Shaken Not Stirred

I think I have made it pretty clear that I love me a good martini.  Cocktails too of course which I obviously would take on the rocks, in a bottle or even in a plastic cup.  As long as vodka is a contributing or sole ingredient, I am set with a good cocktail.  But there is something special about those martini glasses isn’t there?  The look, the feel, the way it makes the drink taste…I can’t even fully describe the feeling it gives me, but it’s a damn good one.  I kind of feel cool drinking out of it too.  Is that lame?  Maybe.  Maybe not because I am sure I am not alone.  Anyway, I wanted to share my three favorite “classic” martinis.  As you may expect I have a lot of favorites, most of which are vodka induced.  But these three are my knights in shining armor if I ever have that “I just don’t know what I’m in the mood for” feeling.

My Go-To: Dirty Vodka Martini (aka: DVM)

Dirty Martini

-Generous amount of Vodka
-Dash of Vermouth (when I say dash I mean dash)
-2-3 Splashes of Olive Juice
-2-3 Stuffed Green Olives
-In the words of one of my good friends, the best part about this drink is that it’s a drink and a snack! I couldn’t agree more. Tip: for extra dirty (less strong) just add more olive juice.
(Photo credit: TheCulinaryGeek)

A Fan Favorite: Lemon Drop Martini (aka: LDM)


-Generous amount of Vodka
-2 Splashes of Triple Sec
-Splash of Sugar (I prefer Splenda)
-2 Splashes of Fresh Lemon Juice
-Add a sugar-lined rim if you wish, and a lemon twist for garnish- the key to this martini is to make it a perfect blend of sweet & sour. Tip: this is also great as a shot with a lick of sugar pre-shot and lemon slice post-shot.
(Photo credit: bluematt)


 A Traditional Staple: Cosmopolitan (aka: Cosmo)


-Generous amount of Vodka
-2 Splashes of Triple Sec/Cointreau (I prefer Triple Sec)
-2 Splashes of Cranberry Juice
-Splash of Fresh Lime Juice
-There is a reason that this cocktail still remains popular and it’s not just because of Sex & The City, it’s delicious. Tip: for a tarty twist, use pomegranate juice instead of cranberry or citrus flavored vodka instead of regular. You can thank me later.
(Photo credit: TheCulinaryGeek)


What’s your favorite classic martini?


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