Mommas Deserve Martinis Too

I guess this only applies to those mommies out there who can stay awake long enough to treat themselves.  My sleepless nights are caused by a husband who comes and goes at the oddest of hours or the sound of construction outside of our window in the wee morning hours as opposed to little ones crawling around.  But everyone and especially sleep-deprived mommies deserve to treat themselves to a cocktail every once in a while.  You may feel too tired to even pick up the glass to sip but I came across just the right incentive to help peak the thirsty appetite.

Mommy Deserves a Martini

If your child is telling you that you need a martini and they can’t even speak yet then you know you owe yourself :)  I can picture it now…screaming baby grabs the bottle of milk and feels instant gratification, while mommy reaches for her bottle…of vodka…and also feels instant gratification.  Seriously though.  How cute are these adorable onesies that are available here?  This would make such a sweet gift for a new mom.  Hint hint for the future my friends…after Mr. and Mrs. Dr. pop out a baby I might need a whole box of these.  In fact, I might not put a child in any other clothing.

So if you do want to snatch up a couple of these for your mom friends, family or even yourself head over to Etsy.  It comes in multiple colors and sizes, and just for being loyal fans of Mrs. Dr. enter freeshippingmoki at checkout for free shipping on your order courtesy of Bully Design Company.  They specialize in fun baby clothes and customize some of the wittiest, cutest designs for the little ones.  Be sure to stop by their shop and check them out.  Happy shopping mommas and…

Happy Cocktail Friday!

6 thoughts on “Mommas Deserve Martinis Too

  1. cheers amy! i might have to stock up on these for all my cute preggo friends…and reward my thoughtfulness with a martini!

  2. You definitely need ones that are personalized. Momma needs a …. Apple Martini or a Cosmo (put the mix instructions on the back of the onesie). A sleep-deprived mommy might need extra help with the mixology. :)

  3. Me gustaría trabajar en la vendimia e trabajado en el campo aparte de la construcción a ver si alguien me hecha una mano estoy sin trabajo.lle varia amis hijos. con buena ganas de trabajar.

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