Dirty Or Sweet To End 2012

As most of you might guess, I would choose dirty.  After all a DVM is one of my favorite martinis of choice.  A sweet martini has to be just the right flavor of sweet and not too too sweet in order for me to claim it as a favorite, or even have it in my monthly (ok probably weekly) martini rotation.  Obviously the love for martinis is both vodka and appearance induced.  There is something so classy about a long stemmed martini glass.  It’s such a nice piece of eye candy.  But in recent years I have grown quite fond of stemless drinking glasses.  This really began as a result of living in NYC.  Stemless decreases your spillage chances by a landslide.  In addition, I cannot tell you how many wine glasses I have broken from trying to maneuver around my small kitchen while pouring a glass or 3.  So stemless has become my new best friend and so have these oh-so-cute satin etched martini glasses.  Major perk: they are stackable which screams one word…convenience.

After chatting with the lovely owner and brains behind these I got to learn the story of how these originated.  We all can agree I am sure at one point or another we have had some unbelievably brilliant ideas after we have indulged in a few cocktails.  We all come up with the best ideas tipsy.  I too am at fault.  Don’t worry you are not alone.  Only in her case, her and her friend were doing just that and voila!  An actually great idea evolved from such a conversation a few martinis later.  Her shop The Simple Laugh features trendy products that are unique and fun.  I fell in love with these Dirty or Sweet? glasses.  They are more than affordable at just $7 a glass with discounts for sets (currently $12 for a set).  Yes I prefer dirty…but the darling character of The Simple Laugh Shop might just make me think twice.  After all there really is something sweet about the simple things in life and in the words of The Simple Laugh Shop “because fun shouldn’t be complicated.”

Happy Last Cocktail Friday of 2012!

2 thoughts on “Dirty Or Sweet To End 2012

  1. Thanks for the review about the The Simple Laugh trendy products, I like the idea of the stackable stemware. I also checked out their t-shirt section for shirts for my boot-camp class.

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