Straight Up Hot & Dirty

Three things I love.  A good martini straight up.  Hot weather or in this case some hotness (only occasionally) to my palette.  And a damn good dirty style drink.  I’m not so prim and proper as I’m sure you have caught onto even though I love a good fashion trend, my MAC makeup and giving my blonde locks a good blowout.  My style of writing isn’t exactly prim and proper and neither is my choice of adult beverages.  I like beer in a red solo cup as much as I like my vodka in a martini glass.  I like being honest and absolutely blunt with my blog as much as I like getting ready for work half naked in the morning because it’s just more comfortable without clothes on.  So this below drink that I recently indulged in is the perfect fit for my personality, style of cocktail preference and just overall appreciation for a good martini…and a good laugh.  Warning: the below contains inappropriate content.

Please meet the Hot & Dirty with a side of olive pepper sperm-ite.  Coincidence dirty is in the name?  I think not.

Hot & Dirty

Hot & Dirty at Liquid Assets in Ocean City, MD

Hot & Dirty at Liquid Assets in Ocean City, MD

-Generous Amount of Chopin Potato Vodka
-3 Splashes of Spicy Jalapeno Juice
-Garnish with a Pepper Stuffed Olive (if you find one that looks like that it’s a bonus)
-Besides the obvious joke I have completely laughed out loud over with the look of this martini’s garnish, it is all it cracks up to be.  A little hot and a little dirty.  The spicy jalapeno juice is a nice twist on the classic dirty, olive juice made, martini.  It is spicy, strong and I thoroughly enjoyed every sip.  But be careful…one is every bit satisfying but two may be a little too intense with the bursting-at-the-seams flavor.  Wear your protection while drinking this hot & dirty treat.

No I did not implant this pepper olive myself to make for a good laugh.  I received this drink as shown above and had a freaking field day with it.  Of course I have seen pepper stuffed olives but usually they are stuffed completely inside sans tail.  Or if they are with a tail they are not “swimming” in my cocktail.  You know it’s true!  This is as good a sperm impersonation as I have ever seen and I can honestly say of all the times I have drank a dirty martini I have never thought of the other meaning of “dirty” until I sipped on this one.  How could I not?  Maybe it’s a sick minds appreciate it kind of thing but I laughed with my family and of course my Mr. Dr. for a good while about this one.  Best part and bottom line:  it was such a great tasting cocktail.  Keep your minds out of the gutter (or in for more laughs) and of course…

Happy Cocktail Friday!

4 thoughts on “Straight Up Hot & Dirty

  1. YES I LOVE YOU!! Haha I just saw your comment on my blog and had to come check you out. I am craving a dirty martini right now. I would definitely get one of those spermy ones that you made if I could eat meat. Definitely following you!

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