It’s Up To You New York, New York

…Cue Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York

Recently on one of my morning commutes I found myself staring up at the tall buildings surrounding me on my daily walks.  I was passing by on my usual route and for the first time in a while, I felt real appreciation for the architectural content that I witness every day.  When we settle in and live our day to day life I think us New Yorkers forget how much culture surrounds us every time we step foot outside of our apartment.  From the lobby of some of our own apartment buildings all the way downtown to one of the first saloons in NYC where Abe Lincoln himself used to venture for a drink when he visited the Big Apple, there is history everywhere.  Of course the sight seeing is endless with major landmarks but just venturing outside down a few different blocks we are bombarded with unique visual offerings within this city.  Museums of art, wax, furniture, music, sports and even sex are all over this landscape.  You name it, we have a museum that showcases it.  Beer?  Just head to one of the many beer gardens or brew houses.  Wine?  There are wine bars galore.  Vodka?  Well for that we can easily just step into my apartment.  I had some fun on my morning commute the other day taking photos.

NYC 6th Ave.

NYC 6th Ave

NYC 35th St.

NYC 35th St

NYC Macy's

NYC Macy’s

As I was admiring I found myself overlooking one very important fact.  Not all people live like this.  There are people who live in middle America who are hours away from any major city or even minor city for that matter.  They get in their car in the morning, drive to work down a quiet suburban road filled with hills, pastures, cornfields and animals that I typically only see in the zoo.  Or maybe they don’t even drive a car.  Maybe they drive their tractor around their farmland checking on their crops.  There are still farmers out there right?  The closest I get to a farmer here is probably through the carton of eggs I buy in the grocery store, and the closest thing to a green pasture I see is a place called Central Park.  If I can’t find a deli, pharmacy, bar or coffee shop within 75 steps of my current location I feel like I’m in the sticks.

People visit from all across the world to see the unbelievable culture that fills this great city.  To prove it, there are some days when I am meandering around town and I don’t hear a word of English for hours.  In front of me on the street corner is a group of French tourists.  For a second my mind travels and I picture myself standing in Paris…sipping on a cup of Parisian joe and nibbling on a croissant while I study the front of the Arc de Triomphe on my way to the Louvre.  But then my daydreaming is awakened by the horn of a cab and I look up only to find the exterior of Grand Central Station, and that coffee is a Starbucks and in my other hand is nothing more than a good ol bagel with cream cheese…although NYC does have delicious bagels.

We have Chinatown, Little Italy, Koreatown, Kosher delis, Thai food, Greek cuisines, Burger joints, Fine dining, Pizzerias, Steak houses and even the old fashioned fast food spots like Taco Bell and McDonald’s all within minutes at our disposal.  There is an appeal for every ethnicity, every culture, every type of upbringing and every kind of person.  What other place in the country has all of this on one big island for any and all to enjoy 24/7?  I am lucky.  Unfortunately to enjoy it ALL, ALL the time you need to have a full wallet and an endless credit card limit.  Or just be mentally OK with debt for a while once you rack up the bills.  Well I can certainly check that box thanks to med school.  So I think we’re covered.  And I have Sinatra to keep me going.  After all in his words…if I can make it there, I’m gonna make it anywhere

I sure hope he is right :)

2 thoughts on “It’s Up To You New York, New York

  1. What a fun adventure! One day I will visit NY. With kids I doubt we would ever live there. I think you have hit on something. No matter where we are there is beauty all around us. We just have to take the time to look at it. Having spent some time in the Midwest we would drive for hours and look out over the rolling little hills and the barns that were abandoned and imagine what it must have been like to work the land and live there.

    • Exactly! We become so consumed with our everyday life sometimes that I think we forget to take a breath and look around :)

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