Zeus Is Not Just A Ruler Of The Gods

Mr. Dr. and I had an impromptu weeknight out the other night.  We restaurant hopped in the meatpacking/west village areas here in good old NYC.  We were very satisfied with our selections as it led me to a new cocktail I have to share with you all.  I saw it on the menu and knew I had to try it.  The drink was called Zeus.  Fitting because this drink was the perfect strength across all elements and I must say ruled all other drinks on the cocktail list.  A perfect blend of vodka, cucumber, peppercorn and lime.  Not sweet, a little bit of spice to compliment the cool cucumber flavor and an absolutely delectable flavor as I took my first sip.  Check it out.

Zeus at the Restaurant Catch

-Generous Amount of Vodka
-3 Splashes of Lime Juice
-3 Splashes of Cucumber Juice
-2 Splashes of Peppercorn Syrup
-Cut Cucumber Chunks and Mix In
-Garnish with a Cucumber Slice

Overall this restaurant had a great cocktail menu.  It was filled with unique blends and intriguing mixtures of refreshing liquors and juices.  Mr. Dr. even tried a Gin & Kummel Oyster Shot.  It came out as a mini oyster on top of a shot glass.  He dropped the oyster in and slurped the shot.  He said it was heavy on the Kummel but nonetheless it was pretty cool to watch.  Also available in Watermelon Tequila and Spicy Bloody Mary flavor.  If you are an oyster lover (sadly I am not) then it’s worth a try.  But I think we will be venturing back to Catch for sure to try some more delicious cocktails and experiment with the food menu.

Happy Friday!

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