Weekend Bliss

Wine, liquor or beer.  What will be your drink of choice this weekend?  I may take a sip of all three before the clock strikes 11pm on Sunday night.  You know I don’t discriminate against many adult beverages.  Besides I live in New York City.  Taxis are always available to enjoy the pleasure of my tipsy company.  And I’m a late 20s girl with a husband that works more hours than an overseas sweatshop employee working a double.  Even if his social life is not up to par it doesn’t mean mine has to suffer.  So now that I got that off my chest…here could be my potential plan.

Perhaps tonight I will choose to indulge in a vodka cocktail (flavor and style tbd) to kick off the weekend.  Maybe cranberry and vodka so that I get my appropriate dose of fruit in for the day.  Then tomorrow I can have a soothing afternoon glass of wine.  Maybe a nice hearty glass of red so that I get my “its good for the heart” fix in.  On Sunday during football I could enjoy a cold, crisp Coors Light from the local bar downstairs on the corner.  Maybe that would give me just the silver bullet kick that I need to tackle my weekend to-do list.  There is a prime opportunity for all it seems.  I am a lucky girl.  I just hope this doesn’t steer me away from the it-will-creep-up-on-you-so-do-it-before-its-too-late holiday shopping that is still lingering.  But there is allllways time for a cocktail.  And when there isn’t we make time :)

Happy Cocktail Friday!


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