Saint Sangria

This week marked the start of Spring.  How exciting!  Not.  The word Spring doesn’t even come to mind with what it feels like outside in NYC.  The only spring I’m seeing is in my feet taking me from place to place so I get there faster in this still brutally cold weather.  It’s no surprise that these “first days” of seasons were determined by meteorology people because as usual those clowns don’t seem to know the difference between a snowflake and a blooming cherry blossom.  If we are going to keep letting a groundhog determine the fate of our seasons why don’t the networks just cut the weatherman segments and add a few more minutes of reality TV?  Just saying.  Despite the non Springy feeling air I still have every intention of practicing the art of Spring in cocktail land.  That way when it peaks Hello I am prepared for the weeks that follow.

So this weekend I think I may try to experiment with a new Sangria recipe.  I don’t typically love Sangria because most places make it too weak and I feel like I am often times drinking fruit juice.  I don’t need those extra calories or that bloated feeling when my main point of interest with a cocktail is the alcohol.  But Sangria screams Spring to me.  I think I may have mentioned this before although not certain but St. Germain is becoming one of our favorite liquor ingredients to play with.  You can add it to pretty much anything for a nice little twist on an old-fashioned drink.  So why not add it to to some white Sangria?

-1 Bottle of White Wine (Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc)
-Generous Amount of St. Germain
-Any extra fruit of your choice
-Notes: I have become more open to white Sangria. I think there is a lot of potential to enjoy some fun variations of it. One other little trick to this recipe is if you want to make it a Sparkling Sangria then add a couple splashes of club soda right before serving.

Happy Cocktail Friday!

14 thoughts on “Saint Sangria

  1. oh my goodness. Why didn’t I think of this before!!! Sometimes I put strawberries in a pitcher of water or club soda just to make something refreshing and fruity. I do that with cucumbers and lemon too. I wonder if adding cucumbers to the St-Rita mix would still be good. Time for an experiment!

  2. Um, that looks SO good! I love me a good (strong) sangria! I hope the weather up there starts to get warmer soon because I’m making a trip up there in April!

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