.  But I swear I’m not.  I just felt that when I really sat to think about it, I discovered there are a lot of drivers that motivate me each and everyday.

My own personal ambition motivates me to be better at my job.  I am lucky that I have an ambition because not everyone out there does as I am sure we all know someone in our lives that lacks this desire.  I believe all doctors have ambition and that aids in the majority of their accomplishments and is a key driver for why they choose that career path.  My family and friends are another big motivating factor for me.  People in general peak my curiosity as I have always been very interested in learning about the “whys” of people doing things.  But specifically – my family motivates me to be a more loving daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt and niece.  My friends motivate me to be more loyal, a better listener and great company.  Living in NYC with all of its surroundings motivates me to be more open and accepting of cultures, places and an unhealthy amount of delicious food and drink.  Speaking of drink, opposite ends of the spectrum motivate me to drink.  On one end there are days that it’s stress and on the other end there are days that it’s a celebratory occasion.  I can alwayssssssss find a celebratory occasion for a drink. :) Oh it’s Monday AND the first week of June AND Medical Monday – this calls for a cocktail.  But the most important motivation in my life is undoubtedly my busy husband.  He motivates me to be a better everything.  Yes, he also drives me nuts sometimes but he motivates me to feel the ups, downs and all arounds of our life together.  Lucky for me, that motivation gives way more laughs and smiles than frowns and tears.

The interesting part is when one of the motivaters is off.  My ambition lessens when I have a bad day at work.  I won’t be the greatest company if there is an issue with my friends or family.  If the weather in NYC is crappy, I won’t be as accepting about the guy who accidentally hit me in the face with his umbrella and didn’t apologize on the busy pedestrian-filled street.  And if my Mr. Dr. has a bad day then there is the potential that my happiness can feel empty or incomplete because our relationship is my most valued motivator.  So when these things happen I have found that the best thing I can do is focus on what’s ahead because there always seems to be something lingering in the forefront of my thoughts that can keep my motivation afloat.  Something upcoming that we should be able to look forward to – a vacation (even if just a day), a milestone in residency, visitors, a pleasant surprise, a new purchase, a new savings, a new job, a new home, a new family addition, a new friend, a new experience, new weather, and in the end…even a damn new day.  I guess in a way this relates to that saying:

Life is too short

But it’s true isn’t it?  Because the longer we stay unhappy, the more of a rut we get ourselves into and the longer it takes to get out.  So shit, I choose happy and will try to just keep swimming.  Sure, some days our motivators are at a higher level than others.  But at the end of the day our best bet is that if one of our motivators is down, the other is up.  That balance could just be one of the keys to keeping us happy.

And all of the above motivates me for this blog.  Without my motivation, I would sit around in my bed all day, be pretty lonely and eventually officially become a hermit.  What motivates you?  Is there anything specific when you stop and think about it?

And of course…

Happy June Medical Monday!  I can’t believe its June.  Although the humidity outside is an unpleasant reminder.  For those of you stopping by from the link-up thanks for visiting.  Quick recap – my Dr.H is an ortho R2, I work in media and we are in our 6th year of living in NYC.  Looking forward to meeting some new readers and writers this month.