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Having a great weekend always makes Monday tough.  Especially when your company doesn’t honor President’s Day as a paid holiday.  The joys of retail.  I guess it won’t come as a surprise that we don’t honor MLK either.  Who cares if he had a dream?  Well I do but one little blonde voice can’t dictate what a major retail company chooses to honor and not honor.  And our Presidents?  Who cares that there are men out there whose job it is to run a country for 4 years?  Well I do but once again I am just one little gal who wants to salute Washington, Franklin and Lincoln for a job well done…sort of.  And a girl who would like to selfishly have off all of these extra days during the year because its nice to have a break once in a while.  It’s days like these I wonder why I didn’t go the teacher route.  Working 180 days out of the year sounds much more appealing to me at this point in my life.

While I realize being President of the USA is a well-respected and quite noble profession with years and years of dedicated hard work that led to them achieving this stature, why did someone think it was such a great idea to create a federal holiday for it?  Our Presidents get a private jet, teams of security, a full house staff including chefs and maids, over 6 weeks of vacation and a house that is 55,000 square feet.  Just to give you some perspective, that is 85 times the size of the apartment which Mr. Dr. and I reside.  Oh and I forgot to mention the $400,000 annual salary and an additional expense account for travel and leisure that is well over $100,000 a year.  Well I guess then I also have to add in the fact that restaurants will shut down their venue for the night if the President wants to eat out there.  Screw that reservation you made 4 weeks ago for that special occasion.  Oh and last year when the President was in town for a conference, I would say about 5 miles worth of roads and sidewalks were closed at the drop of a hat when he stepped into a building.  You can only imagine the chaos this created among busy New Yorkers who were just trying to follow their daily routine and get to places on time in the hustle of this city.  I remember waiting at a street corner for 45 minutes until we were given the OK to move because Mr. President was exiting a building 40 blocks uptown.  Yes, exiting a building miles away from that very street corner where I stood.  And for some reason, the city of NY felt that was a viable reason to make us all wait an hour to get to where we needed to be.

So after recapping this in my mind I am left baffled as to why someone felt the need to create a special holiday for our beloved Presidents.  I mean, no one can argue that this is their job, a stressful job I am sure, but matter of factly, it is their profession to run our country.  They chose to run for office, they chose to convince the people to vote for them and they chose this as their job pending the people give them the opportunity.  So explain to me why that someone who makes half a million dollars a year, gets flown everywhere on a private jet, and someone who gets every meal made by a chef of his choice is allowed to take more money from my paycheck without my consent and yet receives a special holiday in honor of…well himself?  It seems that my husband who has chosen to dedicate his life to medicine to help people, who eats peanut butter and jelly because it’s cheap and easy, and works on average 80-100 hours making barely a 7th of Mr. President’s annual salary should probably be more worthy of a freaking holiday named after him.  And all of the other residents out there in his boat deserve the same too.

With all due respect Mr. President, while you are on laying in a lounge chair watching ESPN from your Martha’s Vineyard vacation estate, my husband is spending his 14th straight hour of work treating the patient with no insurance at the public hospital and stuffing his face with a cheap meal that he doesn’t get to eat until after midnight because he is running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to help the patients that us middle class support with our tax dollars.  The icing on the cake is a diminished paycheck that he gets to wake up to after his “nap” for the night in an on-call room.  So while I do respect you Mr. President and all you other presidents out there who have served as the Chief of our country, forgive me if I don’t believe you deserve a day out of the year while people like my Mr. Dr. can barely get an hour of recognition in residency.

Maybe I am being a bit harsh.  In ten years I may feel a lot differently.  I know our situation and life will be very different then and hopefully changed for the better.  But who knows.  For now, I’m living in the present and this I what I see.  Something doesn’t seem right about running residents into the ground with nothing to show for it and then watching our President tell the American people that everyone should be able to get free healthcare while someone like me pays for it through my measily paycheck even though a co-pay at a Doctor’s office for me means one less bottle of wine I can buy at the liquor store.  Don’t they know I need wine for my sanity!?

So for those that get to honor today as a holiday, kudos and enjoy the day off.  If I did have off today I would probably hop on my invisible private jet and take a trip out to my favorite invisible private estate and spend the day vegging out in my invisible massive mansion.

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3 thoughts on “Air Force None

  1. Fired up tonight! We have too many federal holidays – I am sure one of the perks of being a president is getting to declare such and such day a holiday. For perspective Mothers Day may be a recognized holiday but no day off – how convenient in is always on a Sunday – perhaps that is where some of these other holidays should be moved to. But it wouldn’t really matter for medicine folk – they work weekends too. We just can’t catch a break.

    • Good Point with Mother’s Day and Sundays in general. Never thought of it like that either. And aren’t you right…we could never have a Doctor’s day…the docs wouldn’t be around to enjoy it, ha!

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