Wined Up With Bottoms Up

Wine?  Yes please.  As I have gotten older I enjoy my wine almost nightly.  Whether its with dinner, sufficing as a way to take the edge off from my day or a night out with my girl friends to catch up.  I love a good light white in the summer and there is nothing more cozy than a full bodied red in the winter.  Thanks to the worldwide web we now have a plethora of craft ideas related to wine, corks and the like to keep us busy and entertained.  Mr. Dr. and I received a beautifully initialed hurricane vase for our wedding (thanks LC) and have since filled it with corks galore.  I even took it to the next level and wrote the date and event on certain ones from special occasions.  I can’t wait to turn the vase over in a few years, find them in the cork mix and relive those moments.  That is probably one of the easiest cork projects because all you have to do is finish the bottle of wine, grab a pen and then throw the cork in a vase.  But there are a lot of DIY tutorials out there.  And if I may, I say leave the real crafty projects to the experts.  Joy from BottomsUpCrafts is my go-to wine-o handywoman.  From ornaments to bulletin boards she creates some of the most fun housewares that can be a treat for yourself or a fabulous unique gift.  The serving tray shown here has been a great addition to our living room and an eye-catching accessory that sits comfortably on our end table because it is simply too cute to keep in the kitchen cabinet.

wine serving tray

She will also customize something special if you have one of those “I thought of this after a few glasses of wine…” ideas upon a simple request.  I recently purchased a couple of these trivets as a gift for my sister who has a wine theme in her kitchen and they were absolutely perfect.  BottomsUpCrafts is the crafty cork expert I wish I was and I will certainly be gifting some more of these products in 2013.  It’s the new kid on the block since it just opened up on Etsy a few months ago so be sure to check it out here.  You will notice that she even has products for the beer lover.  An affordable one-stop shop with a name as cute as it’s products.  For people out there like myself who appreciate an idea derived from enjoying a relaxing glass of wine or a refreshing bottle of beer, BottomsUpCrafts can make your vision come to life.

Happy Cocktail Friday!

3 thoughts on “Wined Up With Bottoms Up

  1. CUTE! I think I might attempt this on my own. I’ve been stockpiling corks. Something must be done. On another note…is it too early to start drinking?

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