VA Rotation = DONE

I have been so preoccupied with the weather and getting our life back on track that I almost forgot to be excited that rotation #2 for the year is done.  (PS: we have power back!)  I’m so happy we have another rotation under the 2nd year resident belt.  This means we are 4 months into 2nd year.  And that means after the next rotation we are halfway done R2 year.  Woohoo!  The rotation Mr. Dr. just finished up on was quite draining both emotionally and physically.  But aren’t they all?  I probably said the same thing two months ago.  We definitely had the ups and downs with this one though.  This time around I got to experience what real home call is like.  I can’t say I love it or that I hate it.  It has it’s pros of potentially having him home and around more, but it’s cons of house arrest and being at the mercy of that little black device, the pager.  Mr. Dr. was working at the Veteran’s hospital in Manhattan.  He was lucky to have lots of time in the OR where he got to perform some awesome surgeries on his own with the supervision of his chief.  Here are some other learnings over the past 2 months:

1. Pagers can look cute and innocent…but do not be fooled.  They can run your life.
2. Veterans can be quite demanding with their healthcare.  One might think this is acceptable because they served our country, worked hard for a living and more than deserve their lifetime free healthcare. For those that this applies to – my hat is off to you.  And yes it is well-deserved.  Unfortunately Mr. Dr. has also come across those “vets” that served for less than 2 months and now because of those 2 months have voluntarily decided not to gain employment because they can live off of the government for the rest of their lives.  And unfortunately, those are the ones that scream at doctors when they tell them they have to wait a week to get their surgery.  To each their own but it’s unfortunate that there are people out there like that who give veterans a bad name when its undeserved.
3. When a hurricane comes through there will be lots of flooding in the basement if the hospital is next to a river. They learned this the hard way with a massive evacuation to other veterans’ hospitals throughout the boroughs.  The result? A closed hospital for weeks…maybe even months.
4. I’m happy this rotation is over.  And I can safely say that Mr. Dr. is too.

This week he started at Hospital for Joint Disease which is the ortho hospital in NYC.  And might I add, the only one affiliated with NYU in Manhattan that is not flooded.  The start has been rough to this one already especially because of playing catch-up from the hurricane so I anticipate quite an interesting 2 months.  Wish us luck!

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