Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Mr. Dr. surprised me last night and got us a new apartment decoration…

a real tree!  A big one too – 6 ft tall.  Now my mini glass Rockefeller center look-a-like that I thought was sufficing as our tree this year is simply a small decoration on our shelf.  Don’t worry it still fits in beautifully with my vodka bottle decor.  Mr. Dr. had mentioned a few weeks ago he wanted a real tree this year but he is so busy I figured it would just be talked about with zero follow through (that happens with a lot of what we discuss lately).  But he proved me wrong about this one.  I told him that I didn’t want to worry about it because our mini glass tree was fine and that we could reconsider next year.  We have never had an apartment big enough to get a real tree that would fit comfortably without looking awkward so it was never a priority.  Also I guess this goes without saying but we do live in NYC where trees and decor are way overpriced so I thought we could put the money saved towards gifts for family.  But in the spirit of Christmas and adding a bright spot to what has been a long few weeks of work for both of us he threw logic aside and voila!

Since this glamorous tree above was a surprise appearance late in the game we had to be resourceful.  We took down the lights that I had strung around the living room back in November and wrapped them around the tree…only many many bulbs at this point are out so its not quite as bling bling as I would have hoped for yet.  Then I searched in our under the bed bins and in the bags tucked away in the closet for leftover gift bows from wrapping and receiving gifts.  And as you can see…made some ornaments out of them and even created a topper of festive holiday ribbon.  Not bad for a makeshift work in progress right?  Secretly…and well not so secretly I am thrilled Mr. Dr. did follow through on this one because after 6 years without a tree in cramped apartments, this really brings it home for me.  I have missed you Oh Christmas Tree and I am glad you came in as a surprise guest this holiday season :)

5 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

  1. I think the tree looks gorgeous, and your man is pretty cute too! Why don’t you buy mini wine bottles and hang them on the tree? ;) I was thinking about doing the same with a minature tree, but do I really want Captain Morgan and Smirnoff adorning my tree? Absolutely not.

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