Happy Purple Cocktail Friday

It’s Cocktail Friday with a purple twist in honor of the Ravens this weekend.  Above is a purple hooter bird.  Similar enough looking to a raven and quite frankly…in the act of cawing like one in the above illustration.  But the best part about the purple hooter is that it is also a cocktail.  I have chosen this delicious vodka cocktail to feature today in hopes that while I write this I am sending winning vibes to help provoke a Superbowl win by the team wearing purple.  Oh and I will be making a purple hooter martini on Sunday in their honor…duh.

The Purple Hooter Martini
Note: can be mixed as a martini, cocktail or shot

-Generous Amount of Vodka
-3 Splashes of Chambord
-4 Splashes of Sprite (Sweet & Sour mix or 7UP can be substituted)
-Notes: For all you Ravens fans out there I suggest indulging in this cocktail.  Maybe if we all do our part in sipping on a purple hooter in some form this weekend it will bring our team to a W.  For all you non-Ravens fans or those of you who do not follow football whatsoever I suggest you drink this anyway because it’s going to taste good.  Mmmm.  Can’t wait for Sunday.  This martini will go beautifully with my purple ensemble.

Happy Purple Cocktail Friday and Go Ravens!

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