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I am linking up again with Mrs. Bear from Think Happy Thoughts for Confessions Wednesday.  I had a lot of fun confessing my sins last week.  Except my confessions were pretty nice so I don’t think you can really call them sins.  More just thoughts.  OK so I had a lot of fun confessing my thoughts.  I will try to be a little more…sinnish this time.  Here it goes:

1.  I confess that I took a pair of Mr. Dr.’s dress pants back to the store last week and told them that they mysteriously ripped and demanded a new pair due to bad quality.  The reaaaal story is that he got them caught on a door handle and it pulled the seam apart slightly.  Well this store is so great that I actually sounded like the moron because they gave me a brand new pair without hesitation.  That is what I call great customer service…and a sad wife moment.  Although the second part of this confession is that Mr. Dr. was there when I had this moment…and let me do it.  Hmm.  Thanks for the support honey.

2.  I confess that last night I made dinner.  No that’s not the confession although it is a feat.  While I was making it a couple pieces of spinach fell on the kitchen floor as I was throwing them in the pan to saute.  I thought twice and said in my head…trash or pretend it didn’t happen?  I chose the latter.  So I confess we ate spinach that had fallen on the dirty kitchen floor.  But I cooked the crap out of it so it’s OK…right?  Sorry honey…you don’t know this confession.

3.  I confess that I have been really bad with friend phone dates.  I love catching up with my girl friends from home and I have just been plain bad at it…for too many months now.  I will try to make more of an effort.  Sometimes the wine, words with friends and TV steal my heart for the night and I just can’t help it.  Friends – I still love you.

4.  I confess that I am so in love with the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows on ABC.  It is such a guilty pleasure but I yearn for it every Monday night.  The second part of this confession needs to be that I  have gotten Mr. Dr. into it too.  I have convinced him it’s the most entertaining show.  I even bribed him to watch it with me in the beginning by telling him that crazy girls just run around in their bathing suits all day at a mansion in LA.

Wooo!  Glad I got those off my chest today.

2 thoughts on “Confessions Wednesday

  1. HAHAHA I love these! Esp the spinach one. 5 second rule is always in effect in our house…even when I know the floor could be dirty.
    I also love the pants story – I should try that!

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