An Easter Tale

As Easter approaches I can’t help but be reminded of what my Easter was like last year.  Our 1st Easter together as a married couple was spent honeymooning in Tahiti.  On the heels of an amazing wedding celebration, we spent Easter dinner at one of the great Bora Bora restaurants.  Nothing can beat that.  Especially when our 2nd Easter together as a married couple ended with a trip to the ER.  Crap.  It really did.  I can’t even deny it.  I briefly mentioned this in my recap of 2012 but here are the nuts and bolts of how I remember it…

We knew for weeks leading up to it that Mr. Dr. was going to be working the full day on Easter Sunday.  I decided for what was probably the first time in my life to embrace it to the fullest.  Instead of going home for the holiday to be with family I wanted to stick around and be with him once his shift was done.  He of course was grateful although pushed me in no way.  But I had a plan.  In order to justify my decision and not feel lonely during the day, I would cook.  Not my normal here is chicken, rice and vegetables for when he arrives home.  No.  I wanted to take on the task of cooking a romantic Easter dinner for two so we would have a proper celebration together…even if that meant at midnight.

So I prepared accordingly.  I got a ham, sides of carbs, sides of veggies, ingredients for deviled egg apps, proper drink elements – the whole shebang for when you cook a real holiday meal for your husband.  I was ready.  I woke up that morning feeling well prepped and full of energy after Mr. Dr. scurried off to work.  It was a beautiful day.  I called my mom to get some last minute advice before I began my exciting cooking extravaganza.  She gave me the thumbs up, jokingly said be careful and away I went.  Turns out she wasn’t the only one with “thumbs up”…

I opened up the freezer to get the ham out.  Yes I said freezer.  Why did I not put it in the fridge earlier that weekend you ask?  Great question.  I will tell you why.  God was giving me a sign.  I had forgotten for a reason.  I should have stopped at that very moment.  But I prevailed.  A frozen ham is nothing some warm water in a sink can’t fix.  OK onto the next challenge.  Peeling potatoes for my potatoes au gratin dish.  Success.  I was back on my feet and on my merry way.  Little did I know that peeling potatoes would be my only success of this meal.  Sigh.  I took out my veggie slicer to thinly slice my potatoes.  And I did.  One potato sliced with a side of thumb skin…and nail…and blood caught under a blade of the slicer.  OK.  I told myself not to freak out.  I immediately covered it with a wad of paper towels.  I instantly knew I needed to get to the hospital because it was deep.  I called Mr. Dr.  He asked if I was going to pass out because this has happened before (…more on that later…).  I calmly replied no and told him I was leaving to come down to the hospital.  He insisted I wait for him to run home so we could go together.  I was stubborn.  I left the apartment, walked outside and before I even had 2 minutes to tell my mom on the phone what happened, I look up to see my knight in shining scrubs frantically running down 1st avenue in his white coat to rescue me.

Resident Wife Perk 1 – Living within walking distance to the hospital is convenient…no matter what the circumstance.

Fortunately for me, Mr. Dr. was on a hand rotation for the month.  I was grateful for this irony at the time of the incident.  So he took me straight up to the offices and called the hand fellow who was on call to come take a look.  The fellow graciously came in to examine my poor, mangled thumb.  After he nonchalantly mentioned that he recommended scraping part of my thumb nail off to get to the root of the cut, I vowed in my head to never use a vegetable slicing device ever again.

Resident Wife Perk 2 – Sometimes you can bypass the ER and go straight to the source…with no waiting time.

I walked out about 2 hours later with a sore thumb, 7 stitches, half my nail and a whole lot of humiliation.  My post-operative instructions were to go home, have a glass of wine and not step foot into the kitchen.  Mr. Dr. got home late that evening.  I was diligently marinating on the couch a couple glasses deep.  We He cooked every portion of the meal I was intending to make and we he got food on the table at about midnight.  I was thankful.  It was a memorable Easter.

Resident Wife Perk 3 – Usually my husband knows…just what my doctor should order.

One year later you can’t even tell anything happened to my thumb.  It looks completely normal and healed beautifully.  Thank you Mr. Hand Fellow for fixing me and not allowing my intern husband to do it himself.  The veggie slicer has been shoved to the back of the cabinets and not touched since.  I have yet to attempt another gourmet meal BUT I am trying to cook more frequently than before.  Which for me is a feat.

This year we will spend our 3rd Easter together as a married couple celebrating with my siblings in Jamaica…at a resort where they will cook the food for us.

Happy Easter Everyone.

That was a pretty solid confession for Confessions Wednesday…

3 thoughts on “An Easter Tale

  1. Those veggie slicers scare me too! I have gotten injured with my micro-planer also. There are certainly advantages to living close to the hospital and knowing the right people. Hope this Easter turns out to be injury free. Bora Bora!!! I dream of Bora Bora – maybe for our 10 year anniversary.

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