Have You Ever Seen…

#1 the beer brand Rogue and #2 a Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple flavored ale before??  Well turns out Rogue actually brews a ton of unique flavored beer.  Even Mr. Dr. was shocked when we saw this one though.  We stumbled upon this very interesting bottle in a little place called Beer World right around the corner from our apartment.  I must say, from someone that works in advertising and media, the bottle caught my eye.  A glistening bright pink prize in the midst of dark, dreary looking brews.  Our jaws dropped and we were so intrigued we had to try it.  The suspense of a bacon and maple flavored beer was killing us.

We got home, opened the bottle and immediately got a whiff of bacon, I kid you not.  It really did smell like bacon.  We poured it, and started to smell the hints of maple but overall, it had a very smokey smell and taste.  It did taste like a true mix of both but was very heavy…too heavy for me.  After having one glass, I felt I had eaten a meal.  I would probably recommend it to someone who likes dark beer and just so happens to be a bacon lover too.  While I was sipping I couldn’t help but wonder how this would taste during a good brunch.  Maybe a Rogue Voodoo Ale will be served the next time I cook breakfast as a compliment to eggs or french toast.  Scratch that.  What I meant was, maybe a Rogue Voodoo Ale will be ordered at the next place I go to breakfast and order eggs or french toast.

One thought on “Have You Ever Seen…

  1. Its horrible. As a beer nerd, I was stoked to try it. Unfortunately I bought 2 bottles and only needed a few sips. The way they get the bacon flavor is interesting but I’ll pass on any more purchases. Happy drinking!

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