Christmas Aftermath

So Christmas is over and I have somewhat gotten the apartment in order from the tornado that came through after we got home from our whirlwind of travels in the last 5 days.  I set up our brand new Keurig, hung our new beautiful wedding canvas above our bed, unpacked the clothes and then tackled the other bags of gifts we acquired from two great family celebrations.  While I am so grateful for the many wonderful gifts we received a part of me cannot help but wish that some things stayed at the stores or in the homes of our families so that we did not have to bring it all back and clutter our little apartment.  Is that selfish??  I mean I just do not know where to put half of the stuff.  And then of course I feel bad that I have these thoughts because people took the time and effort to buy us these sweet gifts that obviously had thought behind them.  But I just fear that my desire to keep everything in good faith will bring our apartment to be the next episode on the show Hoarders!

I think this last year especially I have really tried to make an effort to de-clutter our life.  I love our apartment neat and tidy and really appreciate a clutter-free environment.  It helps me stay sane in the 600 square feet we live in everyday.  And quite frankly it makes me happy to come home everyday to a nice, open living space.  I have seen so many little apartments filled with stuff and more stuff and I just want to scream for those owners.  I used to be one of those people that kept everything…really I did.  I had a difficult time purging just about anything that had even the tiniest bit of meaning to me and our life.  But after 5 years in NYC I got struck by the tidiness fairy and was blessed with an apartment I finally loved and made a vow to keep it as orderly as possible.  I have learned that organization is key and that as long as I can easily access my wine and liquor bar I can stay pretty content in the apartment.  Mr. Dr.’s item philosophy with clothes is – when one thing comes in, one thing goes out.  I may try and adopt that for all items that reside in the apartment…except of course for my closet :)

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