You Can’t Judge A Doctor By It’s Cover

I wonder if anyone really chooses their doctor like this.  If they do Mr. Dr. would never get their vote because he doesn’t really have the time to hang out on social media.  Although that brings up a good point.  You may want to steer clear of any doctors who spend more time on facebook than in the hospital.  In any case choosing a doctor can be stressful.  Whether its your primary care physician or you need a surgery, it can be difficult to choose the right one for the job.  I feel a little differently about it being married to one.  A part of me feels like he should just tell me which ones to go to but he is in residency for Orthopedics.  Not general medicine or gynecology – the ones I would annually need.  Shoot…I can’t say that without confessing something.  I don’t go to my primary care physician like ever.  In fact I think I have only been maybe twice in the last 5 years.  I know I know.  That’s a very jaw dropping concept for most.  But I swear Mr. Dr. said that as long as I go to my you know who doctor every year I should be fine.  Glad I got that off my chest.  Anyway, when I looked at him a few months ago and asked him to find me a new woman doctor he kindly reminded me that he does not work with those kinds of doctors on a regular basis and probably would not know who to recommend.  He also reminded me that just because he is a resident does not mean he knows every doctor in NYC.  Well this is news to me.  I thought being a doctor meant that all doctors know each other no matter what specialty they are in.  This is so not the case.   Especially for residents.  There are a bazillion doctors in NYC – come on Mrs. Dr.  you should know better.  Call it a blonde moment or call it a “I was just hoping that this might be a perk that comes with residency” moment because these days they are a little scarce.

So if Mr. Dr. can’t provide me and everyone else I know with recommendations for doctors how do we all choose?  Well I think the two biggest ways are #1 Referrals and #2 Insurance.  Referrals are HUGE in medicine.  In fact dearest blog readers consider this your not so discreet hint.  In 10 years when you or any of your friends need an orthopedic surgeon you know who to contact.  And maybe if you refer to him as Mr. Dr. during your consultation he will give you the friends & family discount :)  Sorry I once again digress.  Referrals are definitely the way to go.  When making a big decision like who should be examining your body, people often look to to their friends for advice.  Its comforting.  Referrals from your current physicians are usually safe bets too.  But not all those pretty little referrals take every insurance now do they?  Ugh.  Getting stuck with a doctor just because they are in your network is the worst.  Most people won’t be willing to fork out the extra few hundred bucks per visit for an out of network doctor so you hope to get lucky.  I have been through 4 different lady doctors in the last 4 years at the same practice because each year I’m not thrilled with the care I get.  Oh well.  I’ll figure it out.  The good news is that once you do find the right doctor its worth it.  You want your doctor to be someone you trust and someone who puts you at ease…although it is highly unlikely I will ever feel at ease while I am lying awake uncomfortably with a speculum inside of me.  But that’s just me.  Although I am sure most gals would agree.

Personally, I think part of my decision on choosing a doctor should mirror how I went about choosing wedding vendors.  A big factor for me was response time.  All of my vendors were great about getting back to me promptly and I truly valued that etiquette.  I can relate this to waiting room time for doctors.  The quicker the wait time, the higher on the list.  We all know we sit in that waiting room impatiently pretending to read the magazines they have sitting out counting down the minutes on the clock.  But then again I guess they say good things happen to those who wait.  Hmmm.  If that’s the case I should really be looking forward to my birthday the year Mr. Dr. starts in a practice.  I bet I might get something extra special that year…even if I am wrinkly by then.

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