Walking In A Winter Wonder Commute

Brrr.  I am not a fan of cold weather and the fact that winter is upon us is somewhat disheartening.  It is my least favorite season.  I guess it doesn’t help that I walk to work everyday.  I’m not hopping into my nice heated car every morning enjoying a friendly stop & go commute to work.  People ask if I take cabs to work when it’s really cold out or raining or just crappy weather.  Well the answer is no.  Some days its tempting, reallllllly tempting.  But over the years I have just had to slowly figure it out.  Like understanding the need to invest in rain boots after I ruined 2 pairs of shoes walking to work in the rain the first year I was here.  So my walking commute is pretty nice minus the cold days, rainy days, blizzards and oh yeah…now I can add in Hurricanes.  I must say though, I would rather walk to work through the rain in August than in dry, windy 30 degree weather in January.  But like I said, I have learned to cope.  Instead of hopping in my warm, cozy car I am throwing on my puffy coat (I like to call it the down comforter coat because that’s how warm it makes me feel), zipping it up past my neck and putting on thick socks over my stocking-covered feet and legs.  I finish my look with a pair of UGGs and oh so cute lifesaving earmuffs.  The fashion statement I make with the hood of my coat, earmuffs and aviator sunglasses from the neck up when it’s 30 degress and  sunny out is quite the look.  It would either be a Glamour mag DON’T or with the way any trend goes these days…it might just get a spot in the DO section.  I sweat for about 1 minute while I hop out the door into the elevator of my apartment building and hit the lobby.  But as soon as I step outside I am reminded why I bundle like I live in freaking Alaska.

My 23 minute commute is a blissful 23 minutes filled with fresh, crisp outside air.  The birds are chirping and it’s a great day to be alive.  Then BAM.  I am attacked by the weather like a pack of wolves pouncing on an innocent sweet deer.  Oh its nothing really…just the wind tunnel feeling I experience on a daily basis between the months of November-March.  You know, those days when I am walking uphill towards Park avenue and a battle breaks out between me and Mother Nature.  As I trudge up the hill my body contours into a slightly forward tilt walking stance to ensure I don’t get blown backwards into an over-accelerating taxi in the street.  And the one part of my body that is exposed – my face starts to feel like its slowly freezing into chipmunk cheek pouches of ice cubes.  Even my glove-covered hands sitting in pockets begin to feel numb by minute 12.  Then there are my legs.  I can’t help that I wear a lot of dresses and unfortunately that means not a ton of coverage except for a thin line of stockings on the skin.  As I get older I may need to reconsider the pants look more because I swear it’s getting harder with age in the cold.  So I get to my door at work after 20-25 minutes of hard work and pain, and still am amazed every time at the workout I just had to endure on my commute, not to mention the sweat that has built up inside of me because I’m feeling so frigid I don’t realize that my body is actually quite warm inside.  Fast forward to the end of my workday and I leave my building in the pitch black to do my battle with nature/workout/commute/walk home all over again in an effort to make it home to my warm, cozy apartment.

The first year I lived in the city I did not have earmuffs and I’m not sure I have had a game-changing experience quite like the one I had when I wore muffs outside in this city for the first time.  It was a revelation.  I felt stupid to not have known or understood sooner.  And my ears?  My poor ears.  They had been getting abused for far too long.  Thank goodness for the invention of earmuffs.  And UGGs?  Oh UGGs…I don’t care who your spokesperson is, with or without Tom Brady I will be buying your products for the rest of my life for as long as I live in cold weather climates.

So over the next few months just remember something my friends.  The next time you run out to jump into your chilly car and have to give it a couple of minutes to warm up, there is a gal over here in NYC trucking it on two legs bundled up from head to toe with a little show of blonde peeping out from underneath her hood.

Happy five months until spring!

3 thoughts on “Walking In A Winter Wonder Commute

  1. I feel for you. My commute is a mile to the transit, so I bundle up with those body long puffy jackets and boots. I have yet to purchase ear muffs, but I have grown out my hair so that it’s just another of protective layering against the chill :)

  2. If there is one item I could be an advocate for its definitely earmuffs! For now the hair sounds like it works for you though so good luck and stay warm, xo

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