The Golden State Awaits Us

I am so excited for this week to commence for two reasons.  First reason is because Mr. Dr. is on vacation for a week.  After a pretty emotionally draining 6 weeks (for both of us!) on his current rotation he gets a week off and then has one last week of work before moving onto the next rotation.  He definitely needs a little break so I am really happy that he is going to have some time this week to catch up on some much needed R&R.  The second reason I have been looking forward to this week is because we are heading west…

to LA!  We have never been to LA before and we absolutely cannot wait for a long weekend of fun in the glorious land of the Golden State.  We have only ever been to San Francisco (which is an awesome city) so we are really looking forward to exploring a new part of California.  We are going to get to spend some time with friends and Mr. Dr.’s family while we cruise through all of the cool places and activities LA has to offer.  We have lots of ideas of places and things we want to check out but for any of you LA veterans out there…let me know if there are any musts.  I can’t wait to walk down Rodeo drive and pretend I am Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman…only minus the hooker part.  That is definitely one of my musts.  Now if only we had the wallet big enough to handle the damage I could do.  Mr. Dr. better keep the plastic card out of sight from me that day or else we may need to get an extra piece of luggage for those extra purchases.  Ha, I dream.  Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, beaches, sunshine, the Pacific and an awesome time await us!

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