My Fellow Americans…

Politics is not something I like to get too involved in.  Even when I lived in DC I didn’t appreciate it like most.  If I can’t appreciate it in the mecca of politicians then I don’t think I ever will.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am all for it if that’s your “thing” but it’s certainly not a topic I personally find much interest in.  I do like to watch the debates because it’s good to be informed.  But I have a confession about that too.  I secretly just love to watch the end when the wives/families come up and greet their husbands with sweet staged hugs and painted on smiles.  But it’s my favorite part and I wait for it through the whole debate because it’s so exciting to see their outfit of choice.  Take the other night for example.  Michelle Obama and Ann Romney were in the exact same color pink.  That means one of two things.  Either that color is in in in or it was a big oops for each of their stylists.  I like to believe the latter because come on…as much as these ladies get critiqued on how they present themselves and what they wear there is no way they would have chosen the same color if they knew.  Mobama I expected a bit more out of you my dear.  You have had a great sense of fashion as first lady but do your research.

I like to live pretty lightheartedly and sometimes political discussions can be way too heavy.  Yes I realize that it is important and that I should cast a vote.  But that does not mean I have to run around campaigning for my political party of choice.  If you are a campaigner then good for you, live it up.  But I’ll never be one of those gals driving around with a bumper sticker on the back of the car so the world can see who I favor.  The only way that would ever happen is if Mr. Dr. decides to forego residency and run for office.  Ha.  That is a pretty funny thought but probably wouldn’t happen unless pigs start flying overhead so fear not my fellow Americans.

While I understand that the people we have running our government affect Mr. Dr. and I’s lives everyday, I have learned that there are things that will happen that are well beyond our control.  Healthcare is a big topic in politics and who our presidents are over the years might greatly affect Mr. Dr.’s career as a surgeon.  But I really believe that as long as Mr. Dr. stays the course, continues to be a great doctor and a good person, he will have a great career and we will have a happy life regardless of who is sitting in the White House.  So let’s keep it light on this Friday and get to the point.  This my dear blog friends deep down is my take on politics:

Happy Friday!

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