Sandy…I liked you much better in Grease

The Calm Before Sandy

Well I guess I won’t be naming our future child Sandy (no I’m not pregnant).  Not after the madness that has swept through the east coast in the last few days.  As most of you should know by now us Manhattaners have suffered severe devastation over the last 24-48 hours from this hurricane.  And our neighboring friends in the surrounding boroughs and areas have experienced damage that people believed was unthinkable.  This storm became a reality all too fast.  There was the calm before the storm, the uncontrollable mess that occurred as it swept through followed by the unbelievably devastating aftermath.  As we sat and watched the storm unravel I was just thankful we had stocked up on the essentials – wine, liquor and water.

We all were annoyed by good ol’ Irene last year because she did not live up to expectations and allowed for widespread panic and overrated precautions throughout this city.  Well my friends, one thing I must say about Sandy is that she did live up to our wildest and most unwelcome expectations.  They were right.  The weathermen, the news, the predictions, the government officials and the like…all told us what to expect and it happened.  It happened bad.  My heart goes out to those that lost their homes, valuables and even their loved ones.  There are already too many deaths pronounced associated with this hurricane.  It’s heartbreaking.

East River

As Mr. Dr. and I arrived back into the city Sunday evening from our amazing trip to LA it was strangely quiet and ominous outside.  We were lucky to be on one of the last flights out of California Sunday morning.  As we departed 75 degrees and sunny weather with a refreshed attitude ready to start the week, we were certainly not prepared for what was about to sweep across our home over the next few days.  As we arrived into the city we were floored at the number of closed business, stores and emptiness.  We were a bit dazed at what we were walking into.  It was ghostly…the same way it was this morning when we ventured outside to get to a place north of us that had power to charge our phones, use the internet and use the bathroom.  And here I am writing this post from a hotel lobby.  It beats sitting in a blacked out apartment with no power, running water or good food.  Thank goodness for NYC hotels.  Flooding, trees in streets, road signs knocked over, barely any movement on the sidewalks, no public transportation and buildings quiet and dark from midtown all the way down to Miss Liberty.  It’s times like this I wish I was an Upper East Sider.  Then at least I may have my power back.  The usual taxi-filled streets with the overwhelming noise of horns and traffic were empty and wet.  It was…strange…and sad.  Hearing that the East river was spilling onto 1st Avenue throughout the storm wasn’t exactly a comforting thought considering we live on 2nd Avenue.

East River

Evacuations across the entire city with some of the worst among the hospitals were occurring in the midst of the worst of the storm.  The biggest hospitals in midtown and below are flooded or out of commission.  Have no fear though…that rock of Bellevue is still standing and working off their backup generator.  But walking patients down 18 flights of stairs to get them safely to a new hospital is unlike anything these NYC hospitals have ever experienced.  Yes, unthinkable damage has been done throughout our city.  And it’s not pretty.

Recovery from Sandy will take time, lots of time.  But we of course will overcome this, as we do everything else.  NYC will prevail as it always does.  We will come together and help our family, friends and neighbors.  Life will slowly start to come back together (if we ever get our power back).  And one thing is for certain…Hurricane Sandy 2012 will be a storm we will never forget.  Yep, this is one for the history books.  Stay safe everyone.


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