Visiting Russia In NYC

This week for Cocktail Friday I am narrowing in on a personal favorite of mine.  Vodka.  Exploring new places in this city is always fun and a few weeks ago I google-search stumbled on a spot that I knew I had to get to…and soon.  Any place with the word Vodka Room in the title is a place I need to try.  So we did.  Residing just outside of the theatre district I was a bit confused by location and exterior.  Below is us approaching the Russian Vodka Room.  As you can see from the outside this is the kind of place that you pass by and don’t think twice about.  And while it does have a piano as well as a man playing it in the evening – that is not the appeal of this place despite what the awning says.  So I was slightly thrown off upon arrival.

Russian Vodka Room Exterior

Happy hour comes by every day of the week here and the vodka is flowing.  An intimate interior with dark decor and a bit of a chilly inside greeted us.  I prefer a bit friendlier when it comes to staff but I didn’t let it ruin my vodka tasting.  Especially after I saw these sitting across from me when I sat down at the bar.

Vodka Barrels

I was immediately sucked in once my eyes met with the marinating barrels of vodka that were being stored indiscreetly.  We were given a menu filled with delicious sounding drink options and for our first we opted to each taste a shot of their house infused vodka.  I chose apple pomegranate and he chose ginger.  I preferred his.  Next was the garlic pepper & dill.  Also very good.

Vodka Shots

After sipping on some shots we each enjoyed a cocktail.  I chose one made with their house infused ginger vodka and he chose a Bloody Mary made with their house infused horseradish vodka.  Both were yummy.

Vodka Cocktails

After those were finito, as you may have guessed, we were tipsy and scooted out to absorb the vodka in our bellies with some dinner.  All in all, I’m glad I visited the Vodka Room because…well it would have been on my bucket list if I didn’t.  I’d venture back for a good happy hour if I’m close by and certainly see myself experimenting with some other cocktails on the menu.  I’d recommend this place to any and all who like vodka as much as I do.  Hmmm.  I wonder if Chelsea handler has been to this place.  I bet she has.  Anyway, after visiting a place like this one conclusion remains true – Russians definitely know vodka.

Happy Cocktail Friday!

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2 thoughts on “Visiting Russia In NYC

  1. So fun Amy! Next time you’re in DC, you’ll have to try out the Columbia Room! It’s a beautiful speakeasy bar discretely hidden inside another bar and they concoct amazing, unique drinks for you based on your taste preferences. You really should try it! And i’ll be trying out the Russia Vodka Room next time I’m in NYC ;-)

    • That place in DC sounds right up my alley! Cant wait for the next time you make it up to NYC. I better be here!

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