Just Trying To Catch Some Zzzzs

The snooze button has become quite a staple lately in our (ahem Mr. Dr.) morning.  He used to jump out of bed and wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed pretty easily.  But then residency, sleep deprivation and never before seen stages of exhaustion took over in the last year and a half.  So the snooze button has played a much bigger role in the daily routine.  Confession – I hate it.  A few months ago I kindly asked him to change his alarm ringtone to one that I could bear if I was going to have to hear it multiple times throughout the 4am hour everyday.  Well he did.  So now my nightly sleep pattern is interrupted by the pleasant drumming of “church bells.”  Yes really.  But between you and me, it sounds like a damn doorbell ringing over and over again.  So much so that I perch up at the second it goes off in fear that someone is ringing our tiny little doorbell in the middle of the night trying to break in to our apartment at such an unruly hour.  Then after a few seconds I am reminded that its my dear husband’s wake-up call.  Hey – if waking up to church bells helps start his morning off on the right foot then I am all for it.  Anything to help make his day a little more pleasant.  And I do mean that.  But I always thought the beauty of church bells is that they ring once for about a minute on Sunday morning and then don’t ring again until the the next Sunday morning…

Unfortunately not in our case.

I am not a totally sound sleeper.  And I think I still am not really used to Mr. Dr.’s crazy schedule and weird hours because it is always changing.  One constant though is that whether those bells go off at 4am, 5am or 6am he still wakes up early.  That means so do I.  I usually fall back asleep fairly quickly after he departs and feel a slight twinge of excitement knowing I have a couple more hours of shut-eye to get but occasionally I am left restless.  I wonder if I will ever become comfortable enough with it that I won’t be affected.  Somehow I don’t think so.  I guess for now, I will just try my very best to not let my evil twin get too angered when SnoozerMcSnoozerton presses that church bell button every 5 minutes for what feels like eternity.  After all, no matter how restless it makes me I have to remember how coveted those extra few minutes of sleep can be for my Mr. Dr.

2 thoughts on “Just Trying To Catch Some Zzzzs

  1. I press the snooze button all the time so when M finally has earlier hours I’m not allowed to complain at all :). Church bells would not be soothing to me either, doesn’t he have any better options? Maybe a gentle Enya song or some whale mating calls? hee hee.

  2. It is possible to develop an immunity to all alarm/pages/hospital related noises. At this point in the game my husband wakes up at the same time every day, even on the weekends. I have no idea exactly what time he gets up anymore because I don’t hear anything! He wakes up, gets dressed, and leaves and I am blissfully sleeping.

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