Globes Grammies And Oscars Oh My

Award season is officially underway.  It kicked off with the Globes made of gold just over a week ago and now we anxiously await the curtain to open for our friends Grammy and Oscar.  The only other one I might watch in between would be the Screen Actor’s Guild but don’t hold me to it.  People say the Globes sometimes foreshadow the results of the Academy Awards but I think it all just comes down to who slept with who in Hollywood when all the movies were released at the end of the year.

Regardless, there are three things that remain pretty constant for me every year.

1. I swoon over the fashion like I do when I window shop past Chanel.  Always a surprise and the selection keeps me on my toes.  Just when I think I’m going to see bright colors the red carpet is filled with reds, neutrals and blacks like it was at the Globes this year.  The plunging necklines, the cutout midsections and the effortlessly chic looks from the stars got me so amped up to see what the red carpet will bring for the rest of award season.  I am filled with suspense and satisfaction as I thought almost every look I saw at the Globes was close to perfection.

Globes fashion

2. I anxiously await for the camera to find Leo  Always my best male dressed.  Always my favorite since Titanic.  I mean a guy that still looks unbelievably handsome white as a ghost trembling in freezing water will always have my vote.  I love that he walks almost all the red carpets solo because he’s too good for a girlfriend and that almost all the movies he stars in knock it out of the park.  The fact that he became the image for Tag Heuer watches may or may not have been the reason I got one for Mr. Dr. on his 30th birthday.  This guy is a stud who is aging with perfection and a whole lot of handsome.


3. Seeing the hosts, recipients and presenters getting progressively more tipsier throughout the duration of each show never fails to give me a chuckle.  You can always tell who and when they have had too much champagne (hey sometimes they even tell us in the speech).  Maybe they weren’t expecting the win so they wanted to enjoy the party?  Maybe they were expecting the win and were nervous about the speech?  Or maybe in the case of the hosts, they can get away with saying whatever they want because people will laugh so why not keep the bubbles flowing?  Whatever it is, I find it all highly entertaining.

Tina & Amy

Will Ms. Gaga show up on the Grammy red carpet in another gigantic egg?  Will Argo pull away with the Best Picture Oscar as it did at the Globes?  We will soon find out.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store.  I will most certainly be watching.  Will you?

One thought on “Globes Grammies And Oscars Oh My

  1. I feel like I have been hibernating the last week. There were award shows? I could care less about the movies/music, I just want to see the clothes! When the magazines are published I can’t help but stand in line at the grocery store a little longer.

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