Confessions Wednesday

I am excited to be linking up with Mrs. Bear from Think Happy Thoughts today for the Confessions Wednesday link-up party.  I know I have probably umteen million confessions I could write about but I will try and stick to the main front runners in order to not bore anyone today.

1.  I confess I have felt spoiled in the last two weeks.  Mr. Dr.’s hours have been…bearable.   So bearable that I find myself eating dinner with him every night before 9pm.  Key words are with him and 9pm.  This is amazing and hasn’t happened for a week straight in so long (minus the week of vacation where we ate out nightly and it was so early that the seniors were still dining and it was just turning dark outside).

2.  I confess that the above confession actually gives me anxiety because I know that it is only a matter of time before I lose him for days straight.  Ah…just breathe.

3.  I confess that I am ecstatic that the Baltimore Ravens are heading to NOLA for the superbowl and that the Dr. Showdown went in my favor!  Go Ravens!  Hmmm…is it really a confession if I am not so secret about it?  Eh why not.

4.  I confess that I feel bad about the man who operates the coffee street vendor cart on my walk to work.  Since getting a Keurig for Christmas I have been bringing my coffee to work everyday instead of stopping by him to pick it up in the morning.  His coffee is not the best but when you see someone everyday you develop a relationship.  Yes he was a bit creepy and told me how beautiful I looked everyday and that he couldn’t believe his wife was pregnant again…but the coffee was cheap, we exchanged kind words to each other every morning and well…what girl doesn’t like getting told their beautiful even if it is from a coffee vendor?  Anyway I feel bad because I don’t have the heart to stop by and tell him I now bring my own coffee to work.  Maybe one day a week I will switch it up and stop in to see him just to rekindle the connection and suffer through a sub par cup of coffee.   He is a nice man.

Confessioning…so therapeutic, so easy and it feels so good.

6 thoughts on “Confessions Wednesday

  1. Aw you’re confessions are nice!! You should drop off a note to coffee guy and tell him what happened haha. Thanks for linking up!

  2. So happy you and your hubby have shared dinner together. I know how hard it is to eat dinner alone! And I also know what it feels like when things are good and you are nervous to go back to the busy time! Really sweet about the coffee man. I like you idea of buying from him once a week :) So interesting how you make those connections with new yorkers you see everyday!

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  4. Dinners together are so nice!!! I’ve given up waiting for him. I get too damn HANGRY that it’s becomes detrimental to our marriage. He knows better than to get between me and my food. ;)

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