Hats Off To The Senior

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With being completely consumed by baby, time has flown by. Even though I am awake MUCH more during the day AND at night than I was before, if you have a newborn you know that time goes by quickly. So quickly that the last time I sat and thought about Mr. Dr.’s schedule was in February. If you remember, he was finishing 24 hour in house call for the last time ever right before baby G was born. Well here we are in the last day of June. In house call has been done 4 months and it has been glorious. Truly glorious. I love knowing he is coming home to us every night. But on top of that, he has also finished his last 2 rotations as a PGY3. This is very exciting and not until recently did it occur to me that we can now actually look forward to the true back half of residency. I still don’t reallllllly see the light at the end but it’s getting closer. It’s now a dim glimmer as opposed to complete darkness. And instead of inching along these last few months I would say we have been yard sticking along considering I skipped over 2 ‘end of a rotation’ posts in April and May and didn’t even think twice about it.

Like a lot of my other fellow doctor’s wives out there, July is always an exciting time for us. It marks the end of a year. Mr. Dr. is now a senior resident which in medicine terms is a nice accomplishment. He has finally started to be able to enjoy the more pleasant aspects of ortho residency like actually performing the surgeries as opposed to just stitching skin and doing all of the ‘pay your dues’ grunt work. Of course he still has that to some extent but it’s lessened as the months continue to come and go. I am excited for him and for us as we enter into his 4th year. I hope these next 2 years go as fast as everyone says they do.

I Am A Mom.

Dear G,

The day you were born our lives changed forever. You have brought more joy to our lives over the last 3 + months than I could have ever imagined. Your smiles brighten my day…everyday…whether they are in your sleep or while your eyes are wide open staring back at me. Your giggles make me light up every time I hear them. Your coos weigh me down with sweetness as I watch you try to communicate with me and the rest of the world. Your expressions remind me of daddy and help me remember how lucky we are to have created such a beautiful baby boy. Your innocence humbles me and makes my softer side explode with admiration. Your gentle, easy spirit helps me remember the simple things in life can sometimes bring the most happiness. Your vibrant, observant personality makes me excited for you. Your pout face turned happy giggle face in a matter of seconds shows me what it’s like to feel true, pure emotion. You have taught me more in the last 3 months than I have learned in years. Plain and simple.

You have kept me up many sleepless nights. You have cried on me many hours. You have looked at me and given me “the lip” which is still the sweetest pout face I have ever seen. I have changed thousands of diapers that contain mustard looking poop. I have worn soiled shirts from your spit up. I have picked boogers out of your nose. I have picked earwax from your ears. I have stood over top of you while you smile at me and then 2 seconds later…pee in my hair. And I don’t care. Plain and simple.

I dedicated myself to you and have solely breastfed because it was my goal if I could. I feel both accomplished and exhausted from this feat. But the pain and fatigue has been worth it when I see you growing everyday. With every gained ounce and every lengthening centimeter I sometimes wish I could just say stop and capture your small body forever. Cuddling with you has become one of my favorite things. I love every bit of the farts, milk drool and mucus. I wouldn’t trade any one of your projectile poops for a clean one although the walls in your little room might. All of this just means one thing. I am a mom. Plain and simple.

G, when I look at you, a piece of my soul unlocks that I didn’t even know existed. When I’m not with you, I feel this same piece of my soul in every minute of missing you. You have stolen my heart. Plain and simple.

And while I know you can’t say it back yet, I know you love me too. Even though I cried when you grew out of your first newborn outfit, I have loved watching you grow from a newborn to a sweet, handsome and happy baby boy. Thank you for giving me the best gift a woman can receive. Her baby’s love.


Your Mommy

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Dear…Everyone Else,

Thank you for your patience as I have embarked on a brand new journey called motherhood. It was never my intention to go on hiatus from blogging for my entire maternity leave…but it happened. Quite frankly, I am glad it did. I have enjoyed every waking and sleeping (but mostly waking) minute with this new little man in my life, and I wouldn’t change anything from the last 3 months. My eyes have been opened to what’s really important. I feel a sense of purpose that certainly was not in my life before. Each day since March 1st has been a blessing and I feel so thankful. I appreciate you letting me take the time my little G has both demanded and deserved. While my hiatus was a nice break, I am back from fairyland and ready to tackle the working mom role full speed ahead.

Thanks for understanding that sometimes a break to enjoy the simple, yet special things in life is necessary in order to keep moving forward. My simple, special and little thing completely fulfilled my brief break in the most satisfying way.

And now back to reality…as a MOM.


Mrs. Dr. Blogger