A Cocktail Lover’s Haven

A mysterious tucked away cave-esque establishment where you form a delicious partnership with a bartender who makes cocktails with liquor and any other imaginable ingredients of your choice.

What is a NYC Speakeasy?

Ding Ding Ding. Well, minus the illegal selling of alcohol part.

The scene: No signage on the outside, no numbered address on the door.  You get a slight rush of excitement and nerves fill your body for those few seconds you walk down the dark stairwell and see the door at the bottom residing in the quiet alcove.  You doubt yourself for a split second that you have the wrong location.  You know you don’t.  You quickly realize the lack of decor is all part of the mysterious appeal .  You expect a locked door as you pull on the handle and instead it welcomes you in.  You walk into a dark, sexy, candlelit room with a long bar, some tucked away tables and the perfect blend of tunes from the current Top 40.  You approach the bar and are greeted by your mixologist who asks you to choose your ingredients of choice from the chalkboard on the wall.  Your taste buds trust him.  He delivers.  You enjoy a great secret bar, great company and a greater bill than what you probably wanted.  But it’s worth every penny.

NYC is filled with these unmarked gems, scattered across the city in neighborhoods you wouldn’t expect.  Only the true locals and bar hoppers know of their existence.  I had the pleasure of enjoying some time at one of them in the Soho neighborhood accompanied by two great friends.  Here were our indulgences:

Mulberry Drinks

 The first is a vodka & cucumber blend garnished with a strawberry.  The second is a vodka & jalapeno blend garnished with a pepper.  The third is a prosecco & ginger blend with grapefruit juice.  All of the above were yum.  We chose from a selection of ingredients ranging from rosemary to kiwi and all that’s in between.  It was every bit satisfying and fun to try some unique cocktails at a very cool speakeasy.

What’s better than walking into a bar, telling the bartender what ingredients you like, what your liquor of choice is, and then having him make you a delicious adult beverage that encompasses all of those components into one tasty treat?  Maybe heaven if this isn’t heaven itself.

Happy Cocktail Friday!

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