Adult Ortho Rotation At HJD = Done

For the last two months Mr. Dr. has been on an adult orthopedic rotation that specializes mostly in joint replacements at NYU’s main ortho hospital.  And now that it’s over guess what?  We are halfway done 2nd year!  Another rotation under the belts and one step closer.  Over the past two months there has been ups and there have been downs…gosh I think I find myself saying those exact words at the end of every rotation.  There have been unexpected 23 hour days followed by an hour nap and another 16 hours of work.  There have been consecutive weeks of work that were just way too many hours to count.  There has been sadness over him having to work on Thanksgiving.  There has been joy over him being off on Christmas.  There has been anticipated excitement to get to the end of the rotation so that we could both enjoy a week of vacation and time off from our busy lives and undoubtedly spend some great quality time with each other.  Here are some conclusions and other observations from the last two months:

-Although Mr. Dr. has had some tired eyes, his hair has been looking remarkably fresh and full. He has been going to a new place to get cut and I’ll be damned if the name of the venue doesn’t say it all – Magnifique.
-Winter in NYC means lots of cold walks around town for Mrs. Dr.
-Just because your husband is a doctor does not mean he will prescribe you medicine.  Three weeks of coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose and even the development of pink eye didn’t do the trick.  All I get is tough love when I become the patient, and a “You’re fine you just need to rest. It will go away soon.”  Blah.
-Mr. Dr. got to be a part of some pretty neat surgeries but barely any sleep may or may not have led to him dosing off for a second in the middle of the OR…shhhh.
-Hurricanes have the ability to greatly affect the inner workings of a hospital, including those who work there.

Oh and having a week off together was just what the doctor ordered to kick off 2013.  I feel like you never know how much you really need it until its over.  But that’s it for now.  I am sure this next rotation will bring more glorious challenges and excitement.  Onto the next.

Ortho Hip Cartoon

5 thoughts on “Adult Ortho Rotation At HJD = Done

  1. 23 hour days? That’s crazy–I would’ve fallen asleep in the middle of the OR too! Congrats to him for finishing another rotation though. Like you said, onto the next rotation!

    I’m a new follower from the Medical Mondays hop. So excited to start following!

  2. Thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll! You’re so sweet. My fiance is a spine fellow and he is almost done… Looking at jobs now. Hope all is well in NYC sister. Oh, are you on twitter??
    The Pumpkin Spot

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