Wasting Away Again In Vacationville

Why is it always so hard to get back into the swing of things after a great vacation?  One one hand, you feel relaxed and ready to conquer the world because you are on that high of rejuvenation.  On the other, you think to yourself…too short, don’t have enough of this and I could get used to a relaxed life 24/7.  The first makes it easy to come back to work and daily life.  You think your brain is cleared and for a wee bit of time you may even falsely convince yourself that you can maintain this positive energy forever.  The latter, and in my case, more true thinking makes it harder for me to get back in the saddle.  I get a serious case of the Sundays right before I know I have to get up the next morning, head back into work and probably not see Mr. Dr.’s face for a few days.

That’s the tough part about time off.  We look forward to time off so much that we almost hit overboard waiting for it, and then the complete opposite feeling of dreading what’s to come after it’s over hits us like a pile of bricks.  Sure once you get back into the swing of things, life gets back to “normal.”  But I have to believe I am not alone when I say that experiencing 3 extreme emotions surrounding your time off can be tough – extreme anticipation leading up to vacation, complete and utter serenity and happiness while on it and then extreme “noooo it can’t be over already” ho-humness when it’s over.  I even tried to have a “get in the zen zone” moment driving back into the city upon our return from our time off.  It worked for all of about 2 minutes while I was attempting to zen, then a cab driver slammed on his brakes, so did we and the moment was killed with a slight twinge of whiplash.  Thank you NYC for always welcoming us back with a bang.  I guess it could be worse.

Relaxed Ice Cream So here I am, after a week of being back into “normal” life and well it’s not that bad.  And while it’s not always easy diving back in to the routine in some ways it is the only thing we can do to keep ourselves plugging along.  After all just like residency has taught me, nowadays it is the little things I usually appreciate most…like discovering a new martini recipe.  Will share with you soon ;)

One thought on “Wasting Away Again In Vacationville

  1. Sweet post. My hubby is MS-3 and I found your blog off the Lives of Dr. Wives fb page. I will look forward to keeping up with your posts. This life is such a unique one. It’s nice to know others who understand.

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