A Hocus Pocus Halloween

Hocus Pocus is an all-time favorite Halloween flick.  I am sure most would agree.  Now if only I could snap my fingers, say hocus pocus and voila…power back!  Ugh.  I don’t typically swoon over Halloween anyway so I guess with the hurricane I actually have a decent excuse this year not to have to dress up and go crazy for this candy lover’s dream day of the year.  But I do know there are people out there who anxiously anticipate Halloween every year so if that’s you…Happy Halloween.  Here is what I like about Halloween:

-Kit Kats
-Cute little kiddie costumes
-Hearing little kiddies get excited to say Trick or Treat
-Haunted Hayrides (I hate them because I don’t like scary but they are creepily fun)
-Orange cocktails in lieu of dressing up
-The year Mr. Dr. and I were Malibu Barbie and Beach Ken – uninventive but fun!

OK.  So I guess there is more to like than what I originally thought :)  But really, forgive me if I don’t seem overly thrilled this year.  Halloween just doesn’t seem so happy around here.  They cancelled the annual NYC parade and it seems that those still wanting to partake in the festivities will have to venture uptown to find a bar or party to celebrate.  I would anticipate some crowded, costume-filled sidewalks above 40th street tonight.  As I shared with you all yesterday…it’s certainly ghostly downtown.  Maybe it’s fair to say that this might the most fitting scene NYC has ever seen for Halloween.  When I say ghostly I mean literally at night when you look down towards lower Manhattan there are no lights except some brave car headlights that are passing through.  No traffic lights,  street lights,  store lights,  apartment lights.  Heck, all the ghosts and goblins in the world could come strolling through with glow sticks at night and people wouldn’t even be alarmed.  But rather happy that perhaps they could walk in line behind them with flashlights in hopes that parading across lower Manhattan might spark some power lines back to life.

Seriously Con Edison earn your money this month and get us back in business before we all go completely loony.  But hey it is Halloween so maybe we are all allowed to be a little nuts today.  I certainly am.  Tonight will be night 3 without power.  Please keep your fingers crossed for us and in the meantime enjoy your electricity, appreciate your running water and eat lots of candy.  It’s the one day of the year you don’t need to feel bad about it.  Happy Halloween friends!

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