We Interrupt This Program For…Reindeer & Santa

In December, the land of TV takes a nice little break in regularly scheduled programming and shifts into holiday favorites.  As a kid I loved this.  Now that I am older sans kids I actually find myself slightly annoyed that my shows are on hiatus for a few weeks.  I am sure that will change when we one day have little tikes running around.  For now though I will cozy up on the couch in sweats and pretend I’m 7 yrs old again.  Only I will probably be sitting with a glass of red instead of next to my siblings.  And I am sure Mr. Dr. will be home late so I’ll just save him a seat next to me whenever he gets in.

One of my favorites when I was little was definitely Rudolph.  He is just the cutest little deer in this flick.  And that blinking nose.  Genius animation for its time and for the leader of Santa’s sleigh.

Another favorite of mine was Miracle on 34th Street.   The classic remake from 1994 was the best.  That little cutie Mara gave a star performance and she really stole the show with her adorable love for Mr. Kringle.

Another one we liked to watch growing up was Prancer.  This one is not quite as popular as the others but still a great feel good holiday movie.  I definitely thought that Prancer was a real living animal after watching this one.

Hmm.  My mom loves reindeer.  Coincidence that we watched a lot of reindeer movies growing up?  Maybe.  Good work mom.  I guess that also explains the bells we heard every Christmas Eve ever so slightly as we were falling asleep.  You know…the “bells on the collars of the reindeer” as they were flying over our house to make sure we were all fast asleep before they stopped on top of the house to drop off our gifts of course.

What’s your favorite holiday movie?

3 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Program For…Reindeer & Santa

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Miracle on 34th street or Prancer, I keep a look out on ABC for them. I love more current movies like the Holiday or Love Actually, but Christmas Vacation is a family tradition every year and it never gets old.

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