A Cocktail For Cupid

In keeping with last week’s theme for the XOXO holiday, I am showcasing a cupid colored cocktail that my mom and I enjoyed last weekend.  My parents came to visit and we had the best time.  It was the first time my dad was seeing our new (not really since it’s been almost a year) apartment and I was so excited for them to stay with us.  We ice skated, we ate, we drank, we ate and drank some more, and we walked all over town for two straight days.  Here are some of the highlights from their trip.

A proper beginning with Dad's famous Bloody Mary's in the apartment upon arrival

A proper beginning with Dad’s famous Bloody Mary’s in the apartment upon arrival

Union Square Market

Union Square Market

Ice Skating in Bryant Park...I will spare everyone from the video :)

Ice Skating in Bryant Park…I will spare everyone from the video :)

Mai Tais, Mojitos and Whiskey Barrels at the Tommy Bahama bar

Mai Tais, Mojitos and Whiskey Barrels at the Tommy Bahama bar

 I wish they were coming back this weekend.  Sigh.  

Anyway, I first invented this cupid cocktail creation while I was watching Live From the Red Carpet and the Grammys.  I don’t have a name for it but it was quite delightful and I would recommend to those who like a champagne cocktail.  If you read my Purple Friday post then you might know I have some Chambord lying around the place.  So I got creative.  I thought it would be neat to sit my drink next to my engraved cork-filled hurricane vase I was telling you about a few weeks ago so you could check it out.  Isn’t it cool?  And yes that silver thing in the middle is actually a crab wine stopper.  It came with the hurricane vase as a gift and not only is it super cute, I think it completes the look.  Anyway onto the drink.

Pink Champagne Cocktail

-Generous amount of Prosecco/Champagne
-2 Splashes of Vodka
-1 Splash of Chambord
-Garnish with a Rasberry
-Notes:  It’s not weak ladies and gents.  But it’s tasty.  So if you are the type who gets tipsy off of one glass of wine then substitute the Chambord with Cranberry Juice.  That is what my mom and I did this past weekend and it was fantastic.  While the boys napped, we sipped and had girl time.

Happy Cocktail Friday and Cheers to a great weekend!

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