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After last night’s Oscars, the curtains and carpets have officially come to a close.  I’m bummed that another award season has come and gone.  I feel like it was just yesterday I wrote about the Globes kicking it off.  The fashion, the stars, the red carpets, the performances, the surprises, the hosts, the drunken commentary and the acceptance speeches are all on hold again until January 2014.  I’m happy that just as of a recent Mr. Dr. and I were able to catch some of the star-studded flicks that got recognized at The Oscars last night.

In general, I felt like Seth MacFarlane was trying a little too hard, and I know he doesn’t write the host’s script but the entertainment and jokes have gotten a little out of control.  They have become way beyond inappropriate and frankly, a little over the top.  I’m all about having fun and I think it’s great to keep things light and have a good laugh.  But there is a disconnect for me when there are people winning the most prestigious award for their line of work while 2 minutes prior to the acceptance speech we are listening to the host sing a song called “We Saw Your Boobs” and he is giving shout-outs to every actress who has shown her boobs in a movie.  There were also a lot of drug references.  I mean I know its not a mystery that everyone in Hollywood does drugs and it’s probably true that most acceptance speeches would include drug dealers if it was culturally acceptable.  But can’t we just leave it out all together while the sweet, innocent 12 yr olds are watching across the country?  It’s bad enough that 9 yr old Little Q, best-actress nominee had to be exposed to it at such a young age while sitting in the front row.  Mommy what’s that white powder on that sock’s nose and what does the word cocaine mean?  Ugh.

So glad Argo won - great flick. photo via.

So glad Argo won – great flick. photo via.

But of course the best part is the red carpet and the fashion that comes along with it.  I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I DVRed every pre-show for every award show this season, listened to every interview, studied every outfit and literally swooned over Bradley Cooper this year.  Dare I say that he is moving up into my top 3 category next to Leo?  A tall order but that Bradley is one tall glass of water and just what the Doctor ordered for this chick who was sitting on the couch alone with a glass of wine wanting to jump through the TV screen and onto his bones.  Tailored to perfection last night with mom on arm, he was hot.

The ladies showed some serious skin, sparkle and sex appeal this year.  My favorite best-dressed Oscar gals were by far Naomi Watts, Zoe Saldana and Sandra Bullock.  Sandra may come as a surprise but her smoking bod looked absolutely stunning in that sophisticated dress with just the right amount of sheer overlay.  Zoe looked breathtaking.  That embellishment above the waste and peek of gray underlay on the bottom was perfection and the dress fit her like a glove.  There was a lot of white on the carpet this year but she took the cake for me.  Although Charlize certainly gave her a run for the money.  Naomi Watts was a breath of fresh air with her shimmering hot dress.  I loved everything about it – the shape, the fit, the color, the sparkle and the unique neckline looked incredible on her.  Her soft updo made it for me as it completely balanced the total look.  She was my fave.

Overall I expected a bit more from the bride-to-be, Jennifer Aniston.  I expected simple hair as usual but the dress was a bit too princessesque for me.  I think she has one of the best figures in Hollywood so I fully support her flaunting it.  Kristen Stewart was another dud for me.  And she was a hot mess on stage presenting.  Am I alone in thinking she looked so uncomfortable?  I don’t know what was going on there but perhaps it was because her dress and hair was a last minute decision gone bad.

So the curtains have closed on the major red carpets.  Overall, I think the fashion was fun this year.  Lots of embellishments and a mix of black, white/pale colors and then pops of red to change it up.  I thought the award shows themselves were just OK.  The Grammies had some great performances but other than that I felt it was a pretty lackluster year in terms of entertainment.  We will just have to wait and see what next year brings us. In the meantime, you can count on me to watch every single Bradley Cooper movie made in the last 5 years.  He is so dreamy.  Even with slicked back hair.

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