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Do you ever think about where you spend the majority of your time?  Not in the sense of what websites you visit in your daily browser but more in the sense of where you physically spend your time…especially in your home.  Take me for example.  I sit in what is  probably a 10ft x 10ft space all day every day at work on the 16th floor of a NYC landmark shopping building.  So although I work in a ginormous building I spend my days sitting in front of my desk in a space smaller than my bathroom.  Then I go home and sit in a 640 square foot apartment.  It has a bedroom, a living room, a dining…I guess area, a bathroom and a small kitchen.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my apartment but it’s not large.  So when I say it all out loud it kind of makes me feel like the majority of my time is spent in the same 700ish square feet.  Is that healthy??  Sure it makes getting to the kitchen easier because it’s less steps, hence, making it simply too convenient not to enjoy a glass of wine every night.  But still.  I guess people say they only “live” in certain areas of their house and the others fill with dust so maybe it’s not a bad thing that Mr. Dr. and I utilize every last inch of our apartment.

We definitely live in every part of our home so we don’t have the collecting dust issue.  Ours is more the collecting piles of papers that Mr. Dr. so innocently leaves lying around in the most random of places issue.  Love him to death but I am totally throwing him under the bus here when I say he is not the most organized.  He claims once he has an office it won’t be a problem.  I translate that to “I can’t wait to have an office so I can just throw all of my papers into one room in different piles so she doesn’t have to complain about them being all over the apartment.”  Have no fear though.  I recently took ALL of the random papers that “can’t just be thrown away but rather need to be shredded due to containing patient information” and stuffed gently placed them all into ONE bag in the corner of our bedroom.  I mean we are talking notes written on napkins people.  That is the kind of stuff Mr. Dr. pulls out of his pockets when he gets home.  Anyway, this will be the new way I will organize his piles.  I think it’s fair.  And once the bag starts to overflow…well then its time to play the “either I’m throwing it out or you are taking it out tomorrow” game.  Sigh.  I feel bad that he doesn’t have an office for his paperwork.  I feel bad that he has so many things to keep track of that he has to write on napkins to remember.  I feel bad complaining about his piles when we live in a small apartment with little space.  But here is how I look at it.  We chose NYU because of the residency program, not because of the living situation.  Clearly we knew what kind of space we were getting ourselves into after already being here for 4 years of medical school.  Therefore, its not really an excuse and we have to manage accordingly.  And in order to stay sane and happy in our 640 square feet of living space Mrs. Dr. likes to maintain a tidy apartment as best I can.  I think once again that’s fair.  And when push comes to shove I do believe Mr. Dr. would agree.

What some people might feel like living in my amount of home/work space

So maybe I’m just used to it at this point.  And healthy or not the 700ish square feet of home and work space that I reside in most days is my life.  But it does make me ponder about how much space we think we really need to live.  In reality the truth is we probably don’t need that much.  We all just acquire stuff we don’t need in that extra space anyway.  Then it makes moving a pain and cleaning is annoying.  Ugh.  Moving.  I hate moving.  I think most of you would agree that no matter how big your place is, moving homes makes you feel like you need an intervention.  Like you could be considered for the show Hoarders on A&E.  No one ever thinks they have that much stuff…until they move.  Anyway…maybe this weekend you should consider dusting off those unused areas.  Try to turn them into something productive or a spot where you will actually want to spend your time.  And in the process think about what you really need to be happy in your life space.  You may surprise yourself.  Is simple better?  Maybe sometimes that’s just what we need.

All you really need? Some may not agree :)

4 thoughts on “Living Space Sanity

  1. I grew up in a 3,500-4,000 square foot home, but when it came time to buy my own house something of that size wasn’t in the budget… Our house is approximately 1,500 square feet and while it feels small and cramped to me, we do (for the most part) have plenty of space to live… That said, I can’t imagine living in 640 square feet! :)

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