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The calm before the storm

Fall fashion is a fun time in NYC.  Working in retail, it’s always a busy time for us.  We have fall fashion everything – integrations, catalogs, commercials, emails, billboards, banner ads – you name it.  It’s exciting to see what the must-haves are for the upcoming season.  And nothing is better than sitting at a NYC Fashion Week show watching those skinny ass models strut down the runway in the latest trends.  I am lucky enough to have been to a few good ones.  I will never forget my first fashion show experience at Bryant Park.  It was back in 2008 and I was waiting in the back of the tents outside to meet my friend before we went in.

This is a shot that I dug up that someone else took who must have been standing 2 feet next to me

All of the sudden I see this cracked out blonde in a jean dress walking towards me covered in paparazzi cameras.  Low and behold it was Lindsay Lohan who was heading in to see her boo’s sister at the time, Charlotte Ronson’s, show.  I must admit.  At first I didn’t recognize her because she really did look cracked out, had her head down as she walked up and was wearing glasses.  Well and I couldn’t remember at the time if she was in jail or out of jail.  Ha…I kid.  But I was also thrown off because most celebs walk the red carpet and go through the front entrance.  Not to mention her “girlfriend” at the time Sam literally looked like a boy so I was once again thrown off.  By the time I realized who it was as they got closer and I heard the paparazzi screaming “Lindsay, Lindsay look here!” I quickly caught on to a little something.  Attending these shows is an experience that one does not forget.  From celeb sightings to little white chairs that line the runway crammed with industry goers to gift bags if you’re lucky…there really is nothing quite like it.  The techno remixes and whimsical selection of music sucks you in and instantly you become mesmerized by the glimmer of lights on the long runway.  There is really not a bad seat in the house as you sit back and drool over the untouchable, creatively flawless designs prancing up and down in front of you.  Fabrics you may never dream of putting on your body in ways that sometimes only a model can make look good are the stars of the show leaving your eye wanting to see more every time.  Then when it’s all over you wake up and find yourself back on the busy streets of NYC walking home to your not so quite up to par wardrobe.  Sigh  :)

Back to LL for a second…what a hot little mess.  The poor girl unfortunately has not gone too uphill from 2008 it seems.  In fact just the other day I saw here on the local news that she claimed she was assaulted in her hotel room in Union Square after SHE brought the guy back to the room.  Really.  Come on L.  Get it together.  The moral of the story is…at least I had an unforgettable experience at my first ever NYC Fashion Show.

Back when Bryant Park was the home of the infamous tents…



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