Just The Right Size

In my last post I talked about how much residency has changed my perception of the holidays mainly because I anxiously await the dreaded Nov-Dec schedule from Mr. Dr.  I also shared a fun post about my love for NYC during the holidays because of it’s many offerings and spirited presence.  Well what I have failed to mention thus far is how NYC and residency have come together in such a way to create a holiday experience in our little apartment that I never really ever expected.

First the background…living in NYC means (as you well know) living in a small space.  The small apartments that Mr. Dr. and I have resided in do not account for too much decor space.  Although I do add some special holiday touches every year, we don’t have the 6 ft Christmas tree or the lights hanging outside in our non-existent yard of landscaping or on our beautifully constructed roof.  There is no wreath on our apartment door because hey that sucker may just get stolen.  And FYI – if you send us a holiday card we prefer magnetic or postcard style so that it can go on our fridge as opposed to sitting out in our don’t-have-much-shelving-space living room.  But hey, this year being in a 600 square ft apartment as opposed to a 500 square ft apartment I went big.  I put up some lights in our living room around the ceiling  and windows, hung a giant glittery snowflake I collected from a sample sale and threw some silver balls around the curtains.  I completed the look with a lovely little glass tree which this year will probably suffice as our one and only (although Mr. Dr. has had a serious urge to get a real one this year).  And even though I almost fell of the couch a few times while decorating, in the end I think it was worth it.  It looks pretty darn festively cute.  Mr. Dr. was impressed.

Upon my decorating this year I discovered a funny phenomenon.  Take a look at exhibit A:

the best of holiday friends

Our tree is the same size as a handle of vodka!  Coincidence?   Maybe.  I call it…the product of NYC and residency colliding during the holidays.  Vodka has been a dear friend but if it weren’t for residency I could potentially live without the handle and settle for an airplane bottle size.  Well actually we know that’s probably not true.  And this beautiful mini Rockfeller center tree  lookalike that lights up into a gorgeous array of rainbow colors at the click of a button is just the most perfect Christmas tree for a small, cozy NYC apartment as adorable as ours.  So there you have it.  Where else can you find a living room Christmas tree and a bottle of vodka almost identical in size (I will disregard the fact that the handle is just a smidge bigger)?  Search no further.

One of these days we will have a real Christmas tree with real lights, ornaments and maybe even a tree skirt.  But for now our mini glass tree will suffice.  It will probably get fed vodka instead of water to keep it alive and it’s small enough that we may even forget we have it.  But it will be the perfect little tree for our perfect little apartment.

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