Let’s Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  I am sure many of us have a lot we can be thankful for this year.  Since we started residency, my feelings on the h0lidays have taken quite a turn.  While most people are busy looking forward to planning their vacation days, trips home, time off and dinner time schedule with their families and friends, I am stewing over when we will get Mr. Dr.’s holiday work schedule and what it will say.  I anxiously await what the schedule will bring and how it will affect our holiday planning…or lack there of.  It’s not fun but as a phrase I have come to know all too well states: it comes with the territory of being a doctor.  Well this year unfortunately for us Mr. Dr. is working on Thanksgiving… and the day after.  Ho hum.  Bright spot – he is off Saturday and Sunday.  So we will get some quality time after all, just a few days late.  Hey I’ll take it.

Here is my top ten list thank you list for Thanksgiving 2012:

1. Vodka – you have gotten me through many rough times this past year, thanks for the rescue.
2. Shar my mother – you have probably listened to me vent more than anyone, thank you for always listening.
3. Trader Joe’s Wine Store – what would my weekday be like without your product? Thanks for never failing to have something that will take the daily edge off.
4. My friends – you continue to be my strength in times when I need you most even if all it is a laugh…or drinking partner, thank you for making me laugh when I need it most.
5. Martinis – you know me better than most dinner drinks, thanks for adding a delicious twist to any meal when I crave it.
6. My sister and seester – thanks for the unconditional support I can always count on.
7. Chipotle – thank you for giving me something to look forward to every Sunday.
8. My Job – thank you for giving me a paycheck that pays my ridiculous NYC bills and takes me to some pretty cool events where I can swoon over celebs.
9. My Blog and Blog Readers – you have been the best diary I have ever had, thank you.
10. My Mr. Dr. – thank you most for still acting excited to see me when you walk in the door after your 18 hour day workday.  For giving me an extra 2 minutes of cuddle time in the morning before you leave.  For trying so hard to stay awake to hang out with me a little longer.  And for continuing to be my best friend.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Give Thanks

  1. I LOVE how vodka becomes before your mother – priorities! :) And now I’m depressed that I’ve been unaware of Trader Joes wine shop all this time. Got to remedy this!

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