Goodbye ’12, Hello ’13

2012 was a good year overall.  We opened the year with Mr. Dr. working New Years Eve and New Years Day but he was off by midnight.  So we were able to sneak in a late dinner and rung in 2012 together by ourselves in the city at a fun restaurant.  It was actually a nice first New Years as a married couple and the first one we had spent with just ourselves.  Of course I didn’t like him getting up at 6am to go into work the next day but hey he was there at midnight.

February came around and we had our first vacation with my brother, sister and their significant others.  We soared to Jamaica Mon and had an absolute blast together.  Luckily my siblings and I share similar vacationing habits – eat, start drinking at 10am, sunbathe, eat, get your second drink around noon, sunbathe, go for a walk around the resort to get some exercise, be ready for poolside happy hour at 3pm, shower, eat and enjoy the night with some more cocktails.  It was perfect.


Jamaica 2012

March was filled with excitement as we moved into a new apartment.  We were so thrilled to get this apartment and locked it in with a 2 year lease.  Sunny, open, welcoming and the biggest (although that’s not saying much) one we have had since moving to NYC.  It is perfect.


Champagne in our new apartment

April crept up on us and we celebrated our first anniversary.  Mr. Dr. had the weekend off and we traveled out to the Hamptons.  We had an afternoon of wine tasting along the North Fork and ended the night with dinner at a restaurant right on the beach.  It was also perfect.  April also brought my second trip to the ER in 6 months.  Who cuts themselves after 5 minutes of starting to cook Easter dinner for her husband so we can enjoy the holiday together after he gets off work?  Me.  A scraped off nail and 7 stitches later in my thumb with no dinner on the table until 10pm after Mr. Dr. came home to help me make it, we finally got through Easter Sunday.

anniv weekend

Raphael’s Vineyard terrace

In May we celebrated my 28th birthday and kicked off wedding season.  We had over 7 weddings that we got invited to in 2012.  Unfortunately we could not make them all but the ones we did get to were fantastic.

Getting cocktails before my bday dinner

Getting cocktails before my bday dinner

June marked Mr. Dr.’s last month of intern year (woohoo!) and we (mainly I) kicked off summer with many cocktail nights on our new balcony.  I also attended my first Looze Family Summer Olympics solo…while Mr. Dr. took call.

Me and my "Turkey" Trophy

My turkey trophy at Summer Olympics

July started off great with Mr. Dr. having off on July 4th.  We got tickets to the Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular and enjoyed a night of fun along the Hudson river watching the awesome fireworks from 4 barges for the first time in NYC.  Oh and I had this brilliant idea to combine medicine, martinis and my life to start a blog. ;)  Maybe it was those fireworks that *sparked* my idea.

macys fireworks

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks

August was a big adjustment month.  Mr. Dr. was working a ton of hours, was officially an PGY2 and I officially realized that 2nd year was going to be no easier than first year.  But the weather was still nice and we closed out the summer with some fun weekend getaways and some time at the beach.

OCMD 2012

OCMD 2012

September brought Fall and all that comes with it – new shows, new fashion and a change in temperature.  September in NYC is so lovely.  You get to throw on your new boots, a bomber jacket, scarf and hit the streets all while enjoying the crisp fresh city air.

At a friend's beautiful September wedding

At a friend’s beautiful September wedding

October closed out wedding season and took us on a trip to LA.  We had such a great visit with family and friends while in Cali and I loved every minute of it.  We came home to an unexpected and very uninvited super storm.  And once again all I can say about that is I much prefer Sandy in Grease.

Rodeo drive

Rodeo Drive in LA

November arrived and I was thankful for many things, but not thankful that Mr. Dr. had to work on Turkey Day.  At least I spent it with my family and was able to bring home leftovers for a midnight snack when he got home from the hospital that night.

And here we are in December.  Mr. Dr. celebrated a 31st birthday and we had a wonderful Christmas together.  The year behind us has brought joy, sadness, tears and happiness.  It has been up and it has been down.  We had new obstacles to overcome and new blessings to enjoy.  We are still standing, still cocktailing and still looking ahead.  And as I write this I have a positive outlook on what 2013 will bring so I guess we are doing something right :)

Rockefeller Tree 2012

Rockefeller Christmas Tree 2012

Happy New Year blog friends and family to you and yours…and cheers to an absolutely delicious 2013!

happy new year

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