A Little Reminisce

I found myself sitting in front of the TV recently with nothing to watch.  This is rare as my DVR list is usually busting at the screen seams.  I flipped on The Carrie Diaries which is a new series on the CW.  It takes us back to the teenage years of Carrie Bradshaw and how she gets her debut working in Manhattan.  Thus, she begins falling head over heels with the Big Apple and so starts her love affair with NYC.  The actress is super cute but the show itself…eh…I probably won’t be adding it to the DVR list.

Anyway, while watching I began reminiscing about my our move to good ol NYC.  Please note: although lengthy, the below is in fact all true.

It was a hot sunny day in August.  August 2007.  We had an amazing July that summer backpacking across Europe for a couple of weeks before our big move.  It felt surreal to pack up the car and drive a one-way ride up the NJ Turnpike.  We got to the part of the ride where you can see the Manhattan skyline and I remember feeling so excited about our new adventure together.  I used to visit NYC and think I could never live here.  Like didn’t really have the balls to make the move.  Well fate took its course for Mr. Dr. and his medical school selection happened to be in the glamorous city of NYC so he was a shoe-in.  Me?  I said no long distance while in med school so looks like we are moving in together.  Mr. Dr. was starting med school, we were moving to one of the greatest cities in America and I…had NO JOB.

View from our apartment

View from one of our first apartments together

Um newsflash.  Do move up to NYC with a job lined up if at all possible.  Seriously.  What was I thinking??  I don’t think I was.  I didn’t even have interviews lined up.  I was living vicariously through my boyfriend who we were essentially moving to NYC for and I was simply enjoying the excitement of my dream to always move to NYC.  But he had a plan.  A plan which included going to 4 years of school, become a Doctor, then go to residency and eventually become a practicing physician.  Me?  The closest thing I had to a plan was walking to Bed Bath & Beyond to begin decorating our mini studio because we had nothing except a stand with a TV and a bed which thankfully were left in the apartment as part of our lease agreement.

I dipped into my savings account for the first month of rent and our security deposit because NYC apartments are so expensive and the money you have to have upfront to get one is insane.  Mr. Dr.’s loans hadn’t kicked in yet so we were literally living out of my savings account.  I started to secretly panic…or I thought I was being secretive about it.  I was applying up the wazoo to jobs and even begged a local boutique to give me a part time job so I had some source of income.  My pleading must have been too desperate because I did not get hired.  So as you may have guessed, happy hour in the apartment started occurring earlier and earlier.  As my sorrows from the job search got deeper so did the timing of happy hour and the wine was getting uncorked at 4pm instead of 5pm.

One afternoon a few weeks into our big move, Mr. Dr. got home from school early and saw me in a pretty rough state.  I was watching Oprah with tears in my eyes on my 3rd glass of red.  I will never forget this moment.  He looked at me and snapped…in the sweetest way possible.  It really was sweet.  He could feel my discouragement.  He knew I was trying…sort of.  So he sat down at the computer and proceeded to sign me up and build a profile for me on literally every babysitting/nanny website he could find on the web.  I had babysat my whole life even through college so I had the experience.  Why didn’t I think of this?  Why didn’t I think to do this?  Had I gotten so fixated on finding a corporate job that I forgot NYC was a place where nannies can make more money than entry level salaries?

You know how people say that things just “work out” when you least expect it?  That fate has a way of working itself into your life and helps you in ways that when you look back on it you say…did that really happen?  Well the next day my life took a turn and I found myself looking back a month later saying…did this all really happen?  And even now I look back and say the same thing.

I got an email from a dad who had seen my profile on one of the nanny websites.  Normally, some may think it’s creepy to have a dad contact you about caring for their children from finding you online.  But this man seemed normal, kind and professional.  I went to meet the kids and the mom that night.  We clicked.  Not only did we click…I babysat part time for this family every week for the first 3 years that I lived here.  They became the family I didn’t have in NYC that I was so happy to be a part of.  They have since moved to California but we are still so close.  Mr. Dr. and I stayed with them when we went to visit LA and we of course try to catch up with them when they come back to visit NYC.  I do believe fate brought this family and I together.  What if Mr. Dr. didn’t see me that one sad afternoon?  What if they had found another sitter before me?  What if, what if.

After a couple of weeks of part time babysitting I landed a great 9-5er completely on my own.  And it was the perfect fit.  I worked in a department with 4 other girls my age.  We clicked.  Just like my NYC family, we just clicked.  Things were falling into place and I was coming into my own.  Finally.  I had sighs of great relief that winter as I realized how lucky I was to have a boyfriend who cared too much to see me fail, a new network of friends that I loved, a full time job AND a part time job and an awesome family to go see once a week.

I guess we all have to come into our own at some point.  It’s inevitable if we want to continue to grow and live happily.  Although I hit a rough patch I am proud of all I have accomplished thus far in this city.  Who doesn’t have rough patches!?  It was a mini speed bump that turned into a twist of fate in so many ways that has led to where I am today.  And thank goodness for that boyfriend from 2007 turned husband in 2011.  If it weren’t for him snapping me back into reality that disheartening afternoon, who knows where we would be.  I sure am glad I snatched that guy up forever. :)

Wedding Alter Photo

Did we really just say I do? :)

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