Jamaican Me Crazy

Tomorrow Mr. Dr. and I be soaring over top of you in a plane heading to sunshine and sand. As far as cocktails, I am sure we will be indulging in all of the usual suspects that a tropical vacation offers.  We will probably start with some pina coladas once we arrive at the resort and our view will look like this:

And then we will probably get situated and our view will look like this: a beer for Mr. Dr. and a strawberry daiquiri for myself.

By the end of the week I am sure our view will eventually look this: a miami vice (blend of daiquiri and colada) and a mudslide.

I think the gist is that cocktail Friday will be commencing every day of the week for us next week.  Looking forward to a great vacation and sharing our adventures with you when we get back.  For everyone celebrating Easter this weekend, I hope it is filled with love, laughter, lots of food and drink, and fun with family and friends.

Happy Cocktail Friday…Mon.

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